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Ilve create beautiful hand-built Italian range cookers made from premium materials. Inspired by professional kitchens, Ilve appliances are high quality and built to last. Discover the elegant collection of Ilve range cookers below.


Ilve logo in black

Ilve originated in the Italian Province of Padua, near Venice, in 1969. Founders; Eugenio Illoti and Evelino Berno were childhood friends who shared a love of fine food. Deciding to make their first commercial cooker in 1968 they discovered there was a demand for high quality domestic cookers.

The Ilve brand grew and eventually expanded outside of Europe. Despite their commercial success, Ilve continued to hand-build their products in Italy. The use of traditional methods and professional grade materials set Ilve range cookers apart. Loved by chefs and home cooks alike, Ilve is synonymous with passion, reliability and quality.

Ilve Induction Range Cookers

Ilve have a stunning selection of induction range cookers to choose from. Induction range cookers look sleek and are easy to use. Browse Roma, Milano and Panoramagic range cookers in 90cm and 100cm widths.

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Ilve Dual Fuel Range Cookers

An Ilve dual fuel range cooker will add the ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen. Browse 90cm, 100cm and 120cm models to suit your space. Each dual fuel cooker is available in black, graphite, stainless steel and white.

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Why Choose

Ilve logo in black
Light grey icon of a rosette to represent Ilve's award winning designs

Award Winning

The Panoramagic range cooker received a Good Design Award in 2017 and the Archiproducts Design Award in 2021.

Light grey icon of a bridge in Venice to represent the Ilve brand being Italian

Made in Italy

Ilve are an Italian brand. Each of their range cookers are hand-build in the North-East of Italy just outside of Venice.

Light grey icon of a professional chef

Professional Quality

Using the technical features of a professional kitchen, each cooker is made using professional grade materials.

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Established Brand

Ilve have been making cookers for over 50 years. They are renowned for their innovative technology & unique designs.

Light grey icon of someone serving a silver platter

Passion For Food

Ilve was founded because of a mutual love of fine food. That same passion is put into hand-crafting each cooker.

Ilve Range Cooker Families

Ilve Roma Range Cookers

Roma range cookers provide the high performance you’d expect in the best restaurants. Ergonomic round knobs and sleek handles give this collection a beautiful modern aesthetic. Choose between a single or double oven option to suit your needs. Both options come with an impressive capacity. Ilve have a range of different hob tops to choose from to suit every cooking preference. From powerful gas to energy efficient induction. You can even enjoy the best of both worlds with a mixed fuel hob top. Roma range cookers are available in either 90cm or 100cm widths.

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Ilve Panoramagic Range Cookers

Ilve launched the Panoramagic range cooker in the late 1960’s. It’s futuristic style set Ilve apart from the crowd. The eye catching control knobs are backlit with red LED’s to make them stand out even further. You can control the oven with precision thanks to the TFT display. Other premium features include the soft close doors and cast iron pan supports. Panoramagic range cookers are finished in stainless steel. Choose between gas or induction hob tops. Some models also come with a stainless steel fry top so you can test out your culinary skills and release your inner chef!

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Ilve Milano Range Cookers

The Milano collection, as you may expect from the name, reflects beautiful Italian craftsmanship. These hand-built cookers boast ornate handles and knobs. Milano range cookers have a distinctive ornate design which make for an ideal focal point in a classic style kitchen. There are sizes to suit every space and you can choose between induction and gas hob tops depending on your preference. Combine Italian style with professional performance with an Ilve Milano range cooker.

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Ilve Range Cooker Features

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Ilve gas range cookers feature heavy cast iron pan supports which are durable and easy to clean. Some cookers also have a Total Black brass flame spreader which helps to spread heat evenly. These are coated with non-stick nanotechnology treatment.

Temperature Precision

Ilve range cookers use unique E3 precision temperature control. This handy feature allows you to select the exact temperature you want on the digital screen. No more guesswork trying to find the exact temperature using the rotary controls.

Ergonomic Controls

Roma range cookers have a combination of rotary controls and a digital display. This means you can select a precise temperature but still enjoy the use of ergonomically designed rotary controls. The distinctive round knobs have a stylish satin finish.

Coup De Feu Plate

A Coup De Feu is a cast iron plate designed for small pots and pans. Heat spreads evenly throughout the plate, therefore there is less chance of food burning or sticking. This is ideal for simmering sauces or gently melting chocolate.

LED Backlit Controls

Panoramagic range cookers feature large ergonomically designed control knobs. These eye catching controls are backlit with red LED’s and provide precise control. The cast iron supports on gas Panoramagic range cookers reflect the motif from the Ilve logo.

Fry Top Plate

Selected Ilve range cookers are supplied with a fry top plate accessory. The 8mm thick stainless steel fry top plate is ideal for griddling meat, fish or vegetables. The smooth surface is easy to keep clean and also makes for a handy extra worktop.

FAQ's: Ilve Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Where are Ilve products made?

Ilve range cookers are proudly hand-built and assembled in Italy, just outside of Venice.

How do you pronounce Ilve?

The Italian brand Ilve is pronounced ‘il-vay’.

Are Ilve range cookers high quality?

Ilve range cookers are made with premium raw materials including stainless steel (Aisi 304), cast iron, brass and copper. Each range cooker is hand-built and assembled using traditional techniques. The quality control checks are rigorous and the craftsmanship of Ilve products shine through. You can expect durability, reliability and high quality from this brand.

When was Ilve founded?

Ilve was founded by childhood friends Eugenio Illoti and Evelino Berno over 50 years ago. They produced the innovative over sized built in oven in 1969 and continue to create revolutionary cooking appliances to the present day.

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