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Whether it’s laundry, dishwashing or cooling, kitchen appliances or floorcare, you’ll get outstanding quality with Miele. Innovative technology, clean lines and timeless designs are some of the many reasons for choosing Miele.



Miele was founded in Herzebrock, Germany in 1899. Businessman Reinhard Zinkann and engineer Carl Miele originally launched their business creating cream separators. Over time they developed into washing machines, vacuum cleaners, ovens and much more. Their core principle ‘Immer Besser’ translates as ‘Forever Better’ and is still at the heart of the company almost 120 years on.

Miele Cooking

Miele kitchen appliances are created to work intuitively together to make your kitchen experience seamless and effortless.

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Miele Refrigeration

Miele cooling appliances bring out your food’s full flavour and freshness, so you waste less. Preserving the taste of nature.

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Miele Laundry

Miele washing machines & tumble dryers are tested for 20 years’ household use. That’s 20 years of getting the perfect clean for your favourite clothes. Using less water and less energy.

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Miele Dishwashing

Miele dishwashers are tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use. They gently clean even your most delicate glasses. Saving you 590,000 litres of water along the way – that’s 3,300 bath tubs of water!

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Miele Floorcare

Miele vacuum cleaners are designed to be long-lasting and durable. So you might change your carpet before you change your vacuum.

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Miele Coffee Machines

Whether it’s a freestanding or built-in coffee machine, choosing Miele guarantees a thoroughly delicious cup of coffee every time.

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Since 1899, they've never been satisfied with the best

For Miele, every ground-breaking innovation is more than a cause for celebration. It’s a challenge to create something even better. That’s why they craft their own parts, forge their own iron and even make the machines that make the machines. Because striving for perfection is in their DNA. Miele call it: Immer besser.


10,000* hours of testing- that's proper proof of performance

Where others are satisfied after a few rounds of testing, Miele go further for longer. Some car engines need 3,000 hours of testing – Miele check their performance with up to 10,000*. In fact, 30% of Miele’s development time goes into testing. Ensuring ultimate results – year after year.


Longevity is the ultimate sustainability

Imagine, instead of using many appliances over the years – just using one. One whose performance will still impress you years from now: using less water, less energy, less detergent. So you consume less. And do lasting good.

Why Choose

Miele Badge of quality


For more than 100 years it has been proven that you can trust Miele and rely on their appliances.

miele technology brand point


Miele stands for excellent results combined with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Miele Convenience Brand Point


Whether it’s discreet sensor controls or a high-resolution display; using Miele products is both fun & functional.

Miele Innovative Design Brand Point


Miele believes in clean design lines and timeless elegance.

Miele excellence customer service


Customers around the world remain loyal to Miele. They can believe in Miele’s excellent customer service year on year.

Miele Cooking: Innovation designed to create perfection

Responsive Controls

Choose either retractable dials or intuitive touch control with easy operating modes.

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Pyrolytic models burn off residue whilst Catalytic models absorb grease.

Rapid Heat Up

Less than 5 minutes to reach 160 degrees with precise temperature accuracy.

Large 76 Litre Capacity

5 shelf levels, perfect for batch-cooking and roasts with all the trimmings.

TwinBooster Induction Power

Densely packed induction coils provide fast and
even heat, boiling a pint of water in 1.5 minutes.

German Engineered Extraction

Miele’s EcoMotor with CleanCover airflow optimises extraction whilst minimising noise.

Miele Laundry: Tested for up to 20 years of perfect laundry. Day in. Day out.


Hassle free laundry care – no need for measuring detergent & automatically dispenses the right amount.

Heat Pump with EcoDry

Technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption, typically less than £2.50 per month.

No Under or Over Drying

Miele’s intelligent patented PerfectDry technology uses mineral sensors to deliver unrivalled, precise drying results.

Miele Dishwashing: Crafted for 20 years of perfectly sparkling results

AutoDos with PowerDisk

Perfect results every time. Save time and money with automatic detergent dispensing.

Unbelievably Quiet

Low dB ratings and extra insulation make Miele dishwashers whisper quiet.

A Place For Everything

Holding 14 place settings or 162 items, Miele dishwashers have the space to fit everything.

Miele Refrigeration: Preserving the taste of nature


Maintains a consistent temperature by evenly distributing cool air within the fridge.


Rapidly cools food, restoring it to a desired and safe temperature quickly.

Stress Free Adjustments

Simply lift racks or shelves up or down – no need to remove.

Miele Floorcare: Cleans so deeply even the air is left clean

Cordless Vacuums

Experience powerful suction and faster cleaning in any space with Miele’s unique Triflex HX2 3in1 design.

Bagless Vacuums

Powerful vortex technology and a unique filtration system guarantees the very best cleaning results.

Bagged Vacuums

Lightweight & flexible. A Miele cylinder vacuum is reliable & powerful, equipped with convenient integrated accessories.

Miele Coffee: The perfect cup every time

Freestanding Coffee Machines

Counter top coffee machines for the perfect cup every time.

Built-in Coffee Machines

Fits perfectly into your kitchen. Sleek and modern, what’s not to love?

OneTouch for Two

Make two delicious coffee specialities at the same time by simply touching a button.

FAQ's: Miele Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Who is Miele owned by?

The current owners of Miele are direct descendants of Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, the engineer and businessman who founded the company almost 120 years ago.

What does Immer Besser mean?

‘Immer Besser’ means ‘Forever Better’. This brand promise is at the core of every design and Miele constantly strive to improve their products, and in turn our daily lives.

Where are Miele appliances made?

The majority of Miele appliances are made in Germany. They also have production facilities in China and Switzerland. All products are rigorously tested in Germany. Miele even create the individual components for each of their products to ensure the very best quality.

Is Miele high quality?

Miele appliances go through extensive testing which is equivalent to 20 years worth of use. They use premium materials that are designed to stand the test of time.

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