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Kaelo is a unique product that’s creating a new way people serve and enjoy chilled drinks at home. It integrates into any surface to keep wine at its opening temperature, so that every glass of every bottle is perfectly chilled. For any social kitchen, this is a must-have.


Kaelo logo in mint blue

Kaelo was invented and designed by Kevin Jabou. He spent seven years crafting Kaelo, making over 300 prototypes before patenting the unique technology. Kaelo are now designed by ex-Dyson engineers and are built by hand in the UK. Kaelo won “Best Kitchen Innovation” at the 2022 Designerati awards.


Keep any drink at its opening temperature between 5-12 degrees with Kaelo. As well as being able to customise the temperature to suit your bottle, you can also use touch control to adjust the light settings on the crown to suit your mood.

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Kaelo Plus

The Kaelo Plus features a Red Wine mode to keep your reds at their optimal temperature. You can also enjoy Boost mode if your bottle isn’t quite cold enough. There are lots of lighting options including various gradients and effects to create a truly ambient setting.

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Why Choose

Kaelo logo in mint blue

The Smart Way to Serve Chilled Drinks

Kaelo ensures that every glass, of every bottle, is perfectly chilled. Take your bottle from the fridge, pour a few glasses, and place it in the Kaelo. That’s it! Kaelo will maintain an ideal temperature from the first sip to the last.

Bringing People Together

Kaelo is all about the experience happening around the open bottle. Whether its juice or wine, with friends or family, at the breakfast bar or the home bar, Kaelo is an everyday part of the social experience in the kitchen.

Award-Winning Technology

Designed by ex-Dyson engineers, Kaelo creates a cold jacket around your bottle, keeping every sip at the right temperature. Its dry-serve technology means your bottle stays completely dry, with no ice, drips or soggy labels.

Integrates Effortlessly

Kaelo easily integrates into any new or existing surface. The underside is no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. No specialist installation is needed, just a hole and a mains power socket. It costs as little as 2p per hour to run.

Store it Right, Serve it Right

Kaelo is the perfect complement to a wine fridge. Wine fridges keep bottles at the perfect temperature & Kaelo serves each bottle at that same temperature. Less trips to the fridge; your bottle is right where you need it.

Kaelo Designs


Discrete and minimalist, an undermount Kaelo can be entirely covered when it isn’t in use.


This Kaelo has a sleek and flat profile whilst allowing you to see the crown in all of its glory.


Sitting above the work surface, the seamless curve enhances the beauty of the Kaelo.

Kaelo Finishes

Polished Stainless Steel

Polished Stainless Steel is a high shine finish with a neutral tone that would suit many different interior styles. You can opt for this finish on all different Kaelo designs.

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Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Steel is a popular alternative to a highly polished finish. This modern finish will blend into your worktop perfectly whether you opt for the Curved or Flush design.

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Matte Black

Matte Black is a bold and striking finish that would lend itself to any contemporary interior. Choose between the Flush or Curved designs to suit your style.

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Brushed Brass

If you are looking to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, the Brushed Brass finish is an ideal choice. This luxurious colour option is available on the Flush and Curved Kaelo models.

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Brushed Gunmetal

Brushed Gunmetal provides a modern and industrial aesthetic. You can opt for a Brushed Gunmetal finish on both the Flush and Curved Kaelo designs.

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All Finishes

Take a look at the full Kaelo collection in all of its glory. Flush and Curved designs are available in all finishes, and Undermount models are finished in classic Polished Steel.

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FAQ's: Kaelo Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

How does Kaelo work?

Kaelo uses patented technology to maintain the original temperature of your bottle. Working as a complement to a wine fridge, if you take a bottle out at 8 degrees, Kaelo will keep your bottle within a degree up to 2 hours.

Is Kaelo energy efficient?

Kaelo is extremely energy efficient. It costs no more than 2p per hour to run and is powered by electricity.

Does a Kaelo chill a bottle from ambient?

Kaelo is designed to maintain the temperature of a bottle not chill it. However with the Kaelo Plus, if your bottle isn’t quite cold enough you can place it in Boost Mode. This will chill your bottle by 3-4 degrees. After half an hour, it’ll automatically go back into Kaelo mode where it’ll maintain that new temperature.

Can I adjust the temperature of my Kaelo?

The technology has been developed so that you don’t need to. Kaelo creates a cold jacket that insulates the bottle, meaning it maintains the bottle’s original temperature. For any drink between 5-12 degrees you should use Kaelo mode. On a Kaelo Plus model you can use Red Wine mode for bottles that are stored between 12-18 degrees. On Kaelo Plus models you can also use Boost mode to chill your bottle by a few extra degrees.

How do I install a Kaelo?

For Curved styles, Kaelo can be retrofitted into existing spaces. For Flush and Undermount styles, we recommend cutting the hole during the fabrication of your worktop or surface, due to the type of hole required. The full installation guides can be found here.

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