Neff at Appliance City

Neff are a very strong brand in the market place. The collection of Neff built-in appliances has been designed to give you perfect symmetry in your home. Matching control panels and horizontal lines allow you to mix and match specific products vertically and horizontally. Every detail has been considered from the control panels, dials and knobs to the handles and door design. Incredibly popular with customers having new kitchens, Neff appliances are top of the range and very much the perfect choice.

Neff Laundry

When it comes to washing, and drying our clothes, especially our favourite items, we need to feel confident that our laundry appliances are doing the job and doing it well. You need to trust your laundry appliances so that you can leave it to get on with the business of effectively washing or drying your clothes while you turn your attention to other things. Neff washing machines use less water, electricity and detergent than most other models in their class, while washer dryers are also energy efficient. They’re gentle on clothes, but get them wonderfully clean, fresh and ready for action.

Neff Refrigeration

Neff have a superb range of integrated fridges and fridge freezers all of which are designed to suit everyone. Whether you need a streamlined space saver or a large American style fridge freezer with the choice of ice & water, that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, we’re confident that there’s a model to suit you. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference – with features such as frost free, HydroFresh humidity control, AntiSpill shelves and CircoCool. All Neff appliances have at least an A+ energy rating. The perfect addition to any and every kitchen.

Neff Cooking

Neff offer a superb range of built-in ovens and hobs to suit any and every kitchen. They have a wide range of fantastic single, double and double under built-in ovens with options such as Slide & Hide, Circotherm, Pyrolytic self-cleaning, full steam and VarioSteam for the best cooking results. The Slide&Hide is an oven with a disappearing door which is completely unique to Neff. The access to the oven cavity is uninhibited making it much safer and easier to use. Neff supplies a full range of gas, induction and ceramic hobs including domino hobs – a great choice of flexible options.

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Neff Dishwashing

Whether it’s a great British BBQ with all your friends or a meal for one, Neff dishwashers can handle anything you need it too – including bulky pots and pans and casserole dishes. Innovations like the unique VarioFlex Plus baskets with VarioDrawer give you the flexibility you need to handle all that excessive cooking. All machines are A rated for washing and drying and are A+ or A++ for energy performance. Available in integrated or freestanding, in black, white or stainless steel.

Neff Extraction

Grease, steam and odours are unwanted by-products of cooking, but with an effective extractor hood, you can soon be rid of them. Neff’s exquisite range of extractor hoods is not only brilliantly functional but beautifully aesthetic too, creating a dramatic design feature for any kitchen. Neff offer a wide range of models – from eye-catching island hoods, to space-saving telescopic hoods – perfect for different styles and kitchen designs.

Neff Small Appliances

Wake up to a fresh brew from Neff’s built in coffee machines. Arriving with deluxe features like SensoFlow you can rest assured each and every cup of coffee is made to absolute perfection – just how you like it. Whether you are craving a frothy cappuccino or need the kick of a double shot of espresso they won’t disappoint. Team up a Neff coffee machine with their stunning range of built-in ovens and compacts for the perfect seamless design and finish to your kitchen.

About Neff

‘A large helping of passion, with frequent dashes of inspiration’

Neff has a very long, proud heritage of over 140 years. From the very beginning, Neff have tweaked, innovated and perfected. Just like your very favourite recipe, they believe there is always room for improvement. 

Neff Slide & Hide

The Slide&Hide is an oven with a disappearing door which is completely unique to Neff. The actual access to the oven cavity is uninhibited making it much safer and easier to use. With appearances on the great British Bake Off, this oven is incredibly popular.

Neff CircoTherm

Neff Circotherm means you can cook a three course meal at the same time with multi-level cooking and even better than that, there is no intermingling of smells and flavours. Circotherm also means faster cooking with no pre-heating of the oven. If you want better cooking results this enables even heat transference through the oven cavity and no loss of heat when opening the oven door.

Neff Sous-Vide


Because sous-vide cooks at low temperatures (55°C – 60°C) it seals in your foods scrumptious flavours and colours, achieving beautiful uniform results. If you want succulent and tender meat and fish, or soft cooked vegetables bursting with taste, then sous-vide is a fantastic option. The vacuum sealed technique means ingredients are oven-cooked gently at a constant temperature, sealed off from the air, and retaining their natural vitamins and minerals while its flavours are concentrated. The perfect dish, every time!

Neff VarioSteam


Neff VarioSteam gives your food just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels, for roasting, baking or just heating up. Foods come out with intense flavour and an appetising appearance, how your food should look! VarioSteam helps to retain your foods natural colour, vitamins and minerals, so you get all the benefits from your food. Perfect for those who are health conscious, or simply just want their food to taste at its best. Ideal for crispy topped bread, succulent cakes and moist reheated food.

Neff FullSteam


Want to make your dishes healthier than ever? Neff FullSteam is the perfect solution. Locking in your foods nutrients and flavour, the FullSteam function cooks using steam, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection with no drying out, retaining all its original health benefits. Easy to use, and simple to refill the one litre water container, your food will have never tasted so good. Neff FullSteam ovens have all the heating modes of a full-featured oven with those of a steam cooker! The perfect all in one appliance.

Neff Multi Point Meat Probe


The MultiPoint MeatProbe is ideal for cooking the perfect joint. If Sunday dinners are your thing, or perhaps anything meatilicious in general, then this superb handy little tool will make cooking large joints a breeze. The MeatProbe measures the joints heat at three points to ensure the right core temperature is reached and the meat is cooked for the accurate duration of time. You won’t have to worry about over or under cooked meat anymore, allowing for the perfect succulent joint every time. Carving your meat will be a dream!

Neff FreshSafe

Want fresher food for long? Well, it’s never been easier to lock in freshness to create sumptuous dishes. Neff fridges give you more flexibility to preserve nutrients. Choose between FreshSafe 1, 2, and 3 and keep fruit and vegetables, meat and cheese fresher for longer with sophisticated temperature control. Plus, handy pull-out drawers and variable shelves combined with LED lights help you organise everything effortlessly. Perfect!

Neff VitaFresh

Neff VitaFresh® 0˚C comprises two humidity zones. The dry section maintains 50% humidity to preserve meat and fish, whilst the moist zone at 90% humidity extends the life of  salad, fruit and vegetables. In these conditions, the vitamins and nutrients of food are preserved for up to 3 times longer. Keeping your food like it has just been picked for longer. Storing these separate foods within these zones also prevents intermingling of smells.