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Elegance meets functionality…

The Caple brand has been around for almost two decades, starting its life as the house brand of appliance distributor Maurice Lay Distributors Limited.

Caple is a rapidly growing brand offering quality, value, performance and style across a variety of product sectors including furniture, appliances, sinks and taps. Part of the brand’s success can be attributed to a unique range of innovative design-led products which have successfully caught the attention of the media.

I talked about the ‘beautiful monster’ of a fridge freezer (CAFF60) a while back before it was released into the wild (well our showroom anyway). It was a product we were really excited about. And while the excitement is still very much there now it stands proud in our showroom, we have a new sleek, stylish and innovative product brought to us by Caple. I personally think the look of this product is really nice. Incredibly smooth and sleek. A great finishing touch to any kitchen. So what is this product? Well it’s Caple’s newest induction downdraft extractor; DD940BK.


This seamless and stunning product is the newest addition to Caple’s ever growing kitchen appliance range. The DD940BK combines elegance in its appearance with advanced functionality. This induction downdraft extractor gives you the opportunity to use the innovative plasma technology (I will explain) enabling you to recirculate the air efficiently removing any trace of cooking odour’s and replacing them with much fresher and crisper air.

Plasma me up…

With the DD940BK you have the option to use the latest innovative plasma technology. This allows you to recirculate the air with this very efficient odour removal process. The Plasmabox and charcoal filter are discreetly tucked away in the plinth below the cabinets, so no need for you to duct the product to the outside wall. This also enables you to have a functional cabinet too. For example, if you buy a 900mm cabinet and get 800mm drawers you can still use them for odds and sods. You can also install all the pipework into a 300mm wide carcase allowing for a lot more use of the kitchen cupboard when compared to a conventional downdraft.

The plasma technology is clever in the way it can also extend the life of the charcoal filter from around 6 months to an impressive 5 years! One filter will last the equivalent of 10 without the Plasmabox. So although the Plasmabox is an optional feature, I certainly know what I would choose to do.

The Plasma removes 95% of odours passing through it. A carbon filter removes any remaining odours and has an anticipated life span when used alongside the plasma filter. Once the odours have been removed the air is recirculated back into the room, much fresher and crisper.

The plasma is little bits of lightning (impressive I know) that zaps away at the smelly molecules, pushing them through the filters. The motor is powerful yet ultra quiet, it draws the vapour through the 12 stage filter, removing grease and moisture.  The motor is discreetly positioned behind the plinth and out of the way.
Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 12.17.02

Key features…

So, what can you expect from this beautiful black glass hob? Its frameless and can be flush mounted if you so wish. It has a slider touch control and large cooking area which means bigger pans (and more food, yay!). 10 power level digital display for each cooking zone (0-9 plus booster) and a booster function on all zones including auto boost mode, plus a bridge function to combine two zones. There is a timer for each zone and a memory recall function so you never have to worry about over or under cooking your food. There are three preset temperature settings – bake 42°C, keep warm 70°C and boil control 92°C, so you can prepare the correct cooking temperatures with the touch of a button. A great feature if you have small children is the child safety lock, anti overheat and automatic safety shut off. So it decreases the chance of burnt fingers, and if your pan happens to boil over (which always happens to me when I’m cooking pasta specifically) it will automatically cut off. Great right? This clever induction hob has auto pan detection and residual heat indicators too. The downdraft has a touch control, 4 speeds, an auto timer and aluminium grease filters. The required ducting size is 150mm. The plinth motor is included but the plasma filter is very much optional just like a recirculation kit is optional too. A cover for the extractor enables you to have the sleek and seamless look when the hob is not in use, you simply remove when cooking and put back when you are done.

DD940BK closed

So if you are after the latest technology combined with the seamless and elegant design this DD940BK is very much the product for you. For more information on this product or any of Caple’s products give a member of our team a call today… 0115 965 1937 🙂

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