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The Quooker was the world’s first boiling water tap and since its invention in 1970, Quooker have continued to develop and create innovative, high quality taps. Designed to make everyday life easier, a Quooker tap is the perfect addition to any new kitchen.


Quooker logo in red

Quooker began in 1970 when Henri Peteri had a life changing idea during a meeting about instant soup. He decided he wanted to design a mixer tap that could provide boiling water, rather than needing to wait for the kettle to boil. If soup could be instant, why couldn’t boiling water?

Peteri started to develop a prototype from the basement in his home in Rotterdam. Eventually his two sons joined the business and in 1992 the first product went on the market to consumers. Quooker are now an internationally successful company, producing over 300,000 Quooker-systems per year.

Quooker Taps

Quooker taps are beautifully designed and practical to use. No matter what style or colour you prefer, there is a Quooker tap to suit your kitchen. Incredibly safe and energy efficient, say goodbye to your kettle and enjoy instant boiling water from your tap!

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Quooker Accessories

There are several accessories designed to accompany your new Quooker tap. From matching soap dispensers, to scale control kits that reduce limescale build up in hard water areas. Prefer chilled filtered water? There’s a cold water filter kit too!

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Why Choose

Quooker logo in red
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No more waiting for the kettle to boil.

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You only use the water you actually need.

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Quooker’s tank filters out most impurities.

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With no kettle, there’s more space on your worktop.

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Unlike a kettle, a Quooker won’t tip over.

Quooker Boiling Water Tap Families

Quooker Flex

The Quooker Flex is the ultimate multi purpose tap. Producing hot, cold and 100°C boiling water in an instant, the Flex also features a handy pull-out hose. This flexible hose makes it much easier to wash vegetables, fill vases and get to those hard to reach areas in the sink.

The Flex has a useful and unique safety feature which ensures boiling water is never dispensed when the pull-out hose is in use. Browse the Quooker Flex in either black, chrome or stainless steel. You can also combine the Flex with a Quooker CUBE so you can enjoy chilled and sparkling water too.

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Quooker Fusion

The Quooker Fusion would make a stylish addition to any new kitchen. Choose between either a round or square spout to suit your style. There are several different finishes to choose from including; black, chrome, gold and patinated brass.

Enjoy hot, cold and 100°C boiling water from one tap with the Quooker Fusion. If you like chilled or sparkling water you can also use the Fusion in combination with the Quooker CUBE.

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Quooker Nordic

Whether you prefer a contemporary or classic style, the Quooker Nordic range has models to match every taste. There are round and square spouts as well as three different colours to choose from. Explore the Quooker Nordic in polished chrome, nickel and stainless steel to find your favourite.

As with the other Quooker boiling water tap families, you can combine the Quooker Nordic with the CUBE which is a tank that sits underneath your sink, so that you can enjoy chilled and sparkling water too.

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Quooker Accessories

Quooker CUBE

The perfect accompaniment to your Quooker tap, the CUBE is a tank that sits alongside your boiling water tank and provides chilled filtered, and sparkling water. This handy addition to your kitchen means you no longer need to buy lots of expensive, single use plastic bottles to enjoy cold filtered or sparkling water.

Each Quooker CUBE is supplied with one CO2 cylinder which provides 60 litres of sparkling water, straight from your Quooker tap. You can also order replacement cylinders directly from Quooker online.

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Quooker Tap Functions

3-in-1 Taps

A standard Quooker tap has three functions. Hot, cold and boiling water. The boiling water is a true 100°C when it is dispensed unlike some ‘steaming taps’ you can find on the market.

4-in-1 Taps

A 4-in-1 Quooker tap provides; hot, cold, boiling and filtered water. The filtered water is not chilled. So need to consider whether you prefer water at room temperature or colder.

5-in-1 Taps

You can also opt for a 5-in-1 tap which combines the Quooker CUBE with a 3-in-1 tap. The Cube supplies filtered chilled and sparkling water in addition to hot, cold and boiling water.

FAQ's: Quooker Appliances

Speech Bubbles FAQs

Is a Quooker safe to use?

A Quooker boiling water tap is incredibly safe to use. Unlike a kettle or a pan of boiling water, a Quooker tap is fixed in place and cannot fall over. Quooker taps have an aerated flow rather than a solid stream of water, which means if your hand did come into contact with the water, it would not scald or burn you.

The fully insulated walls of the tap also mean it is perfectly safe to touch the spout even whilst the boiling water is in use. Another great safety feature is that you need to press the tap in a specific way to activate the boiling water, which means it is much safer to use, especially if you have young children.

Is a Quooker sustainable?

A Quooker boiling water tap is a sustainable choice for several reasons. You will only use the amount of boiling water you need, rather than filling a kettle, therefore you are using less water, and also less energy. A Quooker boiling water tank keeps water at a constant 108°C instead of continually boiling your kettle, so this is also more cost efficient.

If you opt for a Quooker CUBE, you can also reduce your plastic consumption as you can enjoy chilled filtered and sparkling water straight from your Quooker tap. So there’s no need to buy bottles of water or sparkling water, saving you money on your shopping bills as well as being better for the environment!


Does a Quooker tap cost a lot to run?

The stand-by power consumption of a Quooker tap is 10W which is equivalent to a WiFi router. Quooker’s patented insulation technology means it can store water at a constant 108°C which costs around 3p to run per day.

How long does a Quooker tap last?

All Quooker products come with a two year warranty which covers manufacturing and material defects. You will need to register your product online in order to activate the warranty. There are things you can do to increase the lifespan of your Quooker tap, including replacing your filters and scale control cartridges (if you require one). With regular service visits and good maintenance, your Quooker tap could last for many years.

Where is Quooker manufactured?

All Quooker products are manufactured at their 120,000 sq. ft factory in Ridderkerk, in the Netherlands.

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