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Elica: a hob and a hood in one…

The stunning NikolaTesla is Elica’s first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air system. The central fan, otherwise known as the cooker hood is perfectly integrated into the cooktop itself which guarantees high performance in terms of capturing fumes, noise levels and energy efficiency.

This hob is powerful because of its suction speed, it’s the best on the market, silent and easy to use due to the adjustment of the cooking zones and its intelligent system technology, making it the perfect candidate for your kitchen.

The use of innovative technology allows the NikolaTesla aspiration hob to give precise cooking, improved air quality, ease of use and facilitated cleaning, silent functioning and energy efficiency. The induction and air solution cooktop is available in both recirculation and duct out versions so it will suit all types of kitchen spaces and installation needs. Elica supply a series of accessories for this to be possible.

The NikolaTesla has all the advantages of induction hobs, such as rapid cooking and easy clean, however, Elica have added specific technologies like the double bridge function that allows for adjacent cooking zones to combine, so that a large sized pot can be used to cook something incredibly tasty. Maybe a family night chicken curry or a beef casserole. Mmmmm yum!

The aspirating system is positioned in the central zone. When this reaches its high-performance levels, in terms of fume extraction, noise level and energy efficiency (class A+) the direct communication with the hob, means it receives information from the cooking zones and automatically calibrates the ideal aspiration level. So, you don’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re cooking. This also helps to reduce energy consumption. Winner!

With a 10-speed touch control that allows you to adjust both the hob and the aspirating zone, this hob really is a work of art. Finished in black glass and designed to sit perfectly in your worktop you’d be foolish not to consider this stunning two-in-one appliance. Available in both aspirating and filtering versions, the hob was thought up for any type of space and thanks to a series of accessories as I mentioned earlier, it can meet any installation need.

So, is the NikolaTesla something you could picture in your new kitchen? I certainly could see it in mine! With four models to choose from, which one will you go for?


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