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Dunavox are an award winning brand who specialise in premium wine storage for the home. Combining state of the art technology and modern design, a Dunavox wine cooler is a must have for any true wine connoisseur.


Dunavox logo in black

Hungarian brand Dunavox have specialised in premium wine refrigeration for the past twenty years. Established throughout Europe, Dunavox are renowned for their luxury wine coolers. In 2020 they won a Luxury Lifestyle Award for the best luxury wine fridge in the world!

Dunavox Freestanding Wine Coolers

Dunavox offer a variety of different freestanding wine coolers to suit every space. Browse slim and discrete models for the occasional bottle. Or if you have an impressive vintage collection, opt for a full height wine cooler to showcase it.

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Dunavox Integrated Wine Coolers

An integrated wine cooler will elevate any kitchen or dining room. Entertain your guests with a sleek and stylish Dunavox integrated wine cooler. There are models to accommodate even the largest wine collection.

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Why Choose

Dunavox logo in black
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Touch Screen

Dunavox wine coolers feature either LED or LCD displays. Control the temperature and lighting settings easily using the touch control buttons.

Multi Zone

Whether you like red, white or rose, store it at the optimal temperature. There are single, dual & triple temperature zone wine coolers available.

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3 Year Warranty

Each Dunavox wine cooler has a three year manufacturers warranty. Register your wine cooler warranty on the Dunavox website to qualify.

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Handle-less Doors

Some Dunavox wine coolers have a sleek handle-less design. These models have a motor driven door which you gently push to activate.

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Internal Ventilation

Glance and Soul wine coolers have internal ventilation. This means you don’t need to allow extra space for an unsightly door gap or plinth vent grille.

Dunavox Wine Cooler Collections

Dunavox Flow

The Dunavox Flow collection offers a great selection of freestanding wine coolers. These wine coolers are designed to be fitted under counter and are a great addition to any kitchen. If you enjoy a glass of two of wine each week, there are plenty of slim models to store a smaller wine collection. The largest Flow wine coolers can store up to 46 Bordeaux bottles so there is a size to suit every requirement.

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Dunavox Glance

The premium collection from Dunavox, Glance wine coolers are ultra modern and sleek. Their handle-less design allows your wine cooler to seamlessly integrate with your cabinetry. You can open a Glance wine cooler with ease, thanks to push to open technology. Gently push the top of the wine cooler to activate the motorised door. Glance wine coolers are integrated and can be positioned underneath a worktop or built into a tower unit. You can store anything from 18 to 114 Bordeaux bottles in a Glance wine cooler.

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Dunavox Soul

Dunavox Soul wine coolers offer plenty of space for your favourite bottles of wine. These integrated models are designed for in column installation. Choose between a black or stainless steel finish to complement your kitchen. Soul wine coolers offer either dual or triple cooling zones, so you can store your red, white and rose wine at the perfect temperature. Soul wine coolers can hold anything from 18 all the way up to 89 Bordeaux bottles. These models feature internal ventilation system so no external vents are required.

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Dunavox Grande

Are you a wine connoisseur looking for professional storage for a large wine collection? Browse the Dunavox Grande range. As the name suggests, these wine coolers offer a larger capacity. So you can safely store your vintage collection in the optimal conditions. Grande wine coolers hold anything from 94 Bordeaux bottles up to 194 bottles. Impressive!

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FAQ's: Dunavox Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Where are Dunavox from?

Dunavox was founded in Hungary over twenty years ago and now sell across more than 40 countries worldwide.

Can I customise my Dunavox wine cooler?

Some Dunavox Glance wine coolers have an overlay door panel option. This means you can add your own furniture door to the front of your integrated wine cooler for a truly bespoke and cohesive look.

Where can I put my Dunavox wine cooler?

The beauty of a freestanding wine cooler is that it can be positioned anywhere that is near to a plug socket. Add a freestanding wine cooler to your dining room or living area so you can continue to entertain guests whilst topping up the drinks. If you opt for an integrated wine cooler, the best place to install this is in your kitchen. Position either under the worktop or built in column to suit your space. For more information you can read our handy guide on wine coolers here.

Are Dunavox a good brand?

Dunavox are considered as wine cooling experts across Europe. They specialise in professional grade wine coolers for the home. Dunavox use state-of-the-art technology and minimalist designs to create premium wine coolers worthy of any vintage collection.

What temperature should you set a Dunavox wine cooler?

This depends on several factors. 1. The type of wine cooler you choose. Is it a single, dual or multi temperature zone? 2. Whether you are preserving wine for long term or short term storage. 3. The type of wine you are storing.

Typically, for short term storage, sparkling wines such as Champagne or Prosecco, or lighter-bodied white wines like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc should be kept between 3-7°C. Rose or Chardonnay is better stored at 7-12°C whereas lighter and medium-bodied red wine should be stored between 12-15°C. Full-bodied red wines suit a warmer temperature of 15-20°C to bring out their complex flavours.

For long term storage, which is considered as anything longer than six months, the temperature should be set higher than the serving temperature. Most wine connoisseurs suggest that you should store your full collection at one temperature for long term storage. The optimum conditions for this are between 11-14°C.

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