Best American Fridge Freezers For Those on a Budget

The American fridge freezer is quickly become a favourite amongst homeowners. They’re big, they’re practical, and they’re how fridge freezers are supposed to be! You may have seen an episode of MTV Cribs and salivated over the contents of their fridge freezer, which is bigger than your downstairs loo, but American fridge freezers aren’t just for Beverley Hills – you just need to know where to look!

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Which are the Best American Fridge Freezers Under £800?

A Hoover American Fridge Freezer in Black
Hoover HSBSF178BK

This Hoover fridge freezer checks in with a whopping 568 litres of storage – 364 litres in the fridge and 204 in the freezer. The fridge has 5 shelves, 2 salad crisper drawers, an egg tray, dairy compartment, LED interior lighting and Hoover’s patented Super Cool function. There’s 5 shelves and 2 drawers in the freezer as well, which is frost free. If you’ve not already had a frost free American fridge freezer, they’re a revelation. You’ll never look back!

With an A+ energy rating, this American fridge freezer will be easy on your bills too! Coming in below £800 and with the capacity to feed a village, this model from our range of Hoover American fridge freezers is a surefire winner for your kitchen!

Which are the Best American Fridge Freezers Under £900?

Samsung HomeBar

£900 may seem daunting, but we have some amazing fridge freezers under that price. First up, this LG American fridge freezer is packing a lot of capacity with an absolutely huge 626 litres of storage. That’s 406 for the fridge and 220 for the freezer. With a deodoriser, LED lighting, a Fresh Zone salad crisper drawer and Moist Balance salad crisper drawer, there’s plenty of fridge storage options. This large american fridge freezer also has a door alarm, child lock and BioShield gasket. With an A+ energy rating, its incredibly efficient too. Check out our full range of LG American-Style Fridge Freezers for more options including their innovative InstaView models.

Also under £900 is this Samsung American fridge freezer, complete with HomeBar. With 501 litres of storage, its capacity is slightly lower than the ones  we’ve looked at. But to compensate, this model comes packed with features. This American fridge freezer has a water and ice dispenser, external water filter, digital inverter compressor, multi flow air cooling, is frost free and most of all, has the patented HomeBar feature! This does what it says on the tin, and is a little minibar within the fridge door. You can keep your favourite drinks in here so you can get them without opening the fridge door. This helps to save energy as well as being a really cool and convenient feature. It’s great for storing some wine bottles for the evening, filling with beer, or a place to keep the kids’ favourite juices! There’s also a wine rack within the fridge anyway, if you want to do a bit of mix and match. It will need to be hooked up to a water supply and with an A+ energy rating, won’t cost a fortune to run, either. For more fantastic Samsung American fridge freezers, check out our range. The FamilyHub model is not to be missed if you’re willing to go over budget!

Which are the Best American Fridge Freezers for £1000?


For up to £1000, there are a couple of models we want to discuss. First, we’re back to LG. You can always bank on getting a top quality model when you buy from our range of LG American-Style fridge freezers. This fantastic LG American fridge freezer is one of them. Coming in under £1000 and with a massive 601 litres of capacity, this model is a fantastic purchase. We know what you’re thinking, the cheaper LG American fridge freezer in this article had more storage – what gives? There’s been a 25-litre sacrifice in this model to make way for a non-plumbed water and ice dispenser. American fridge freezers with water and ice dispensers have become really popular, with that particular feature being a deal breaker for many of our customers. It has all the fantastic LG build quality and the smart, patented features we talked about earlier as well as some extras; like the Pure n’ Fresh filter and Smart ThinQ technology. The beauty of a non plumbed ice and water dispenser is that you’re still free to position your fridge freezer anywhere you would like in the kitchen as the dispenser can be filled up within the unit. With a frost free freezer and A+ energy rating, this American fridge freezer from LG certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

Next up, the Haier HRF-630IB7. Haier are a fantastic manufacturer whose creations make a big difference in the kitchens and homes of anyone and everyone who purchases them. With 555 litres of storage – 375 in the fridge, 180 in the freezer – this model is high quality. With electronic controls, LED display, a high temperature alarm, a holiday function and a Super Cool function, its features are smart, instinctive and useful. This American fridge freezer comes with water and ice dispenser and this one has to be plumbed into the water supply for that. A small effort to go to for the luxury of enjoying ice cold filtered water and ice cubes on demand. It’s energy rating is A++, meaning it will be very cheap to run year on year. It may cost the most of all the models we’ve looked at, but that A++ energy rating will provide you with some financial relief in the long term.