American Fridge Freezers: Energy Consumption

American style fridge freezers are a great addition to your kitchen and home. Taller than regular fridges, American fridge freezers provide more space for food and drinks. Not only are they practical, but they look great too, with the eye-catching double door opening being an especially popular feature with home owners.

As well as looking good and holding more, they offer some great features such as American fridge freezers with ice and water dispensers. These allow you to get ice from your American fridge without opening the doors and letting warmth in, filling your glass with perfectly chilled water at the touch of a button.

All this extra space and features make it sound like an American fridge freezer would be expensive to run, right? Well actually, you might be pleasantly surprised. Modern manufacturing techniques and global demand for better energy efficiency from electrical goods, especially white goods, means that American fridge freezer energy consumption is better than you might think.

Read on as we explore American style fridge freezer energy efficiency and how much they cost to run.

Understanding Fridge Freezer Energy Ratings

The energy ratings of an American fridge freezer use the same scale as other appliances and electrical items.

Most electrical appliances on sale today have to feature an EU energy label, which indicates how energy efficient the item is. Quite often these are in the form of a colour coded, alphabetically ordered sticker which indicates the energy rating, annual energy consumption and other information about the appliance, such as water consumption and noise level.

What Do the Energy Efficiency Grades Mean?

American fridge freezers (and other kitchen appliances) are graded from A-D on how efficient they are; A being the most efficient and D being the least efficient. Some older models might feature an A-G scale.

Since there have been many advances in appliance technology in recent years, there are now three extra ratings at the higher performance section of the scale – A+, A++ and A+++. These stickers can be found on fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers.

Why Buy an Energy Efficient American Style Fridge Freezer?

The main reason many consumers opt to buy an energy efficient appliance is because they save money on your energy bills. The amount of money you can save is influenced by various factors such as: how often and how much you use your appliance, which settings or programmes are used, and the price of your energy tariff.

Are American Style Fridge Freezers Expensive to Run?

So how much will this energy efficiency actually save you? Based on electricity costs of 12p per KWh, an A++ rated freestanding fridge costs around £14 per year to run. This is a 40% saving when compared to an A rated appliance.

The running costs will vary depending on the energy efficiency of the fridge freezer you opt for (A+++ will cost less to run, A will cost more to run) and the settings you use. For example, some models allow you to adjust the temperature and others have special functions such as ‘super freeze’.

Are American Fridge Freezers Energy Efficient?

We know that modern kitchen appliances are getting increasingly energy efficient, but are American-Style fridge freezers following the trend? The simple answer is yes. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint and help the environment, then you have no need to worry about American style fridge freezers. Even though they’re large in size, they’re highly efficient and our range only includes products with a rating of A+ to A+++ which can save 50% on energy consumption.

American fridge freezers feature a highly innovative compressor that helps them run more efficiently. They also feature low energy LED lights within the fridge that use less energy than old fridge bulbs and don’t give off heat that warms the fridge, wasting energy on re-cooling. Modern intuitive settings such as Holiday Mode that allow you to set the fridge freezer to run at a lower rate when you’re away also help boost their energy efficiency.

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So – Should You Buy an American Fridge Freezer?

So we’ve discussed various aspects of American style fridge freezer energy consumption and we hope you now have a better understanding of how kitchen appliance energy ratings work, what to look for when considering a new American fridge freezer, and how much you’d be able to save on your electricity bills as a result of owning an energy efficient model.

If you’d like to know more about our range of American style fridge freezers, or any of our products, please contact us with any questions or queries that you have.

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