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‘We are the AIRchitects’ -Elica Group President Francesco Casoli

Elica hoods are not only aesthetically stunning but have the functionality needed to purify the air like no other hood on the market. These hoods are incredibly popular amongst our customers and it is obvious as to why. Many of these hoods are the perfect decorative edition to any kitchen, adding elegance, style and innovation. Elica bring to you quality, reliability, innovation and passion.

Elica Downdraft Hoods

Elica downdraft hoods are the perfect combination of appealing aesthetics and technological innovation. Designed to rise from the work surface at the touch of a button, these Elica downdrafts sit sleek whilst not in use, the perfect look if minimalist is your style. With high performance and efficiency, these downdrafts are a must have essential in your kitchen.

Elica Canopy Hoods

Elica canopy hoods are a popular choice for many kitchens. Mostly designed to be built-in to your cabinetry, usually in the chimney breast or wall unit, but can be built into a false canopy unit to match your kitchen design. These hoods offer brilliant extraction rate and are a great option if you don’t want your cooker hood to be a focal point in your kitchen.

Elica Chimney Hoods

Elica’s range of decorative chimney hoods give you the best of both worlds. Fantastic extraction and a stunning focal piece in your kitchen design. Most models can be ducted or recirculated with optional charcoal filters, the choice is yours. Whether you want something super modern, or something a little more traditional, Elica have you covered.

Elica Ceiling Hoods

Elica ceiling hoods range from basic to works of art in terms of aesthetics. Designed to sit in your ceiling, these hoods can still add that finishing touch to your kitchen. These hoods are designed for recirculation and come with a charcoal filter. Add something special to your kitchen with these fantastic ceiling hoods from Elica.

Elica Telescopic Hoods

Elica telescopic hoods are designed to be built-in to your cabinetry for ultimate extraction and discretion. If you don’t want your hood on show, this is a great option. These hoods fit into an upper cabinet and can be pulled out as needed. So it is only on show when you use it. The perfect option if you like a more discreet design in your kitchen.

All Elica Extraction

Whether you're looking for a discreet ceiling hood or want to create stylish focal point with an angled chimney hood, Elica have the extractor for you! There's plenty of options when it comes to extraction and Elica have a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours so you can find the very best design for your home. Eliminate cooking aromas in style with Elica.

About Elica

Elica’s story is an Italian story that has long crossed over geographical boundaries: Elica is appreciated and recognised worldwide as a symbol of Made in Italy quality, know-how and design, its name synonymous with appliances featuring high-level technology and innovation. Passion, innovative thinking, sharing, energy channelled into constantly achieving new goals: these are the factors that make up the Elica philosophy, experienced and lived through daily in every single phase of production. Elica have a truly beautiful extraction range that suits all kitchen styles, colours and taste. If you want a first class extraction hood that oozes elegance, style and class then an Elica hood is one you should consider. Elica strive to ensure we have the best designed air inside our kitchens with its innovative cooking hoods and new products for air purification and fragrance diffusion, Elica is its first architect.

Elica NikolaTesla

The stunning Elica NikolaTesla is an induction hob and cooker hood in the same appliance. The first Elica cooktop with a fully integrated air suction system. Stunning in design and built with the latest innovative technology, the NikolaTesla is the perfect choice for anyone who loves thinking outside of the box. The central fan, integrated unobtrusively into the cooktop, ensures high performance, practically silent operation and superb energy efficiency (class A rating), improving air quality and comfort in the kitchen. 

The extractor communicates perfectly with the induction hob. As it receives information about each cooking zone, it automatically adjusts suction power and speed leaving you odour and steam free so you can completely concentrate on cooking. The NikolaTesla has been designed to fit any type of living space. Every kitchen must have one!

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Elica Sleek

This extractor hood from Elica offers new design solutions in kitchens with a minimalist style. Sleek offers excellent performance, with extraction up to 600m³ per hour. Available in stainless steel and stainless steel/white glass finishes, with LED diffused lighting and touch controls. The Sleek is elegantly enclosed in the cabinet. It’s available in 52/73cm wide.

