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Made famous by their vacuum cleaners, Hoover are a household name specialising in home appliances. Browse laundry and refrigeration appliances from Hoover below.


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Hoover are an established household name, made famous for inventing the world’s first ever vacuum cleaner. Founded in Ohio in 1908, Hoover’s invention of the vacuum cleaner revolutionised the way we clean. Hoover came to the UK in the early 1900’s and soon became the leading floor-care brand. As part of the Haier Europe Group, now offers a wide range of home appliances to suit every need. With over 100 years of experience, you know that Hoover is a brand you can trust.

Hoover Laundry

We offer a selection of integrated and freestanding laundry appliances. Browse washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers in a range of modern colours to match your kitchen or utility room.

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Hoover Refrigeration

Are you replacing your fridge freezer? Or perhaps you’re thinking about adding a wine cooler for entertaining guests. Hoover have a great selection of fridges, freezers and wine coolers to fit every space.

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Why Choose

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Affordable Prices

Quality products at an affordable price. You can expect good value for money with Hoover appliances.

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Energy Efficiency

Hoover’s A rated washing machines will keep your bills and energy consumption low.

Established Brand

Hoover have been a household name for over 100 years. Founded in 1908, their appliances are well known.

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Innovative Products

Hoover invented the very first vacuum cleaner in 1908. This revolutionized cleaning in the modern world.

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Large Capacity

Hoover laundry appliances have large capacities. Ideal if you do lots of washing every week.

Hoover Laundry Benefits

Energy Efficient Laundry

Energy efficiency is important now more than ever. We all like to save money on our energy bills, especially as the cost of living rises. However by choosing an energy efficient appliance you’re also helping the environment. Opting for a top energy rated model is better for the planet as well as your pocket. Win, win!

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Large Capacity Laundry

If you’re running a busy household, the chances are you will be doing lots of laundry. Washing and drying load after load can be time consuming and expensive! Hoover realise this and have created larger capacity washing machines and tumble dryers. Ranging from the standard 7kg all the way through to a whopping 14kg, you can find the right model to suit your needs.

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FAQ's: Hoover Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

When was Hoover founded?

Hoover was founded in 1908. James Spangler, a janitor and part time inventor created the world’s first ever vacuum cleaner. Fed up of being surrounded by dust in his workplace, he created the product to help him with his asthma. He showed the prototype to his cousin, Susan Hoover and she loved the concept. Susan’s husband William Hoover, who was a small business owner at the time, decided to patent and sell the products in his shop. The rest is history!

Who makes Hoover appliances?

Qingdao Haier bought the Candy Group who own Hoover in 2019. Haier have been rated as the No. 1 Global Major Appliance Brand for the past 15 years by Euromonitor International. Haier also own Fisher & Paykel and Candy.

Where is Hoover from?

Hoover was founded in Ohio, United States in the early 1900’s. Soon after Hoover Limited became a registered company in the UK and opened it’s first factory here in Perivale, Middlesex in 1932.

Do Hoover make good washing machines?

Hoover supply affordable laundry appliances that have top energy ratings and large capacities. Overall, Hoover are good value for money and are popular amongst consumers.

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