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Rangemaster are an established UK based brand who pride themselves on the quality of their products. As a range cooker specialist, Rangemaster supply an extensive collection with models in a variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit every kitchen. Rangemaster supply matching cooker hoods as well as ovens, hobs and American style fridge freezers.


Rangemaster is Britain’s leading range cooker manufacturer. As the oldest range cooker manufacturer, they have a rich history in the industry. William Flavel created the world’s first range cooker, the Kitchener, in 1830. To this day, Rangemaster still proudly produce their range cookers at their original factory site in Royal Leamington Spa.

Rangemaster Range Cookers

There are over 200 Rangemaster range cookers to choose from! Browse our dual fuel, gas, induction and ceramic cookers to find the right model for you. With endless colour options and different widths to suit your space, you can find the perfect range cooker for your home with Rangemaster.

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Rangemaster Cooker Hoods

Once you’ve found your perfect range cooker, the next thing to consider is extraction. A Rangemaster cooker hood will eliminate steam and cooking odours from your kitchen, keeping it smelling clean and fresh. There are plenty of models to choose from, so you can perfectly match the colour and style of your range cooker.

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Rangemaster Built In Ovens

No matter what type of oven you require, Rangemaster supply ovens to suit every kitchen style. Browse our collection of Rangemaster built in single and double ovens as well as built under double ovens.

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Rangemaster Refrigeration

Take a look at our selection of Rangemaster American style fridge freezers available in a range of different colours. Looking for the finishing touch for your kitchen? Browse our Rangemaster wine coolers.

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Why Choose

Over 1 Million Users

1 Million+ Owners

When you buy a Rangemaster, you’re joining a family. Much has changed at Rangemaster but their principle of creating beautiful, functional, market leading appliances built by hand in the UK continues to underline their success.


Style & Choice

Rangemaster offer the largest choice of style, size & fuel types. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, Rangemaster offer a wide variety of models, making it easy to find the perfect range cooker for your kitchen.

Quality and testing

Quality & Testing

Rangemaster test, re-test and test, refining their products, especially their range cookers to offer the very best results. Rangemaster are passionate and proud of making the finest quality range cookers on the market.

The right ingredients

Right Ingredients

It takes weeks to carefully craft a Rangemaster. The highest gauge steel is pressed, cut, polished & enamelled with Endurance finish. The triple folded frame creates a unique casing for some of the highest quality components you’ll find.

Experience matters

Experience Matters

There’s over 185 years of manufacturing excellence at Rangemaster. Generations of local families have played their part in making Rangemaster the success it is today. They are proud of making the best range cookers on the market.

Rangemaster Range Cooker Families

Rangemaster Kitchener

The Kitchener was the world’s very first range cooker. Created in 1830, the Kitchener revolutionised how people cooked in their own homes. In the Victorian era, the Kitchener was recognised as a status symbol as it became popular amongst royalty across the world.

Today the Kitchener range cooker is still manufactured on the original site in Leamington Spa. You can choose between dual fuel, gas and ceramic models, available in three different widths and in classic colours; black, cream and stainless steel.

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Rangemaster Classic

As the name suggests, the Rangemaster Classic collection provides a traditional aesthetic, however each range cooker is still full of the latest modern features and technology. The key distinctive features of the Classic range are the beautifully bevelled doors, arched windows and handy towel rails. Choose between Cranberry, Cream and Black colour options to suit your interior.

Within the Classic family, there are also Classic Deluxe models which boast a main multifunction oven. When it comes to colours, there are plenty of options to choose from! Browse heritage hues including; Racing Green, Royal Pearl and Stone Blue to add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

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Rangemaster Elise

The Elise range cooker is effortlessly chic. This sophisticated, French inspired collection features distinctive controls and a coordinating nickel trim. There are 10 elegant colours to choose from including China Blue, Mineral Green and Slate Grey, as well as plenty of neutral options.

There are three sizes to choose from. The 110cm cookers have an additional handy storage drawer and deluxe glide-out grill. Every Elise range cooker features a multifunction oven, so you can create light and delicate deserts as well as crispy pizza bases.

Elise range cookers come in either dual fuel or induction. The dual fuel models come with cast iron pan supports and a wok cradle – ideal for sizzling stir fry’s. Is induction cooking more your style? You can enjoy all of Rangemaster’s latest technology including the bridging zone, a large and powerful heat zone, as well as three lower temperature settings which are ideal for melting chocolate, slow cooking and much more.

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Rangemaster Professional

If cooking is your passion, the Rangemaster Professional range will provide you with all of the functions and features you need to perfect your skills.

The Professional collection certainly lives up to its name. Each range cooker boasts a whole host of features including two spacious ovens and a separate glide-out-grill. Some models have a tall fanned oven which is ideal for batch cooking and cooking multiple meals at once. Other models include a pyrolytic self-cleaning function which helps to make cleaning your oven quick and easy.

The contemporary style of this cooker lends itself to a modern kitchen and a Professional range cooker would be a fantastic addition for any budding chef. Within this collection there are three widths available as well as five colour options including; Black, Cranberry, Cream, Slate and Stainless Steel.

Browse our Professional Plus and Professional Deluxe models to find the perfect range cooker for your home.

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Rangemaster Encore Deluxe

If you are looking for a contemporary and sleek range cooker, look no further than the Rangemaster Encore Deluxe. Defined by linear handles, large square viewing windows and sturdy control knobs, an Encore Deluxe range cooker would be a welcomed addition in any modern kitchen.

Choose between dual fuel or induction fuel types, three different widths and five colour options to complement your style perfectly. For a bold and striking aesthetic, there are Black, Charcoal Black and Slate finishes. Or for something lighter, we also stock Ivory and Stainless Steel models.

Notable features include the deluxe glide-out grill with a 4-way trivet and two spacious oven cavities. The 110cm Encore Deluxe also boasts a unique proving drawer which helps you to create perfectly proved dough. Every budding baker’s dream!

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Rangemaster Nexus

The Nexus range cooker collection consists of the Nexus, Nexus SE and the Nexus Steam. The modern, sleek appearance of this family is enhanced by linear handles and large square viewing windows. The rotary controls are diamond turned aluminium which is very durable, they are also ergonomically designed for easy control. The Nexus Steam also features a digital touch control fascia so you can control temperature by a degree to ensure the very best results.

Across the Nexus range there are 90cm and 110cm widths, dual fuel and induction models and six colours to choose from.

The Nexus Steam is the first range cooker of its kind. The unique dedicated steam cavity allows you to retain all the vitamins and nutrients from your food, as well as the texture and taste which is why chef’s love this cooking method.

If you opt for the Nexus SE you can enjoy cooking using three different ovens; fan, multifunction and slow cook ovens all give you the space you need to cook multiple meals at once.

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FAQ's: Rangemaster Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Where is Rangemaster made?

Rangemaster are a British brand who are based in Royal Leamington Spa. Their range cookers have been produced at this same site since 1830.

Do range cookers use a lot of electricity?

Modern Rangemaster range cookers are all A rated for energy efficiency and shouldn’t cost more to run than a standard built in oven.

Who owns Rangemaster?

Rangemaster are owned by AGA Rangemaster Group Limited who also manufacture Rayburn, AGA and French brand La Cornue.

What are Rangemaster famous for?

Rangemaster have a rich history of innovative cooking appliances and are known for creating the world’s first range cooker, the Kitchener, in 1830. Known for their blend of style and functionality, Rangemaster are the market leader in range cookers.

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