Elica NikolaTesla Switch

The NikolaTesla Switch is the latest downdraft induction cooktop by Elica, created to revolutionise your daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen quite literally upside down. The power of induction and extraction are combined in a single product where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail truly exists. With innovative functions and unique performance the Switch represents the highest expression of technology and design.

Much like the NikolaTesla, the Switch has a central ring with a cast iron effect and a glass circle, completely flush with the cooktop surface giving you a seamless finish, and concealing the extraction system perfectly. By rotating this circular element, the NikolaTesla Switch extraction is activated, releasing all of its power through this innovative flap, guaranteeing total air control for your kitchen. The downdraft and induction cooktop reaches high performance levels in terms of fume and odour extraction, getting rid of unwanted cooking smells five times faster than the rising speed. It is also impressively silent thanks to noise levels of just 59dBA and it has a class A+ energy efficiency rating. Winner!

Due to the use of sensors, the Switch can measure the air quality and can automatically adjust the extraction speed accordingly, therefore optimising power consumption. The control interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to five direct sliders and is totally invisible in standby mode making this aesthetically extremely clean. Much like the NikolaTesla, the Switch has four cooking zones featuring the latest generation induction systems and is equipped with a double bridge function allowing two adjacent zones to work together generating one big cooking zone, perfect for using larger pots and pans.

Available in both recirculation and ducting out models.

Elica NikolaTesla Libra

With the Elica NikolaTesla Libra you can weigh, cook and extract all within one appliance. This innovative appliance is the very first air venting induction hob that is equipped with built in weighing scales. This useful feature can help you follow recipes with ease, adding exact amounts of ingredients has never been easier!

You can add ingredients directly to the pot at any temperature and continue to add more at any time by resetting the weight. Both the hob and extractor levels can be adjusted using the intuitive slider control. Simply placing a pot or pan on the scales will automatically activate the weighing function.

The frameless black glass hob features a cast iron grille and a sleek digital display. There are four heat zones which can be combined to create two larger zones. With the Elica NikolaTesla Libra, the cooking possibilities are endless!

Elica NikolaTesla Prime

The NikolaTesla Prime is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Designed for those who are seeking simplicity for their kitchen but dont want to compromise on excellent design.

The NikolaTesla Prime is another addition to Elica’s induction hob range with integrated aspiration system. The Prime is made unique by the search for balanced aesthetics and attention to the functional details. In the centre of the glass hob with four independent induction zones, sits the elegant cast iron grille which gives the product a professional look, whilst it conceals the powerful aspirating heart. By activating the AutoCapture function, the aspiration system will automatically adjust based on the number of cooking zones being used at one time and on what power setting.

In front of the hob is a single control panel that enables you to control both the induction zones and the aspirating system with a simple touch of your finger. In standby mode, it becomes completely invisible, showing the hob in its complete sleekness. Perfect for those who like a minimalist vibe in their kitchen. The new aesthetics make cleaning a doddle, both for the glass hob and cast iron grille that can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher. Ideal!

Available in both recirculation and ducting out models.

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Elica Ascent

This superb chimney style cooker hood from Elica boasts a 625m³/645m³ per hour extraction rate. This unit is designed for ducted extraction but can also be used for recirculation with optional charcoal filters. Available in 90cm or 60cm and finished in the choice of stainless steel, white or black it will create a real focal point in your kitchen.

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Elica NikolaTesla Flame

With the Elica NikolaTesla Flame you can enjoy the combination of gas cooking paired with safe and powerful extraction. This attractive air venting gas hob uses advanced technology and high quality materials to remove steam and cooking aromas, improving the air quality in your kitchen.

Instantly recognisable, the Elica NikolaTesla Flame is characterised by strong lines and chunky controls. The ceramic glass hob boasts four burners including one dual burner.

You can position the wok support above the extractor inlet to increase the extraction speed; handy for when you are cooking on a more intense heat.

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