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Bertazzoni are a passionate Italian brand with over 140 years experience. Best known for their beautiful range cookers, Bertazzoni also supply a fantastic range of built in appliances. Whether your kitchen is traditional or contemporary, there are Bertazzoni appliances to suit every style and every space.

Bertazzoni Range Cookers

Bertazzoni have a beautiful selection of range cookers to choose from. Browse dual fuel or induction range cookers in a variety of colours and widths. From bold and modern, to a little more traditional, there are Bertazzoni range cookers to match every kitchen style.

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Bertazzoni Extraction

Any new kitchen deserves proper ventilation. A Bertazzoni cooker hood will eliminate steam and any odours in your cooking area. There are Bertazzoni cooker hoods designed to match each range cooker, so you can create a seamless look.

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Bertazzoni Hobs

When it comes to hobs, Bertazzoni have plenty to choose from! There are Bertazzoni hobs available in different sizes and styles to suit every need. From sleek induction, to striking gas hobs, you can find the perfect hob to suit your cooking style.

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Bertazzoni Built In Ovens

Bertazzoni built in ovens are available across the Modern, Professional and Heritage ranges. You can enjoy all of the health benefits with a steam oven, or save time cleaning by choosing a pyrolytic self cleaning oven. Find your perfect built in oven with Bertazzoni.

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Bertazzoni round logo with the Bertazzoni name next to it, finished in black

Founded in Italy over 140 years ago, Bertazzoni has a rich heritage in food and engineering. Francesco Bertazzoni and his son Antonio made precision weighing machines for the local cheese makers. They lived in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, famed for Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and Moderna olive oil.

Food was a large part of their culture, as was engineering. They spotted an opportunity when they noticed trains coming into the region were heated by a new type of wood-burning stove. These stoves cooked for the crew and also heated the train carriages. Francesco and Antonio began making cookers in the local area in 1882 and soon started selling them throughout Italy.

The Bertazzoni brand has passed through six generations of the same family and is still defined by the original values: Family. Food. Engineering.

Bertazzoni Product Families

Bertazzoni Heritage Series

If you’re looking for classic style paired with modern technology, you’ll love the Bertazzoni Heritage Series. Designed in a traditional style, the Heritage Series is striking and decorative. Polished chrome knobs, handles and trims are key design features within this collection.

Paying homage to their original wood burning stoves, Heritage appliances come in Black, Ivory and Stainless Steel. This range consists of range cookers and built in cooking appliances. So you can complete your whole new kitchen with the Bertazzoni Heritage collection.

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Bertazzoni Professional Series

Contemporary, clean lines and ergonomic handles define the Bertazzoni Professional Series. This award-winning collection focuses on sleek, modern design and the latest cooking technology. Experience professional performance in your kitchen with Bertazzoni. The Professional Series offers matching built in ovens, microwaves, warming drawers and hobs.

Bertazzoni Professional Series range cookers come in seven stunning colours. Create a real statement in your kitchen with a bright Yellow, Orange or Red range cooker.

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Bertazzoni Master Series

Sophisticated, stylish and packed with advanced technology. Meet the Master Series. This range features intuitive controls, ergonomically designed handles and a muted colour palette. Inspired by commercial cookers, this collection focuses on performance paired with sleek design.

Bertazzoni Master Series range cookers are energy efficient and come in a range of widths to suit any space. Browse Master Series range cookers available in Black, Matte White and Stainless Steel.

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Why Choose

Bertazzoni round logo with the Bertazzoni name next to it, finished in black
Line drawing of a wheel of cheese with a slice cut out of it.

Passion for Food

Bertazzoni were founded in the food capital of Italy. Famed for Parma ham, Parmesan cheese & Moderna olive oil, food & cooking are an essential part of the Bertazzoni culture.

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Established Brand

Founded over 140 years ago, Bertazzoni has passed through six generations of the same family. Bertazzoni take pride in helping people bring the best of home-cooked food to the family table.

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Premium Finish

Bertazzoni use automotive paint on some of their range cookers and ovens. Thanks to their partnership with Italian sports car brands, they can offer this durable finish and unique colour options.

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Award Winning

Bertazzoni have won numerous awards for design and technology. These include an iF Design award, the Best of KBIS 2024 award and a ‘Best of the Year’ Interior Design award in 2023.

Line drawing of a jigsaw puzzle to represent the coordinated design of Bertazzoni appliances

Coordinated Design

Every Bertazzoni appliance is designed to work in harmony with the other products in its Series. You can complete your whole new kitchen with Bertazzoni appliances for a stylish and cohesive look.

FAQ's: Bertazzoni Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Who are Bertazzoni?

Bertazzoni are an Italian appliance manufacturer. The family owned business is in its 6th generation and manufactures premium kitchen appliances including; range cookers, built in ovens, hobs, extractors and much more!

Who are Bertazzoni owned by?

Bertazzoni remains as a family run business. Paolo Bertazzoni is the CEO and his sister Elisabetta is one of the directors.

Where are Bertazzoni appliances made?

Bertazzoni range cookers are manufactured in Guastalla, in Northern Italy. This is the hometown of the Bertazzoni family.

What are Bertazzoni best known for?

Bertazzoni are best known for their premium range cookers and built in appliances. They use the finest materials and manufacturing techniques, combined with practical yet stylish designs. Some of their cookers and ovens are finished in premium and durable automotive paint, thanks to Bertazzoni’s links with Italian sports car brands.

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