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Whirlpool are a very trust worthy brand who have been delivering quality products for over 100 years. Whirlpool’s new range of kitchen appliances bring design, quality, innovative technology and all the latest functions you need to do your daily tasks with ease and comfort. With the latest technologies such as Zen and 6th Sense, Whirlpool ensure their products offer nothing but the very best functions for their consumers.

Whirlpool Laundry

Whirlpool have a variety of freestanding washing machine and tumble dryers. Available in 7kg-10kg load capacities and 1400rpm spin speeds, Whirlpool’s laundry range is incredibly energy efficient. With supreme care and fresh care models available, your clothes are protected with Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Refrigeration

Whirlpool freestanding refrigeration is stylish and incredibly energy efficient. Available in a variation of styles, colours and sizes with the choice of frost-free models and 6th Sense Technology Whirlpool’s fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are a cost-effective choice.

Whirlpool Cooking

Whirlpool’s stunning range of built-in ovens are designed to enhance your daily cooking experience. With multifunctional single, double and pyrolytic models, this range is stylish and energy efficient. Their hobs are seamless yet classic in style. Available in 4 & 5 zone options in both ceramic & gas.

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Whirlpool Dishwashing

Whirlpool dishwashers come are available in both freestanding and integrated models, 45cm and 60cm options and in white and stainless steel. With a variation of setting sizes and wash programmes, Whirlpool dishwashers are incredibly energy efficient and affordable.

Whirlpool Extraction

Whirlpool cooker hoods are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Sleek, stylish and fully functional, their range of hoods are designed to suit everyone. Some models feature iXelium coating to avoid yellowing and scratching and halogen lamps three times lighter than normal.

Whirlpool Small Appliances

Whirlpool have stunning built-in coffee machines to match their built-in range of ovens and compact appliances. Whether you like full beans or already ground, a nice morning shot of espresso, a lunchtime cappuccino, or just a normal coffee to get you through your day, Whirlpool have you covered.

About Whirlpool

Whirlpool are an incredibly recognised brand worldwide with over 100 years of experience in the market. Whirlpool have an array of brands under their belt such as Hotpoint, Indesit, Maytag and KitchenAid just to name a few you may recognise. Innovative, reliable and affordable, you can rely on Whirlpool to deliver you quality appliances.

SmartSense Experience

Unleash your inner chef

Introducing Whirlpool’s W Collection induction hobs. The most advanced assisted-cooking experience to become a chef with zero effort. Cook your favourite dishes to perfection every time with minimal effort required.

Cooking like a chef has never been so easy! The 6th SENSE button activates a menu with three specific functions; Assisted Cooking, Chef Control and Flexifull, for three different cooking experiences.

The assisted cooking function with its assisted display will guide you step by step through your recipe, ensuring outstanding cooking results every time you cook. It also includes real time tips and alerts for the perfect dish.

Flexibility is one giant area to cook any way you like on your hob.

SmartSense automatically senses and adapts the temperature to perfect 63 cooking combinations. You will be a top chef before you know it!

Supreme Care

Two masterpieces, one superior style.

Whirlpool’s impressive SupremeCare combines elegant design and flawless performance at the heart of their SupremeCare washing machines and tumble dryers. Whirlpool washing machines having many fantastic features starting with ZenTechnology which brings you the quietest wash on the market, followed by PrecisionDose which provides excellent washing efficiency allowing you to save up to 12litres of detergent per year. This then leads to PrecisionClean, powerful water jets focus directly on the stains, providing outstanding washing results. Both Whirlpool’s washing machines and tumble dryers are connected to 6th Sense live which can be controlled via your smart phone. The wash cycle ends with FreshCare, once the cycle ends the FreshCare feature runs a gently tumble cycle ensuring your laundry stays fresher for longer.

Whirlpool’s drying experience will be the most enjoyable you’ve come across. With superb features such as SteamCare, you can enjoy fresh, ready to wear garments any time thanks to the natural cleaning power of steam. This teamed up with 3DryTechnology which provides a multidimensional airflow system with warm air delicately projected from the lifter and from various points inside the drum. Wool excellence is the best wool program on the market, providing delicate and efficient care for your woollen garments without using additional accessories. Last but not least SoftMove customised drum movement feature ensures your garments receive all the care they deserve, every time. The perfect drying experience.


Whirlpool’s ZenTechnology works quietly whilst you simply enjoy life. ZenTechnology is designed to bring Zen to your home and wash cycle. As quiet as a whisper at 49dB during the wash phase and as little as 68dB during the spin cycle, ZenTechnology stops laundry from disturbing daily life. Reassuringly quiet, you can run your washing machine in open-plan spaces or even at night with no disturbances – perfect for those oops I forgot to wash my outfit for tomorrow moments.

Integrating a belt less motor connected directly to the drum not only offers the quietest spin, but also extra performance whilst taking care of you clothes. The washing machine and dryer adapt their drum movements according to your fabric types and laundry size, whilst maintaining exceptional cleaning results and reliability.

We’ve developed a washing machine with exceptional noise cancelling power – Whirlpool.

6th Sense Technology

Whirlpool’s latest range of appliances include their advanced 6th sense technology. First introduced by Whirlpool in 1994, it has now been adapted and bought into the 21st century, bringing you a technology that is designed to enhance your everyday living. Their 6th sense intelligent sensors adapt resources giving you the perfect wash, dry, cooling and cooking experience day to day.

Get cleaning and drying of your pots and pans in under an hour. Preserving of your food for freshness up to 4 times longer and the best washing and drying experience for your clothes at a whisper with Whirlpool 6th Sense Technology.

Supreme Clean

The Ultimate Dishwasher…

Outstanding cleaning results with up to 50% savings in both time and water consumption. Discover the perfect washing cycle with Whirlpool, delivering outstanding results, regardless of the type of load, thanks to groundbreaking 6th SENSE technology (mentioned above). Featuring PowerClean Pro which removes the toughest stains and PowerDry for supreme clean and drying in just one hour, Whirlpool’s dishwashers are a must have in your home!

The Collections..

The Fusion Collection…

Whirlpool  blends beauty and functionality. The Fusion Collection features a contemporary essential design, for smooth, clutter-free living spaces. The innovative iXelium treatment ensures long-lasting brilliance for your surfaces, and the integrated handles provide exquisite visual harmony. Whirlpool’s Fusion Collection is tailored to seamlessly include appliances from the Fusion, Absolute and Square collections too, for your convenience.

The Absolute Collection…

Beauty in design and performance. With jewel interface and spotless anti-fingerprint surfaces – enjoy a range of appliances that maintain their original beauty for longer with Whirlpool’s Absolute collection. Where cooking becomes intuitive and always a pleasure. You can experience exceptional results with Whirlpool’s fantastic 6th Sense Technology. Select popular cooking functions such as steam, crisp or reheat – the oven will then dynamically adapt temperature and time to give your dish the perfect finish.