The world of dishwashing has changed, so prepare to be dazzled by the some of the clever features and functions which are now available.

Dishwashers have come a long way in recent years thanks to some major improvements in design, technology and efficiency. With a superb selection of both freestanding and integrated models available you’ll be spoilt for choice, and with great features including cutlery trays, wine glass holders and automatic opening doors you’re sure to be impressed.


Freestanding dishwashers are a great option for those looking for simplicity and flexibility in their kitchen.

Freestanding dishwashers are simple to install under a worktop and easy to disconnect and transport if you decide to move home. The whole of the front panel is visible and they come in a range of different colours and styles to suit your kitchen and budget. Depending on the space in your kitchen freestanding dishwashers are available in both 45cm and 60cm widths.

    Fully Integrated

    Fully integrated dishwashers are designed to be hidden behind a full height furniture door for a sleek and seamless look.

    Allowing you to maintain a streamlined look in your kitchen, fully integrated dishwashers are also really easy to operate. The controls are clearly displayed on the top edge of the door. Some models even have the ability to project their cycle status onto the floor so that you can see how long is left on the programme. Fully integrated models are an ideal choice for modern kitchens.

      Semi Integrated

      Semi integrated models allow you to view the control panel and display whilst maintaining a seamless look.

      Semi integrated dishwashers or ‘drawerline dishwashers’ as they are also known, require a shorter height furniture door fitting. The shorter height door is fixed on the front and the control panel remains exposed. Enjoy the look of integrated with the benefit of the control panel being visible. These models are usually used to replace like for like rather than in a new kitchen design.


        Fisher & Paykel offer fantastic and unique DishDrawer™ models which make doing the dishes easier than ever before.

        Available in single or double drawer options they can easily integrate into your kitchen design. Single drawers are ideal if space is at a premium and the doubles offer maximum flexibility so that you can run two separate cycles at the same time. There are different colours to choose from or you can use your furniture door panels to integrate and match the rest of your kitchen.

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