American Style Fridge Freezers: Size Guide

Samsung American Fridge Freezer in a wooden industrial style kitchen

One of the most attractive features of an American style fridge freezer is their sheer size and shape. They’re taller than regular fridges and freezers meaning you can fit more into them, but they’re not too wide or bulky, so they can fit into your kitchen without overpowering the space.

That said, American fridge freezers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to make sure that once your new appliance arrives, it’s going to fit into the space vacated by your old fridge, or the gap you’ve left for the new one to fill.

In this article we’re going to discuss various aspects about the size of American fridge freezers and how to make sure you can find the right size for your kitchen.

How Tall Are American Fridge Freezers?

Unless you’re putting your fridge freezer into an enclosed space, such as a cupboard or a space with a lid, then the height isn’t too much of a concern. American style fridge freezers’ height tends to fall between 175 and 180cm (5ft 7in – 5ft 9in) and once you add on the feet you’ll be getting closer to 6ft – so bear that in mind if you have low ceilings or shelving above your fridge freezer.

How Wide are American Fridge Freezers?

American fridge freezers are wider than a standard size fridge, ranging from 70 to 100cm.

When it comes to fitting a new American style fridge freezer (or any appliances for that matter) arguably the most important thing to consider is the width of the space you want it to go in, along with the depth. This is critical if you have a set space that the appliance will have to fit into.

Don’t forget to factor in that the doors need space to open into (but we’ll talk about that in more detail in a minute).

How wide are American Fridge Freezers?

What’s the Depth of American Style Fridge Freezers?

The depth of an American fridge freezer ranges from 68cm to 80cm. If you want your new American fridge freezer to sit flush with your other appliances, make sure to take the depth into consideration. The depth of an appliance is the size from front to back.

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How Do You Measure for a New American Fridge Freezer?

So we know how tall, how wide, and how deep an American style fridge freezer can be – but how do we measure to make sure we buy the right size?

If the space in your kitchen or utility room is 85cm wide, buying an American fridge freezer that is the same size won’t work, so we need to make sure we know how to measure properly, and which size to buy to fit as best as it can.

  1. Measure the width, height and depth of the space. Double check these measurements and write them down.
  2. Measure again from a different place, just in case anything is uneven and the measurements are different.
  3. Take into account space for ventilation. Factor in 2cm to the sides and 4 or 5cm for ventilation at the back.
  4. Make sure your doors and hallways are wide enough to get an American style fridge freezer through and into your kitchen.
Man measuring a kitchen space

Don’t forget to think about how your doors will open when you are measuring the space for a new fridge freezer.

For models with shelves and trays within the fridge, the doors will need to be open fully to allow the drawers to fully slide out. Be mindful of this when measuring and buying a new American style fridge freezer.

If you’re opting for a plumbed fridge freezer, make sure that there is a water supply within 1.5m of where the appliance will be standing.

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