Appliance City Jargon Buster

There are many technical terms to get to grips with when it comes to buying a new appliance. We’ve compiled a list of all of the latest appliance jargon to help you find exactly what you need.

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General Appliance Jargon Explained

Energy Label & Energy Rating

energy label and energy rating

An energy label determines the energy efficiency of a product on a scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least.

Freestanding Appliance

freestanding appliances

Freestanding appliances are just that! They stand alone without the need for integration into cabinetry, making it simple and easy to fit into your kitchen.

Integrated Appliance

Integrated appliances fit seamlessly within a cupboard space or cabinet space. Their front is usually secured to your kitchen cabinetry, with an internal fascia to control the appliance.


Appliance electrical usage is measured in amps, and often referred to by amperage. You need this to know whether the additional appliance will overload, or be suitable, on your circuit.


Capacity refers to the amount of materials that can be contained inside the appliance. The material is dependent on the appliance, however for example: Laundry capacity is the amount of soiled laundry that can fit in the drum.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

wifi connectivity

A Wi-Fi enabled appliance is capable of connecting to your phone or device through additional technology. From there you can control certain features such as temperature, duration and more.

Extended Warranty

extended warranty

An extended warranty is a type of insurance policy you can purchase which covers a longer time period than the standard warranty that the retailer offers.

Rating Plate

appliance rating plate

The rating plate holds all information about your appliance, including the model number and EAN number. If you can’t find your model number and you purchased with us, please contact us.

Child Lock

Child locks vary from model to model, but they prevent a child from playing with the control panel or any programmes whilst the appliance is in use.

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