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12 Creative Storage Solutions to Make Your Cookbooks Feel Loved Again

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Our kitchens are primarily for cooking, so it’s no surprise that many of us store hoards of cookbooks in our kitchens to help us whip up tasty treats and wholesome meals. But why is it that we store them out of sight or just shove them in an inconspicuous corner?

We’ve put together some inspirational ideas to help you get creative with your cook book storage, bring them out of the dark and showcase them in all their glory.

1. Beautiful Baskets

Yes it’s simple, but it’s gorgeous too!  Why not try filling a wire basket with your favourite cookbooks for easy access and a chic display. Perfect for a shabby chic décor.

2. Front Facing Shelves

Make your cookbook storage a design feature in your kitchen. This unique shelf enables you to store your books front facing showcasing their cover designs and making it easy to find the one you want quickly and easily.

3. Locker Room Lockers

Open the doors the reveal your cookbooks in all their glory or lock them away out of reach from others. This eye catching book storage solution would look great in a retro kitchen!

4. Tiered Book Racks

A tiered book rack would be a beautifully unusual addition to any Kitchen. Spin it for easy access to all your books!

5. Vertical shelves

Taking up minimal floor space whilst still offering maximum storage space, this vertical shelf is perfect for smaller kitchens.

A great alternative to a generic horizontal shelf, this quirky design is a simple way to add a touch of creativity to your kitchen.

6. An Entire Wall Of Books

If you’re a hard core foodie who’s managed to compile a substantial cookbook collection over the years, why not try and create an entire wall of cook books in your kitchen? This amazing idea is more than just a storage solution it’s a piece of art! Show off beautiful cover designs, add colour to your kitchen or even create different moods. Imagine a wall covered with Vintage cookbooks!

7. Unusually shaped shelves

Why would you displaying your cookbooks on a plain old shelf when you can create something beautiful using unusually shaped shelves such as this ‘read’ shelf? There are lots of other shaped shelves available on the market such a trees and maps too!

8. The Paperback Wall System By Studio Parade

Use the spines of your cookbooks to add colour and a focal point to your kitchen using the Paperback Wall System created by Studio Parade. This fully customizable storage solution can be used to store more than just cookbooks, add your favourite ceramics of pictures too.

9. Behind The Door Storage

In a small space every surface counts, so if your kitchen is rather tight then move your cookbooks off your work tops and utilize the forgotten space behind your doors. This great idea not only looks cool due to its floating appearance but it’s also extremely practical when trying to save space.

10. Cookbook stand

If you’re a novice cook or only have a few cookbooks and still want a clever way to store them whilst you grow your collection, try a single book stand. You can buy them in many different styles to suit any kitchen and their great for displaying the inside of your books too.

11. The Poets Book Hanger

Appliance City - Food & Home

This unconventional shelf created by Jakob Jørgensen is a fantastic, multifunctional way to store your cookbooks. Use the wooden sticks to hang your books and book mark your favourite recipes!

12. A Chair Made From Cookbooks

This amazing creation is perhaps not for everyone and is certainly not the most practical cookbook storage solution, but it is stunning! For all you super creative individuals out there this would be a great idea to try out, sitting on it may not be a good idea though!

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