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Air Venting Induction Hobs: Elegance Meets Functionality

Air Venting hob sucking steam from cooking into ventilation system

In recent years, the kitchen appliance industry has seen a groundbreaking innovation. Air venting induction hobs! These hobs redefine function and elegance in our modern kitchens. They do this by combining cooking with ventilation. This technology has many advantages. Odours, steam and smoke get ventilated before they can rise. This creates a healthier cooking experience. Air venting hobs are also more clutter-free than traditional hobs.

How do Air Venting Induction Hobs Work?

Air venting induction hobs work using powerful fans found under the cooktop surface. As you cook, the hob’s sensors detect the presence of steam, smoke, or odours. This then activates the ventilation system. The fans draw in the air, catching impurities through a series of filters. Depending on the type of air venting hob you have, some will then expel clean air back out. Because the ventilation system is so close to your cooking, steam gets whisked away fast. Thus creating a healthier and odour-free environment.

Air venting hobs ends the need for a separate hood. Because of this, it’s easy to design a clutter free kitchen around them. Traditional kitchen hoods can be too bulky and obstructive for contemporary kitchen designs. Air venting hobs are an elegant solution to this problem.

Top Air Venting Induction Hob Brands

Leading the way with this innovative technology, these brands offer a range of air venting hobs. Here are ten of the top players in the market:


Elica air venting induction hob

Elica has been a pioneer in kitchen ventilation for decades. Their air venting induction hobs are no different. Offering unmatched design and functionality, Elica are air venting experts. Their features include high extraction rates and bridgeable induction zones. Elica’s air venting hobs are both stylish and high performing.


Faber air venting induction hob

Faber is renowned for its expertise in kitchen ventilation solutions. Their air venting hobs uphold the brand’s commitment to quality. Expect sleek designs and powerful extraction capabilities. Intuitive controls that make cooking a breeze.


Franke air venting induction hob

Franke combines Swiss precision with innovative design in their air venting induction hobs. These hobs not only deliver superior performance but also add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.


AEG air venting induction hob

AEG‘s commitment to cutting-edge technology is clear in their air venting induction hobs. Offering both recirculation and ducted extraction models, their hobs cater to all needs.


Caple air venting induction hobs

Caple brings their own trusted style to the table with their air venting hobs. Expect features such as flexible cooking zones and precise temperature control. Caple enhances the cooking experience whilst maintaining a minimalist kitchen aesthetic.


Samsung air venting induction hob

Samsung‘s air venting induction hobs offer smart features such as touch slider controls. They bring a touch of modernity to the kitchen while providing efficient ventilation.


Bosch air venting induction hob

Bosch extends their appliance knowledge to air venting hobs. These hobs are perfect for contemporary kitchens. Experience advanced features such as MoveMode and PowerBoost.


Neff air venting induction hob

Neff presents air venting hobs with their usual high quality. Their hobs feature innovative sensor technology. This ensures precise control over cooking temperatures and optimal ventilation.


Siemens air venting induction hob

Siemens‘ air venting hobs showcase the brand’s commitment to technological excellence. Their provide efficient ventilation, as well as user-friendly touch controls and customisable settings.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel air venting induction hob

Fisher & Paykel’s air venting induction hobs embody a commitment to quality and innovation. These hobs feature powerful extraction systems. They also offer a clean and fresh cooking environment with a modern aesthetic.

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Air venting induction hobs in the Appliance City showroom

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