Best American Fridge Freezers for those on a budget

The American fridge freezer is taking homes by storm. They’re big, they’re practical, and they’re how fridges are supposed to be! You may have seen an episode of MTV Cribs and salivated over the contents of their fridge freezer, which is bigger than your downstairs loo, but American fridge freezers aren’t just for Beverley Hills – you just need to know where to look!

American Fridge Freezers Under £600

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good-quality, energy-efficient fridge freezer. Daewoo have this roomy number available at under £600 in three different colours – perfect for bringing your kitchen into the 21st Century. With a digital display, touch controls, and a 517 litre capacity, it’s got all you need from a fridge freezer.

The fridge section has multi air-flow technology for more consistent temperatures throughout the fridge. In most fridges the higher shelves can be slightly warmer than the lower compartments, but this model boasts several air flows that help maintain an even temperature throughout. The interior lighting is provided by low-energy LED bulbs as well. This allows them to stay cooler than other bulbs, improving the efficiency of your fridge. With two drawer sections and four shelves, there’s plenty of room for your goods. The freezer section also contains four shelves, two drawers and an ice tray. It’s also frost free to avoid ice build-up.

With an A+ energy rating and a two-year warranty, you’ll be getting a really great-quality, functional fridge freezer for a low price.

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American Fridge Freezers Under £700

If you’ve found a bit more spending money down the back of the sofa, consider this model from CDA. It comes in at £649, so a tiny bit pricier than the Daewoo. It boasts electronic controls and an overall capacity of 518 litres. In comparison to the Daewoo, its fridge is slightly smaller and the freezer, slightly bigger.

The freezer section is also frost free and has a fast freeze function. It has an in-built ice maker and can freeze up to 12kg of goods in 24 hours. It also has a storage time of 5 hours if the power goes out. Added functions include: holiday mode, energy saving mode, and alarms. It has an A+ energy rating and a 2-year warranty, but it is marginally more efficient than the Daewoo. If the extra £50 is turning you off, it will pay for itself on the energy bills over time.

Caple have a model that comes in at £699 that is functionally very similar to the CDA fridge, although it is a bit smaller. Its overall capacity is 482 litres, which is a good 30 litres lower than the CDA. Although the Caple has one shelf less than the CDA, they are adjustable, so you may be able to compensate for that lost room with some smart shelf positioning. Why does it warrant a price tag of £699 compared to the CDA’s £649? The efficiency. What this Caple model lacks in storage space, it makes up for with its energy consumption. It uses 40kwh less than the CDA fridge freezer in a year.

American Fridge Freezers Under £800

So you’ve made it this far; you take refrigeration seriously and we like that. This Samsung fridge freezer checks in with a whopping 540 litres of storage – 360 litres in the fridge and 180 in the freezer. The fridge has 5 shelves, 4 door pockets, 2 salad crisper drawers, an egg tray, dairy compartment and low-energy LED lighting. There’s 5 shelves and 2 drawers in the freezer as well.

As this is a considerably larger fridge freezer, the energy consumption is a little higher than the other models we’ve looked at, but it’s a small price to pay for a fridge that can feed a village! Samsung’s brand name carries a lot of weight and they’re a reliable manufacturer.

American Fridge Freezers Under £900

£900 may seem daunting, but we have some amazing fridge freezers under that price. First up, the Haier HRF-630IM7. This model is priced at £879 and once you see what its packing, you’ll realise that it’s an absolute steal.

This model possesses a mammoth 555 litres of storage space. That’s a whole lot of bang for your buck. The fridge contains 375 litres and the freezer 180. This model also has an ice and water dispenser so will need to be hooked up to the water supply. The shelves have tempered glass so are extra-durable with 5 in the fridge (4 are adjustable shelves) and 4 in the freezer. It has a storage time of 5 hours in the event of a power failure, as well as holiday mode and a high temperature alarm.

This is all sounding pretty good so far, but with an £879 price tag, is it worth it? This model has an energy rating of A++, using the least amount of energy of all the models we’ve looked at so far, with an annual consumption of 355 kWh. This also comes with a 5-year warranty. So another way to look at it is you’ll be paying roughly £15 a month for the duration of the warranty. Not a bad price for a massive, super-efficient fridge freezer.

It’s time for Stoves to enter the fray (but we’re not talking about ovens!)

Stoves have this really sleek model available for £899. It also has a water and ice dispenser, and its 504 litre capacity is certainly not to be sniffed at. Its freezer has a fast freeze function, it has a storage time of 7 hours in the event of power failure, and it can freeze 10kg of food in 24 hours. It’s frost-free, has a digital temperature display and an open-door alarm. If you’ve got little tykes running around, you can rest safe in the knowledge that this model has a child lock function. It even has an in-built wine rack (and it looks gorgeous!)

With a 2-year warranty and an A+ energy rating, you’re sacrificing some efficiency and storage space compared to the Haier HRF-630IM7, but you’re getting more functionality in its place.

American Fridge Freezers for £1000

We’re keeping it at 3 digits and having a look at two fridge freezers that come in at just over £1000, at £1049. The Haier HTF-452WM7 is an American style fridge freezer with four doors. With a storage capacity of 452 litres (314 in the fridge, 138 in the freezer) it doesn’t have quite the same amount of storage as some of the other models we’ve looked at, but it does have adjustable temperatures within the fridge itself. This is good for the serious foodies who like to ensure their meats are refrigerated at a different temperature to their dairy products.

Its freezer contains six drawers and can freeze up to 12kg of produce in 24 hours. With a consumption of 303 kWh a year, it’s the most energy-efficient model we’ll look at (A++ rating implied). It also has a non-plumbed water dispenser, so you don’t have to connect it to the water supply.

Finishing off our round up of budget fridge freezers is this French style fridge freezer from AEG. It has two wide conventional doors for access to the fridge and a large pull out drawer for the freezer. It’s frost-free, has anti-fingerprint stainless steel doors (so it doesn’t get grubby) and a digital LED display. This model also contains a non-plumbed water dispenser and a bespoke ‘Coolmatic’ function for extra-fast chilling.

The freezer has an automatic defrost function (also found in the fridge), a twist ice dispenser, and in the event of power failure, will store your food for 12 hours. Its energy rating is sitting pretty at A+. it certainly looks like something to behold and will bring your kitchen into the modern era.

There’s enough models out there to get you thinking about what you want from your fridge freezer and at what cost. Here’s a little recap of the models we’ve discussed: