Tea and toast, coffee and cake, or perhaps a healthy smoothie instead! Don't forget about the little touches which we often take for granted.

Small appliances may be small but they are often the most utilised appliances in our day to day lives. When it comes to tea and toast in the mornings, baking cakes with the help of a stand mixer or blender or perhaps an espresso after dinner from the coffee machine these products really are the unsung heroes!

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers make the perfect small appliance for anyone who loves to bake.

Available in a range of stunning colours such as cream, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, red, silver and black, these mixers will match any colour scheme. With great features like a locking stainless steel mixing bowl, variable speeds and direct drive motors they will keep you baking for years to come.


    Your kettle is not just there to look great, it also makes a great cup of tea. 

    Available in our range of small appliances in stunning colours such as cream, pastel green, pastel blue, polished steel, pink and black, these kettles will go well with any kitchen colour scheme. Certain models even feature multiple temperature settings from 50°C to 100°C allowing you to create your perfect brew!


      Love a perfect slice of toast in the mornings? Don’t assume that all toasters are the same...

      They may all toast your bread but some better than others. Available in our range of small appliances in lovely colours such as cream, pastel green, pink, red, pastel blue, chrome and black, these toasters are the perfect accessory for any kitchen. With a the choice of 2 or 4 slices, you’ll never have ‘average’ toast again.


        Smoothie season can be all year round with these brilliant blenders

        Available in stunning colours such as black, cream, pastel green, pastel blue, pink, red and silver, these blenders will be a daily essential. With 4 speed settings you can create your favourite smoothies within minutes, simply add your ingredients and off you go!

          Coffee Machines

          Coffee machines are an essential part of a coffee lover’s kitchen.

          Whether you need a strong luxury coffee at the touch of a button to accommodate those early mornings or simply like to show off your coffee making skills at dinner with friends. Built-in or freestanding, nothing is more impressive for a coffee lover than a proper posh coffee.


            If fresh fruit juice is a morning must have then a juicer is the perfect accessory for you.

            Citrus and Slow Juicer’s from Smeg are a new addition to their ever growing range of 50s style retro appliances. Crafted perfectly to produce amazing cold-pressed juices, you can encourage your family to embrace fresh healthy juices every day.


              Cut the creases and give your clothes the TLC they deserve with a clothes iron.

              An iron is without doubt a household essential. Not only does ironing get rid of the creases in your clothing, the hot temperatures also help to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Keep your clothes in tip top condition with a quality built, long lasting clothes iron.

                Food Processors

                Make meal prep quicker and easier with a food processor. The options are endless!

                You can save time and energy chopping vegetables, making tasty soups and so much more with a food processor. There are sizes and colours available to suit every kitchen. From a 4L family sized model to a mini mixer, a food processor is a kitchen essential.

                  Vacuum Cleaners

                  Keeping your carpets clean and dust free is all down to a good vacuum cleaner!

                  Regular vacuuming will keep your carpets and floors clean and tidy. If you're a pet owner, a vacuum cleaner will probably be one of your most used appliances! We supply a range of cordless vacuums that are designed to clean on every level, from your carpet to your car!

                    Choosing your Small Appliances

                    Small appliances are often taken for granted but they can be the most utilised items in your kitchen. Think about how often you boil your kettle, pop bread in your toaster in the morning or press the button on your coffee machine for a quick wake up espresso, these items are incredibly important to our daily lives.

                    Maybe you love to make smoothies for a healthy start to the day or perhaps you enjoy baking a cake on a Sunday afternoon? This is where blenders or stand mixers come into their own. These are items we take for granted but can’t live without. Why not add a splash of colour in your minimalist kitchen with a matching set of small appliances?