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Established in 1984, Haier have been rated as the No. 1 worldwide home appliance brand for the past 11 consecutive years by Euromonitor International Limited. The core values of Haier are: design, quality and innovation. Since arriving in the UK in 2007, Haier have continued to provide innovative products with the customer at the heart of every design.

Haier American style fridge freezers

Haier American Refrigeration

If you're looking for large capacity refrigeration paired with a sleek design, an American style fridge freezer from Haier is an excellent choice. Browse the collection today.

Haier fridge freezers

Haier Fridge Freezers

Browse through the variety of Haier fridge freezers available. The state of the art three door design will provide a premium look in any kitchen. Available in black steel or silver, discover your favourite.

Haier wine coolers

Haier Wine Coolers

Haier wine coolers are designed with an anti vibration system to keep noise to a minimum and to ensure your wine is kept in the best possible conditions. Shop Haier wine coolers below.

Haier washing machines

Haier Washing Machines

You can expect professional cleaning levels with Haier's I-Pro laundry range. The larger capacity washing machines allow you to wash more laundry at a time, saving you lots of washing cycles! Shop the full collection online.

Haier washer dryers

Haier Washer Dryers

Enjoy two appliances in one and opt for a washer dryer! Haier supply a variety of drum sizes as well as white or graphite colour options. Protect your delicate clothes for longer with the I-Pro collection, the drum cushions your garments during each cycle.

Haier tumble dryers

Haier Tumble Dryers

A Haier heat pump condenser dryer conserves heat within the drum, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Each tumble dryer is treated with Anti-Bacterial Treatment to prevent mould and bacteria from forming.

I-Pro Laundry Series

The Haier I-Pro laundry series is created with your favourite clothes in mind. Specially designed functions and features are built in to protect even the most delicate of fabrics whilst providing a professional level clean from the comfort of your own home.

You needn't compromise on quality with Haier. You can choose cycle lengths that suit you, at the same time as saving energy and water consumption. Find out more of the great features in this laundry series below.

Delicate Care

I-Pro Series laundry appliances are specially designed with your favourite clothes in mind. 

The pillow-shaped pads inside the drum cushion and protect your clothes during the cycle. Laundry glides around the drum without snagging, keeping even your most delicate clothing looking newer for longer.

Large Capacity

Thanks to the large 10kg drum size, you can wash more laundry in one load.

With a larger drum capacity, you can reduce your wash cycles by up to 44 per year compared to a standard 8kg washing machine! This saves you time and money on energy and water consumption.

Hygienically Clean 

Haier use Smart Dual Spray to thoroughly clean the drum automatically at the end of each cycle. 

Your clothes will receive a more hygienic wash, providing you with professional levels of cleanliness. This will also prolong the durability of your washing machine in the long term! 

Auto Weight

Take the guesswork out of doing the laundry with an I-Pro Series washing machine.

Your washing machine will automatically determine the correct levels of water and cycle duration for your load by weighing the washing before the cycle begins. This will help to reduce water and energy consumption whilst providing optimum washing results for your laundry.

Direct Motion Motor

Direct motion motors are designed to last, Haier offer a lifetime warranty on them.

This type of motor is much quieter as it operates without a belt, greatly reducing noise and vibration. The Direct Motion Motor is attached directly to the drum, it can help to reduce energy and water consumption by up to 50% compared to a standard appliance!

Stain Removal

A handy steam function helps to reduce creases in clothes and remove stains.

Steam and detergent diffuse in the drum which will relax the fibres in your clothes, helping to remove dirt and stubborn stains. Hate ironing? This is the laundry collection for you! The steam helps to reduce creases so that ironing is either a quick task or not even necessary at all!

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