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From hobs to hoods, dishwashers to refrigerators, AEG supply a wide variety of appliances packed with modern technology. Shop the full collection below.


Founded over 135 years ago, AEG focus on a simple philosophy that everything they design should be perfect in both form and function. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of every AEG appliance and helps to enhance your kitchen in style, experience and functionality. You can find out more about AEG click here.

AEG Cooking

From steam ovens to connected hobs and hoods, you can cook with confidence with AEG appliances.

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AEG Refrigeration

Optimise your fresh goods and reduce food waste with AEG refrigeration.

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AEG Laundry

AEG laundry appliances use innovative technology to care for your clothes for longer, shop the range below.

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AEG Dishwashers

Loading the dishes has never been easier with AEG’s ComfortLift technology, shop the full collection below.

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AEG Extraction

From integrated to island hoods and everything in between, AEG have a wide selection of cooker hoods.


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AEG Wine Coolers

Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen with a wine cooler. Shop all AEG wine coolers below.


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Why Choose


AEG’s focus is on reducing their environmental footprint. Their aim is to use more recycled materials and use less sourced plastic.

Better Care

AEG use innovative technologies in their laundry appliances that are designed to protect your clothes and keep them looking new for longer.


With AEG’s Hob2Hood technology you can control your extraction levels without needing to take your focus away from the hob.

AEG Extraction


Hob2Hood wirelessly connects your appliances so that you can concentrate solely on cooking. Your hob will adjust the cooker hood extraction rate automatically to suit whatever you’re cooking. Sizzling steak? Faster extraction! A gently simmering pan? The extraction will be kept to a minimum.


Extractors can often be noisy. However a Silence Tech hood efficiently removes steam and unwanted cooking odours, whilst remaining almost completely silent. This means you can still enjoy an ambient atmosphere in your kitchen whilst your cooker hood is providing powerful extraction.

Breeze Technology

When you have finished cooking, Breeze technology ensures that the extraction noise level is reduced to a minimum. Using an energy efficient motor, crafted from high quality materials, the Breeze function keeps your cooking space steam and odour free – even in larger kitchens.

AEG Hobs


Using the SenseBoil function, you never need to worry about your pan boiling over again! Clever sensors detect the rising bubbles and will automatically reduce the power when your pan has reached a rolling boil.


With FlexiBridge you can combine up to four cooking zones for maximum flexibility. Handy if you’re using one larger pan or equally if you need to cook several smaller dishes at the same time.


Vivid LED’s illuminate the power levels on your hob so you can cook with confidence. This makes it really easy to control the intensity of the flame. The FlameLight feature also shows when a burner is turned on or off.

Benefits of ProSteam Laundry

Eco Friendly

With ProSteam you don’t need to choose between caring for your clothes or the planet – you can do both! A steam programme is a quick and easy way to refresh clothes that don’t need a complete wash. Kinder on your clothes as well as the environment.

Less Ironing

Would you like less creases but can’t stand the endless piles of ironing? Using the AEG ProSteam function you can reduce creases by 30%. Save yourself time and energy by using this innovative technology and laundry day will become less of a chore!

Save Water

Revolutionise the way you care for your clothes. When you use ProSteam to refresh your delicate garments, you can save more than 40 litres of water per cycle! *Based on 1Kg of laundry using the steam refresh programme compared to the delicates programme.

FAQ's: AEG Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

When was AEG founded?

The AEG brand was founded in Berlin in 1887.

Where are AEG products made?

AEG products are made by Electrolux who predominantly manufacture their products in the USA.

Who owns AEG?

Electrolux own AEG. They are a multinational home appliance manufacturer founded in Sweden.

Are AEG and Zanussi the same brand?

AEG and Zanussi are individual companies who are both owned by Electrolux, a global leader in the home appliances sector.

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