Introducing Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark identify the quietest products in the market, across multiple sectors using scientific research and testing. They are the global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society; the charitable foundation which was founded in 1959. Their mission is to reduce noise pollution to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. Quiet Mark provide independent information about the noise levels of each product. You can browse our Quiet Mark certified products by each category below.

Why do we need quieter appliances?

From higher stress levels and disrupted sleep to reduced productivity, excess noise levels can have a negative impact on your health. Since the pandemic, more people now work from home. This means the noise level is something to consider when looking for a new appliance. You don’t want your washing machine interrupting your morning Teams meeting! Another benefit to quieter appliances is that you can use them off peak, which is usually cheaper to run. You could wash your dishes whilst you sleep, and save on your energy bills too!

In 2021 Quiet Mark carried out a study called the ‘National Noise Report: Household & Workplace Pandemic-Recovery Survey‘. This study showed that 82% of Brits said they would like to make their home quieter. Two thirds of UK consumers surveyed said they were more likely to buy an appliance that was labelled as ‘quiet’ over a similar performing product that doesn’t mention the noise level. Furthermore, when asked 45% said their washing machine was the appliance they wish was quieter.

How do they test appliances?

Sound is usually measured in decibels, however it can be perceived differently depending on environmental factors. The same product would produce a different decibel level in a laboratory compared to in the home. Tone and frequency also affect the way a particular sound comes across to the listener. This is why Quiet Mark don’t rely on the decibel levels alone to measure acoustic performance. They have an expert acoustic analysis team that review each product category using market-wide datasets annually. Only 10-20% of the quietest products in each category are eligible for Quiet Mark certification.

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