Siemens at Appliance City

Siemens have been established over 170 years in the UK and pride themselves of being at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Their superb collection of kitchen appliances offers the perfect balance between eye-catching design and technology, making them perfect choice for a variety of lifestyles. Their kitchen appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability.

Siemens Ovens

Siemens offer a fantastic range of built-in ovens to suit all your needs. They offer a stunning range of single, double and double-under built-in ovens with the choice of pyrolytic self-cleaning and AddedSteam options. With features, such ActiveClean, electronic controls, halogen lighting and soft close doors there's a model to suit even the most demanding cook.

Siemens Microwaves

Whether you're looking for a standard microwave or something more advanced such as a combination model or with a grill feature, Siemens have plenty of choice when it comes to microwaves. Some Siemens microwaves have fantastic features such as Vario Speed which can reduce your cooking time by up to 50%, handy when you need food in a hurry!

Siemens Hobs

Siemens supply a vast range of hobs that combine innovative design and cutting edge technology. Whether you prefer a more traditional gas hob or an energy efficient induction option, you can find the perfect match with Siemens. Looking for ultimate flexibility? Create your own unique cooking station by using the mix and match domino hobs to suit your cooking preferences.

Siemens Extraction

Your kitchen is not just a place to cook, it’s a place to entertain or relax after a hard day’s work. With that in mind Siemens offer a wide selection of cooker hoods in a variety of styles and sizes, all of which offer low noise levels and have excellent extraction rates. Choose from chimney style, telescopic, integrated and island hoods which are suitable for either ducting or recirculating.

Siemens Dishwashing

Siemens boast the world’s most energy efficient dishwasher featuring the Zeolith drying system, setting the standard for energy efficiency with an A+++ energy rating. With an array of superb integrated and freestanding dishwashers with features like VarioBasket and VarioDrawer, offering low noise levels, automatic programs and unique flexible racking designs, you’ll be sure to find a model to suit you and your kitchen.

Siemens Cooling

Siemens built-in and freestanding cooling appliances use advanced technology to make them incredibly energy efficient. Siemens offer a wide range of freestanding fridge freezers including American style side by side models and a superb range of integrated models which fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Innovative features such as VitaFresh, mean you can rely on Siemens for quality, functionality and innovation.

Siemens Washers

With a superb selection of energy efficient models for both integrated and freestanding use, Siemens washing machines feature great innovations such as i-Dos, AutoDry and HomeConnect. Siemens washing machines offer durability, reliability and efficiency, which are all important elements to consider when you’re planning on buying a new washing machine. Make light work of laundry day with a Siemens washing machine.

Siemens Dryers

If it’s quality you require, Siemens have you more than covered. They are the only manufacturer in the world to produce a heat pump condenser dryer which is self-cleaning ensuring it maintains it’s A++ energy rating. Siemens supply 8kg and 9kg tumble dryers, perfect for busy households! You can even remotely monitor your tumble dryer from your phone or tablet via the handy Siemens Home Connect function.

About Siemens

Siemens was found in 1847 in Germany as a telegraph manufacturer before expanding rapidly and entering many more industries such as producing aeroplanes during world war I. Today Siemens are involved in a number of different products, such as high speed trains and wind turbines and are one of the largest engineering companies in Europe. Siemens home appliances offer innovative technology and design. Features such as Zeolith® and Home Connect ensure Siemens home appliances are environmentally conscious and completely flexible, allowing you to operate them from anywhere in the world!

Siemens iSensoric

Siemens iSensoric technology allows you to be inspired by the extraordinary and explore exciting new possibilities through Siemens sensor technology.

Siemens Home Appliances are full of the latest innovation. iSensoric’s network of sensors interacts with smart software to manage your home appliances and make them less dependent on human input.

From perfect washing results, to producing the cleanest dishes and delivering long-lasting food freshness, iSensoric delivers maximum efficiency. You can save yourself more time and reduce the amount of mundane tasks in your daily routine.

With uncompromising design, innovation and technology, be inspired when power meets intelligence and enjoy outstanding results from Siemens Home Appliances.

Siemens sensoFresh

You can’t prevent your clothes from picking up odours when you’re out and about enjoying the moment – but that’s no problem with Siemens SensoFresh.

Thanks to the use of active oxygen, you can now remove odours quickly in your washing machine, without using water or detergent. Even for sensitive dry-clean only clothes or textiles that aren’t meant to be washed.

The use of active oxygen marks the latest revolution in laundry care. The new washing machines with SensoFresh provide the ideal solution to refresh almost any type of textile without using water or detergent.

Whether it comes to odours or germs – active oxygen removes them easily and thoroughly, providing pleasantly fresh clothes and outstanding hygiene. Your clothes can smell as fresh as they did at the beginning of the day.

Siemens i-Dos

Wash your clothes with the correct amount of detergent with Siemens i-dos. The world’s first precision dispensing system for washing machines.

