8 Best Budget American Fridge Freezers

I’ll cut to the chase. Our best budget American Style Fridge Freezer is the RS65R5401M8 by Samsung. It has a family-sized capacity, a water and ice maker, two salad crisper drawers and a power freeze function. We have models available in stainless steel and black.

American Style Fridge Freezers are a force to be reckoned with. They have enough space for all your fresh and frozen food, plus your favourite snacks and drinks on top of that! Ice cubes, wine racks, smart cooling systems, there’s tonnes of features out there to impress you.

But it can all be a bit daunting sometimes. Finding the best American Style Fridge for your family (or just yourself!) can be a difficult task. So we’ve found the best American Style Fridge Freezers under a budget of £1000 to make your life just that bit easier. And if you’ve got a little extra cash, we’ve also looked at our favourites under a budget of £1500.

Appliance City have over 30 years knowledge and experience with kitchen appliances. We know a value for money Fridge Freezer when we see one! All of our prices and choices are accurate as of 19th of October 2021. Please call us on 0115 965 1937 for any more information on these best buy Fridge Freezers.

American Fridge Freezers Under A Budget of £1000

1. Samsung RS65R5401M8 American Style Fridge Freezer With Ice & Water – £899 (Best value for money)

We’re in love with this American Fridge Freezer from Samsung. Not only for the price, but for the size, the frost free interior, the salad crisper drawers, the cool air system, the LED lighting–and all the other fantastic features too!

Ever get back from food shopping and realise there’s not enough space in the fridge? SpaceMax technology from Samsung solves this. The insulation is thinner, but still runs at the same energy efficiency. So you get more bang for your buck!

Samsung are known for their stunning, high-quality designed appliances. Aesthetically pleasing, and incredible functionality that will last for years to come. This is certainly the most well-rounded big fridge freezer you can get for this price. If you don’t like Stainless Steel, there’s a model in black steel too.

2. Haier HTF-456DM6 American Style Four Door Fridge Freezer – £699 (Best non ice & water)

£200 cheaper than our favourite model, this Haier American Style Fridge Freezer is definitely worth every single penny! It has an F Class energy rating, total no frost technology, an easy to use digital display and reduced noise vibrations.

It also has a humidity zone and a dry zone. “Well what’re they?” I hear you ask. These fancy zones may seem unnecessary and confusing, but they’re here to help you keep your food fresh. The dry zone keeps the humidity at 45%, so foods like cheese, meats and pasta are kept fresher for longer. The humidity zone maintains the humidity at 90%, which is the perfect condition for fruits and vegetables. This is smart use of fridge space.

The freezer compartments on Haier’s model are vertical, and separate from the fridge compartment at the top. This smart design by Haier makes it easier to view all the contents of your fridge freezer. Simpler access = easier snack times!

Just be aware that this model is a little slimmer than your average American Fridge Freezer, it sits at 833mm which is 7cm thinner than normal. There is also a Haier American Style model with an ice and water dispenser for just £50 extra.

3. Stoves SXS909WTDSTA American Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser – £699 (Best non-plumbed water dispenser)

This model from Stoves has received fantastic reviews all round, and is the best alternative brand American Style fridge freezer you can get. Stoves present a classic style model here, it has all the traditional features of an American Style Fridge Freezer and it comes with a handy wine rack too!

It has a total net capacity of 513, but the fridge cavity is 338 litres, so there’s enough for your standard grocery shop and all the wine bottles you could need for a party. It has a four bottle wine rack, four shelves in the fridge door and three glass shelves in the middle. Perfecto!

As far as American Fridge Freezer reviews go, this model from Stoves has some of the best. Many people say that this is the best non-mainstream brand American Fridge Freezer you can buy. Although some say that it’s slightly smaller than your average American Style, it has stacks of compliments on how luxurious the stainless steel finish is.

4. Hisense RS741N4WC11 American Style Fridge Freezer With Water Dispenser – £649 (The lowest priced)

Our cheapest model yet! This Hisense American Style Fridge Freezer is a steal. Hisense are known as one of the best budget brands for appliances, and this American fridge freezer does not disappoint. It has 578 litres of fridge and freezer space, plus a multitude of features that are there to keep your groceries super fresh!

A unique feature of this Hisense model is the holiday mode setting. It keeps the internal temperature at an economical 15ºC when you’re on holiday, keeping mould from developing on your food and saving you precious energy (and therefore money). You’ll not have to worry about throwing everything out before popping on your holibobs!

Total No Frost + MultiFlow Air Cooling = no more painful manual defrosting. The ‘MultiFlow Cooling’ is basically an intelligently distributed air system in both the fridge and freezer sections. This prevents any sort of water and ice build up across the whole fridge freezer. Better for everyone, including your food.

5. LG GSL760PZXV American Style Fridge Freezer With Water & Ice Dispenser – £999 (The most reliable)

Smarter storage and more space, this LG American Style Fridge Freezer comes with a plumbed in ice and water dispenser, so getting ice cold water will be easier than ever. Advanced refrigeration robotics means that the internal compressor is backed with a 10 year warranty from LG. If you want reliability, this is your model.

