Defrosting Your American-Style Fridge Freezer

Freezer packed with ice, ready for defrosting

If your American-Style Fridge Freezer doesn’t come with a frost-free interior, then you may have to manually defrost it now and again. It’s very easily done, and you can even get the job done quicker by employing some common household items.

It’s important to stay on top of defrosting your American fridge freezer. Not only does the build-up of ice take up valuable space in your freezer, but it will diminish its efficiency. The large build-up can also trap your freezer drawers and they can be easily broken if you try and force them open in frustration. Take some time to defrost your freezer at least once a year, or whenever you deem it necessary.

We’re going to run you through some different methods of how to defrost your American-Style fridge freezer. Before we go any further, might we recommend that you pick a time when your fridge and freezer is running particularly low on stock. This is because you’ll need to unplug your fridge freezer and you’ll want to put the contents into a cool box. The contents of the fridge section should be okay as you can leave that part of the appliance shut.

How Do you Defrost an American Style Fridge Freezer?

This is the most straightforward and perhaps commonly known way of defrosting your American fridge freezer. After you’ve unplugged the freezer, you need to open the doors, remove the drawers and trays, put something down on the floor to stop it from getting wet and simply wait. We recommend using old towels, but newspaper will also do the job. This is when you should put the contents into a cool box and this is a good method to do whilst you’re at work as you can let nature run its course.

On the base of the freezer, there may be a drain that is attached to a hose. Try to guide the melting water away from the freezer. Whilst the ice is melting, this is a good chance to clean up the drawers and trays you set aside. Run them under hot water to get rid of any ice that’s built up and then wash them in soapy water, leaving to dry naturally or drying them with a clean towel.

Make sure the fridge freezer has been dried out before you turn it back on again. If there is still water at the bottom or on the sides of the freezer and on your drawers and trays, these will freeze up again when you put them back in and switch on your freezer. This will just lead to you having to do this process again sooner than you should.

There are a number of ways to speed up the process of defrosting if you have no time to waste. If you don’t have a cool box to put the contents of your freezer in, then these will be right up your street.

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Use a hairdryer. This may sound like a bad idea, but as long as you take the right precautions, you shouldn’t have any problems. Stand clear of any water and make sure the cord and the hairdryer itself don’t come into contact with it either. Blast your freezer with the hairdryer and you should see it all melt away at a much quicker rate.

Use bowls of boiling water. After you’ve washed your drawers, put them back into the freezer. Boil some water and put it into some different bowls. Put these bowls onto the drawers and close the freezer door. Put a thickly folded towel under the bowls just to make sure that they don’t damage your shelves. Also make sure that you dry out the drawers again before turning your freezer back on.

Chip away at the ice. There will be plenty of utensils in your kitchen that you can use to chip away at the built-up ice. Take caution as you don’t want to puncture your freezer walls. Make a sculpture as you’re doing it if you want. This can be tough work, you’ve been warned.

Heat a metal spatula. One of the most effective utensils you could use is a metal spatula. This is also a method that is most likely to cause injury, so please, please be careful. Wear an oven mitt and the heated spatula should just cut through the ice. This can be useful for removing bulky sections of ice.

Use a cloth and hot water. Dip a cloth into hot water and rub away at the ice. This isn’t as effective as the above methods, but if you’re low on tools to help you out, this is a sure-fire way to speed up the process.

Use a fan. A basic household fan can help you out, you do need it to be warm inside your house for this to work though. If it’s a blazing summer’s day, then a standard fan should propel warm air into your freezer, assisting with the process.

Person cleaning the inside of a freezer

When all the ice has been removed, this is a good time for you to clean the inside of the freezer of any blemishes, marks and stains that may have developed. Dry off all your drawers, trays, and the inside of the freezer and hey presto, your American-Style Fridge Freezer should be looking good as new. There are some moments in life that are extremely satisfying. Using your American fridge freezer again after it’s been overdue a defrosting for a while is one of those moments.

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