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Neff believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A place to eat, meet and be creative with food. From disappearing oven doors that get you closer to your food, to revolutions in steam cooking. Whatever you’re creating, Neff are on hand.


Since the moment Carl Neff created his first oven in 1877, Neff have always had a pure passion for cooking. Founded in the Baden-Württemberg province in Germany, the first Neff workshop was created in a small cottage with just six staff members. From these humble beginnings, Neff grew into one of Europe’s largest home appliance brands. Famous for their quality built in cooking appliances, Neff create inspired products for those that love to cook and share great food with family and friends.

Ovens for every cooking style

Contemporary and precise, or homely and rustic? On-the-go or gourmet? However you love to cook, Neff have the perfect oven for you. Innovative, easy to use features include the unique Slide&Hide® disappearing door which brings you closer to your cooking. Pyrolytic cleaning, which cleans your oven in minutes. And CircoTherm® technology which allows you to cook multiple meals at once without any flavour transfer.

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Your hob, your style

Great creativity needs control. Neff have designed a range of hobs that have been carefully crafted to give cooks the precise control they need. FlameSelect® is a gas hob feature with nine flame settings for powerful & flexible cooking. Neff induction hobs use TwistPad Fire® function which is an illuminated dial which can be removed, providing you with the ultimate control.

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Seamless or stand out hoods

Neff have a range of powerful yet silent hoods that either let your extraction blend in with your kitchen or be bold and striking. Choose from ceiling or wall mounted hoods which eliminate steam and odour at the source.

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Fresher for longer

Food lovers want the freshest of ingredients. That’s why Neff’s collection of fridge freezers are designed to keep food at its best for longer. Whether it’s a small under counter, or a large American style fridge freezer, there’s a Neff fridge freezer to suit every kitchen.

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Less cleaning, more creating

Neff dishwashers are designed to give creative cooks more time to create. At the touch of a button, even the dirtiest dishes come out spotlessly clean. Gentle care programmes also protect your glassware and FlexBaskets are movable to suit your own needs.

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Make light work of your laundry

Washing machines are the unsung heroes of the house. Whether it’s a sauce splattered shirt or a dirty tea towel, Neff’s range of laundry appliances always deliver the best results. Super efficient, yet incredibly quiet, they are packed with useful features including sensitive drying and anti-crease programmes.

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Why Choose

Cooking Passion

Since the moment Carl Neff created his first oven in 1877, Neff have always had a pure passion for cooking. Neff design their appliances with creative cooks in mind, to inspire those that love to cook.

2 Year Guarantee

Neff produce quality home appliances that are built to last. They come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty to protect against manufacturing faults & defects that occur during this warranty period.

Iconic Features

Neff’s iconic features including Slide&Hide®, TwistPad® Fire & CircoTherm®, for example, are ideal for anyone who enjoys creating great food together with family & friends.

FAQ's: Neff Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Is Neff made in Germany?

Neff appliances were founded in 1877 and are still manufactured in Germany. Their state-of-the-art factory in Bretten is the largest employer in the region.

What are Neff famous for?

Neff are best known for their ovens. Arguably one of Neff’s most famous inventions, the unique Slide&Hide® features a disappearing oven door which allows you to get even closer to your cooking.

Who is Neff owned by?

Neff was founded by Carl Neff in the 1800’s and became part of BSH Group who also own Bosch and Siemens, in 1982.

Are Neff and Bosch the same company?

Neff, Bosch and Siemens appliances are all owned by BSH Group.

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