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Liebherr are refrigeration specialists. For over 65 years they have produced high quality, energy efficient appliances. Their innovative BioFresh and NoFrost technology keeps your food fresher for longer. Explore the full Liebherr refrigeration collection below.


Liebherr logo in black

Liebherr originated as a construction company in Germany in 1949. Making cranes to rebuild the country post-War, Liebherr expanded into refrigeration in 1954. The Liebherr family have developed high quality refrigeration ever since. Each product undergoes extensive research and rigorous quality testing. Liebherr are now the leading refrigeration brand on the market.

Liebherr Fridges

Liebherr fridges come in all shapes and sizes. From undercounter to larder fridges, you can find the perfect fridge with Liebherr. Enjoy fresher food for longer with BioFresh technology. There are fantastic storage solutions in each Liebherr fridge too!

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Liebherr Freezers

Whether you need an integrated or freestanding freezer, Liebherr have a great selection. Browse full height or undercounter freezers to suit your space. Liebherr even offer freezers that are suitable for outbuildings! Shop all Liebherr freezers here.

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Liebherr Fridge Freezers

Liebherr supply freestanding and integrated fridge freezers. Take a look at Liebherr’s matching fridge and freezer sets for a great alternative to an American style fridge freezer. Matching fridge and freezer sets look great and hold plenty of produce.

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Wine Cabinets

Every wine lover needs a wine cooler and Liebherr have one to cater for every need. From the occasional bottle to the ultimate wine collection, you can count on Liebherr. However many bottles you’re storing, Liebherr wine coolers are the perfect solution.

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Why Choose

Liebherr logo in black
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BioFresh technology keeps your food fresher for longer. The optimal temperature & humidity levels in BioFresh safes extend the shelf life of your fresh produce.

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Wine Expertise

Store your wine collection with confidence with Liebherr. Each Liebherr wine cabinet uses the optimal temperature and blocks UV light for the best results in every bottle.

Saving Energy

Liebherr focus on the energy efficiency of every appliance. Many Liebherr appliances are top energy rated. So you can save on your household bills & energy consumption.

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Quality Assured

Liebherr appliances are held to very high quality standards. Appliances are stress-tested under extreme conditions to guarantee their durability and performance.

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Award Winning

Liebherr have won many design accolades including the Red Dot award. Sleek, modern designs paired with high performance – ideal for any new kitchen!

The Benefits of Liebherr Refrigeration

More great taste, a lot less waste

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology stores food close to 0°C and at optimized humidity. By providing the perfect climate for your meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables, your food retains its full flavour as well as all of the vitamins and minerals for longer.

Say goodbye to manual defrosting

Everyone’s least favourite chore becomes a thing of the past with Liebherr’s NoFrost technology. NoFrost technology uses chilled circulating air to protect the freezer from ice and frost build up so you no longer need to manually defrost it.

Market freshness in your home

You can expect market freshness in a Liebherr EasyFresh safe. These air tight safes allow you to control the humidity and temperature to create optimal conditions. This means unpacked fruit and vegetables retain their natural moisture and will stay fresher for much longer.

Like a cool ocean breeze

HydroBreeze, featured in the BioFresh Professional safe, uses a cold mist which covers fruit and vegetables like a protective balm. This creates crisp freshness and retains the structure of your food too. HydroBreeze activates when the door is opened and creates a stunning visual effect whilst expertly preserving your food.

Ready to entertain

Ideal for entertaining, the Liebherr IceMaker features in a selection of their premium appliances to keep you topped up with perfect ice cubes. You’ll never need to worry about running out of ice if you opt for a Liebherr appliance which features an IceTower as it holds an impressive 5.7kg of ice cubes!

Stay Connected

Many Liebherr appliances are compatible with the SmartDevice app. This allows you to check whether you have left the fridge door open when you’re out and about. Another great feature in the app is BottleTimer. You can chill drinks in a hurry in the freezer and the timer will let you know when it is ready to serve.

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Liebherr BioFresh Technology

Find out more about BioFresh technology and how you can keep your food fresher for longer with Liebherr.

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Pure, Plus, Prime and Peak

There is a Liebherr appliance to suit every kitchen. Take a look at the Pure, Plus, Prime and Peak ranges in more detail here.

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FAQ's: Liebherr Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Where is Liebherr made?

Liebherr is a premium brand with German origins. Today Liebherr appliances are manufactured in five different production sites based in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria. Malaysia and India.

Who is Liebherr owned by?

Liebherr is a family owned business. The current owners are second and third generation of the founding Liebherr family.

What is BioFresh technology?

Liebherr’s BioFresh technology provides the optimal climate for your food. You can adjust the temperature and humidity levels to suit the food you’re storing. For meat and dairy you’d want lower temperatures and a dry environment however for fruit and vegetables, you would need a higher humidity and a temperature just above 0 °C to keep it fresh for longer.

Are Liebherr appliances good quality?

Liebherr are refrigeration specialists. For over 65 years they have perfected their craft. Using highest quality materials, innovative technologies and German engineering, Liebherr provide excellent quality appliances.

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