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Hisense are one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers. From refrigeration to laundry, you can kit out your whole new kitchen with Hisense! Discover cutting edge technology and top energy rated appliances with Hisense at Appliance City.

Hisense Refrigeration

Whether you want a spacious American style fridge freezer or something a little smaller, Hisense offer a range of options to suit every home. You can find affordable, great quality fridge freezers that use the latest technology to preserve your food for longer. From Total No Frost technology to a Super Cool function, there are lots of useful features inside a Hisense fridge freezer!

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Hisense Laundry

Hisense laundry appliances are top energy rated, helping to keep your household bills to a minimum. Some models are even WiFi enabled so you can program your wash cycle from your phone! Large capacity washing machines help to tackle your washing pile quickly and easily. Make light work of laundry day with Hisense washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers.

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Hisense Cooking

Elevate your cooking skills with Hisense cooking appliances! Even Bake technology and Steam Add Plus are ideal for crispy yet succulent meats and perfectly baked breads. You can enjoy plenty of useful features with a Hisense induction hob. From Rapid Boil to Gentle Melt, hob top cooking becomes a breeze with Hisense. Discover the full collection of Hisense cooking appliances and upgrade your kitchen in style.

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Hisense Dishwashers

Hisense offer both freestanding and fully integrated dishwashers to accommodate all kitchen styles. There are plenty of great features that help to make doing the dishes less of a chore. Use the Fast Cleaning programme for a super speedy 15 minute cycle. You can also use Super Silent mode to do your dishes at night without being disturbed. Find out more about these fantastic features plus many more!

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Hisense logo

The Hisense brand is synonymous with cutting edge technology and innovation. Founded in China in 1969, Hisense started out as a radio manufacturer. From those humble beginnings, Hisense began making TV’s and soon became a global brand. Hisense are now one of the largest consumer electronics and appliances brands. You’ll also recognise them from sponsoring huge sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup.

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Hisense logo
Icon of a light bulb with a cog inside it to represent innovation. In Hisense turquoise.

Established Brand

Hisense was founded in 1969 and they have produced innovative and leading home appliances for over half a century.

Icon of a global in Hisense branded colours

Global Supplier

Hisense are a truly global organisation with 66 overseas companies and offices and over 100,000 employees worldwide.

Icon of two hands surrounding a person, in Hisense branded colours

Core Values

Hisense have always adhered to the following core company values; Integrity, Innovation, Customer Focus and Sustainability.

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With the Hisense ConnectLife App you can control a range of features across selected refrigeration, laundry, dishwashers and ovens.

FAQ's: Hisense Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

What are Hisense best known for?

Hisense are a global company known for their high tech products including home appliances such as fridge freezers, cooking appliances and washing machines. Arguably their most popular products are TV’s. Hisense are one of the leading TV brands in the world.

Are Hisense laundry appliances any good?

Hisense laundry appliances are affordable, high quality and energy efficient. Not to mention they look really modern and sleek too! Ideal for families or those who do plenty of washing, Hisense offer large capacity machines so you can get more washing done in one load.

Are Hisense American style fridge freezers any good?

Hisense offer a great selection of American style fridge freezers. You can choose from plumbed in or non plumbed models, there are also features including ice and water dispensers available on selected models. Hisense American style fridge freezers are full of features to help you get the most out of your food. Each model comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty subject to registration on the Hisense website.

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