Quite often we can put too much or too little detergent into our wash cycles. Either leaving our clothes feeling greasy with too much detergent or unwashed with lingering odours if we use too little.

i-Dos cleverly automatically determines the correct amount of detergent for each wash cycle and dispenses it precisely to the millilitre. i-Dos closely examines your laundry via sensors and calculates the required amount of detergent based on various factors such as type of fabric, load size, and especially the degree of soiling.

With the efficient variety of washing machines available from Siemens, you are always sure to get optimum results.

Siemens activeClean

Make your meals even more enjoyable. Thanks to activeClean® you don’t have to worry about cleaning the oven. Just press a button, and your oven cleans itself. Amazing, we know!

In a process which is known as pyrolysis, the oven is heated to a very high temperature that causes the food remnants inside to turn to ashes. You can then simply wipe out the oven. No scrubbing, no chemicals, all oven power!

The most efficient way to clean the oven, including the new pyrolysis-proof racks and rails, and the most convenient.

Siemens varioSpeed

Want 100% flavour with 50% time savings? With Siemens varioSpeed and coolStart, it’s easy to be twice as fast and pressing a button is all it takes.

A Siemens integrated microwave helps with more than just thawing and warming. By adding microwave heat to the selected heat type, it reduces the preparation time of all your dishes in the oven.

The coolStart function speeds up the process of cooking frozen foods – no preheating necessary, saving you valuable time.

Siemens 4D Hot Air

Unleash your inner Mary Berry and get the perfect baking results with Siemens 4D Hot Air function.

Full flexibility to choose the rack you want to cook on. The innovative fan motor technology gives ideal heat distribution throughout the oven interior. Your meals come out just the way you want them, whether on the top, bottom or middle rack you can achieve perfectly crisp and golden bakes with soft centres.

Whatever you bake, with the convenient pull-out system it always comes out right. You stay flexible at all levels.

Siemens varioSpeed Plus

Siemens VarioSpeed technology reduces your dishes cleaning time by up to 66%! Giving you outstanding cleaning results.

With varioSpeed, the speed and intensity of the wash are increased, which cuts down on wash times while giving you sparkling clean dishes. There's no compromise on quality - you can expect outstanding clean and dry results every time.

A full dishwasher full of dirty pots and pans, plus last minute dinner plans with friends? The perfect option for when you need clean pots in a hurry!

Siemens Zeolith technology

Sparkling results with Siemens Zeolith technology. Economical drying and brilliant shine – Siemens unique Zeolith technology makes it possible.

Zeolith is a natural mineral that is capable of absorbing moisture due to its special surface and converting this in to thermal energy. The Zeolith mineral then emits this energy therefore drying your dishes quickly and energy efficiently.

This leaves your dishes gleaming and smear free. The perfect outcome for shiny and sparkling dishes every time.

Siemens Glass 40°C cycle

Your glassware needs taking care of, especially if its your fine dining glassware!  Siemens’ new Glass 40°C cycle is specifically designed to meet this need.

It first cleans your glasses carefully but thoroughly at low temperatures. This is followed by a drying phase which has been specially extended for extra-gentle drying. Impressive results, enjoy sparkling glassware for a much longer time.

You can trust that your glasses will come out gleaming, and still in the same condition they went into the dishwasher!

Siemens hyperFresh

Get more out of your food with Siemens hyperFresh technology. Enjoy nutritious freshness with the hyperFresh drawer, it offers freshness for longer and is extremely easy to handle.

Furthermore, both form and function is designed to provide a good environment for your fruits and vegetables. As a result, you can see the quality, feel the freshness, and enjoy the taste.

Get the most out of crisper salads, crunchy fruit and fresher fish for much longer than a conventional fridge.

Siemens freshSense

Did you know that even the slightest changes in temperature, such as the sun shining on your fridge-freezer, can affect cooling conditions inside?

Siemens freshSense technology monitors the precise temperature on the inside and the outside and adjusts settings to ensure food is always stored at the optimum temperature.

You can rest assured that your food will be stored at its perfect temperature remaining fresh and edible for longer.

Siemens noFrost

Hate having to defrost your freezer? Eliminate the need to ever do it again with Siemens noFrost technology.

All sensors of the noFrost appliances constantly provide necessary information, such as the environment temperature and the number of door openings. These controlled defrosting cycles prevent the build-up of frost on the inside of the fridge-freezer, which also keeps energy consumption consistently low.

So you’ll never have to defrost the freezer again!

Siemens HomeConnect

As innovation moves on, new possibilities arise. With this in mind Siemens bring to you their latest innovation; Home Connect. Connected Siemens appliances, intelligent software and the intuitive Home Connect App offer a new world of exciting uses.

Ease the workload by letting the app choose the best washing programme – or open up completely new possibilities by looking inside your fridge from anywhere. A smart appliance with Home Connect makes everyday life more efficient, allowing you to spend more time on the things you love. For a life less ordinary.