One of our favourite things about this LG American Style Fridge Freezer, other than it’s sexy side by side doors, is it’s Smart Diagnosis feature. If there’s ever a problem with this fridge freezer (we hope not, but it happens), simply call LG customer service, place you’re phone on the fridge and it will communicate exactly what’s wrong to them. The simplest way to get to a quick solution to your problem.

There are almost too many features to talk about with this fridge freezer! But a worthy mention is the Slim SpacePlus Ice System. You can choose from filtered water, crushed or cubed ice. Crushed ice makes your favourite drinks even better don’t you know?

Which are the Best American Fridge Freezers for under £1500?

Next up are the best American Fridge Freezers under £1500, so if you’re budget stops at £1000 and you don’t want to go any further, make sure to look at all our best American Style fridge freezers under £1000 here.

6. AEG RMB86321NX French Style Fridge Freezer With Non Plumbed Water Dispenser – £1,299 (The best French Style)

This is the best fridge freezer from AEG you can get on a budget, and it’s our top pick. If you want fresh food and a stylish exterior, this is your guy. The simple centralised layout of the crisper drawers, side by side doors and freezer drawer make it incredibly easy to see and organise your groceries.

AEG have designed and executed a fantastic fridge freezer here. It has 577 litres of space, including a variable temperature crisper drawer, multiple door racks and a non plumbed water dispenser. And you can keep it all under control with the simple electronic temperature settings.

This is certainly one of the most stylish fridge freezers out of the lot. The stainless steel exterior is anti-fingerprint, so you don’t have to worry about pesky sticky fingers getting the fridge and freezer drawers all messy. The perfect American Style Fridge Freezer for a family!

7. LG GSL961PZJV American Fridge Freezer Non Plumbed Ice & Water – £1,199 (Best for freshness)

See the freshness. Smell the freshness. Taste the freshness. This is the best American Fridge Freezer if you want to keep your food fresher for longer, the LINEARCooling system keeps the temperature precise whilst the DoorCooling reduces the temperature gap when you open the fridge.

LG make it incredibly easy to organise your fresh and frozen food with the four shelves in both compartments, plus a wine rack, plus the innovative Moist Balance salad crisper drawer. This salad drawer is a lattice-patterned box which maintains its humidity and temperature to keep your fruit and veg at the optimum freshness and nutritional value.

Also LG are at their top of their game when it comes to tech, so if you like getting all your smart devices synced up, this is the model for you. Using the SmartThinQ app you can connect your phone to control key features such as temperature settings and making all essential crushed ice. It also connects to the angels that are Alexa and Google Assistant.

8. Haier HTF-610DSN7 Cube Series American Style Fridge Freezer Non Ice & Water – £1249 (Best stylish model)

The very essence of luxury, this Haier Cube series fridge freezer is a perfectionist when it comes to both style and food preservation. Get the most stylish cooling product on the market for the lowest price. Haier’s iconic black range is on a mission to become one of the most elegant fridge freezers on the market.

Haier focuses on the bacteria here, using its Anti-Bacterial technology to reduce the amount of bacteria in the airflow. Don’t worry, it’s nothing harmful. It’s clever ultraviolet light that removes up to 99% of bacteria, improving the fridge’s overall hygiene and protecting your health in turn.

One of our favourite things about new fridge freezers is the ability to switch up the fridge and freezer compartments. Haier‘s switch zone is an ultra-flexible freezer section that can be switched from fridge to freezer in just the flick of a button. And with a freezer capacity of 100 litres, it’s like having a whole other fridge!

There you have it. A quick list of our best American Style fridge freezer models that will hopefully help you in your journey to getting one. If you have any questions about these fridge freezers, make sure to give us a bell on 0115 965 1937.

American Fridge Freezers FAQs:

What is the most reliable brand of American Style fridge freezers?      

Samsung and LG are definitely our most reliable brand pick for American Style Fridge Freezers. They’re innovators of appliance technology, and at home technology in general. You know if you buy one of their American Style models, you’re sure to be getting an incredibly dependable and feature-packed fridge freezer. Liebherr is also a great brand you can rely on.

How long should my fridge freezer last?       

The estimated lifespan of American Fridge Freezers is between 10 and 20 years. The best fridge freezer models will surprise you on how long they last. Splashing the cash when it’s needed the most might help you in the long run, you’ll have a solid fridge freezer and it won’t break the bank when it comes to energy bills.

What is Frost Free technology?

Frost free does exactly what is says on the tin. It’ll keep the walls of your fridge and freezer compartments free from pesky layers of frost. Your fresh and frozen foods will be kept safe and sound with frost free technology, and almost all models come with it nowadays.

What’s a good energy efficiency rating for a fridge freezer?

It used to be that an A+ or A+++ energy efficiency rating was the best for fridge freezers, but now it’s very rare to find them on the market. This is because of recent changes to the energy efficiency labels. Now an F label is standard for American Fridge Freezers.