The Best American Style Fridge Freezer Brands

Choosing an American style fridge freezer is a big decision, and not one to take lightly. After all, your fridge freezer is one of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen. Your refrigerator should keep goods at the right temperature consistently for many years. So you want to be sure you’ve chosen the best model to suit your needs. But with so many American style fridge freezers on the market, which brand is best?

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re buying an American style fridge freezer. These will include the style and layout you prefer. For example most models have a side by side design however some have a fridge above freezer layout. You’ll also want to consider which features you need, such as an ice maker or water dispenser. The next thing to consider is which brand of American style fridge freezer you want to go for. Are you looking for particular features or a well known brand? Perhaps it is a particular aesthetic you are looking for. Each brand offers something unique. Here we will look at the best brands of American style fridge freezers to help you decide.

What are the Best American Style Fridge Freezer Brands on the Market?

1. LG    

LG are a global brand, with over 60 years of trading under their belt. They created Korea’s first refrigerator, radio and television! LG’s ethos is simplicity. Focusing on user experience, LG products are designed to make life as easy as possible. The brand motto “Life’s Good” reflects this.

LG produce some of the most innovative American style fridge freezers on the market. InstaView™ technology is definitely one of LG’s most unique features. To activate this feature you knock twice on the glass door and it illuminates to show what is inside. Because you don’t need to open the fridge door, you reduce cold air loss as well as wasted energy. Some LG American style fridge freezers also have a ‘door-in-door’ function. You can easily access food in the first door compartment without needing to open the full fridge. This keeps your produce in the main fridge section protected from cold air loss.

Open view of the LG GSXV91MCAE fully stocked with fresh food and drink as well as frozen meats and pizzas

2. Fisher & Paykel   

New Zealand based brand Fisher & Paykel started off as an importation company in 1934. They soon decided to make products in their own factory. Creating fridge freezers designed to meet consumer needs. Fisher & Paykel American style fridge freezers are best known for their high quality materials and sleek designs.

Fisher & Paykel American style fridge freezers all feature the fridge above the freezer. This is also known as a French style fridge freezer. The beauty of this layout is that you can view all your fresh chilled products at eye level. It is also really easy to access your frozen goods in the bottom section. Some Fisher & Paykel appliances feature a deep, pull out freezer drawer.

One of Fisher & Paykel’s key technologies is ActiveSmart™. This technology maintains the optimal temperature and humidity using interior sensors and fans. Even when you open the doors, ActiveSmart™ technology keeps the temperature consistent. By keeping your food in the right conditions it will stay fresher for longer.

Fisher & Paykel American style fridge freezer featuring the fridge above freezer. The fridge doors are open showing fresh produce inside including apples, water, beer and leeks.

3. Samsung

Samsung are an internationally recognised brand that specialise in all things tech. From phones to TV’s to washing machines, Samsung is a tried and tested brand that has seen lots of success. The prevalence of their brand means that there are a lot of people who can vouch for their products.

When it comes to refrigeration, Samsung offer a variety of products. Their American style fridge freezers are packed with technology and space saving features.

One of Samsung’s most popular appliances is the Family Hub™. This American style fridge freezer combines your fridge with a tablet. As its name suggests, this product is designed to be the main hub of your kitchen. By connecting to your SmartThings app you can view inside your fridge while you’re out and about. Perfect for when you’ve forgotten the shopping list or can’t remember if you need to pick up extra milk! You can also play music or watch TV through the tablet screen. Display your favourite photos or your family calendar to keep organised. The options are endless with the Family Hub™.

4. Bosch

Established over 130 years ago, Bosch are a household name you can trust. Bosch kitchen appliances are German engineered and known for their quality and reliability. With a wide variety of appliances to choose from, you can completely kit out your new kitchen with Bosch.

Bosch American style fridge freezers are filled with innovative technology and features. One of Bosch’s key features is VitaFresh. Using near to 0°C temperature and climate control, VitaFresh keeps food in its optimal condition. This means you can keep meat and fish fresher for longer, and fruit and vegetables stay preserved too! Many Bosch models also feature a Metal Wall inside the fridge section. This helps to keep the fridge at a constant temperature, even in hard to reach corners. Combining this with Multi Airflow evenly distributes cold air around your chilled goods.

Some Bosch American style fridge freezers boast a ‘Big Box’. This extra deep freezer drawer is ideal for storing large, bulky items like a turkey or gateaux. Having this freezer space flexibility is useful if you love hosting and entertaining.

5. Haier    

Haier have been voted as the global No. 1 brand for home appliances for 14 consecutive years. Founded in 1984, Haier started selling in the UK in 2007. They are now an international kitchen appliance brand, producing innovative yet affordable products.

Haier American style fridge freezers are stylish and modern. Choose between side by side or French style designs to suit your preference. There are Haier American style fridge freezers with ice and water dispensers. You can also opt for either a plumbed or non plumbed model, depending on where you’re positioning it.

The Haier Cube Series features American style fridge freezers with versatile cooling solutions. You can convert the inside space from a fridge to a freezer and vice versa, depending on your cooling needs. With a whopping 610 litre capacity, you can store plenty of chilled and frozen goods with ease.

More of the Best American Style Fridge Freezer Brands

That’s our round up of our current top 5 best American style fridge freezer brands. But there are still loads more to consider. These are the big players but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find exactly what you’re looking for elsewhere!

SiemensA global brand who have over 150 years experience in the appliance sector. Siemens American style fridge freezers are sleek and stylish. Plus they are full of innovative technology and space saving features.

Hisense If you’re looking for great quality for less, Hisense is an excellent brand to choose. Enjoy all the extra space you’d expect in an American style fridge freezer for less money than you might think. Hisense have plumbed and non plumbed models available. You can also find useful features including ice and water dispensers.

Rangemaster – Best known for their range cookers, Rangemaster also offer a selection of American style fridge freezers. Available in a range of colours to suit any interior, a Rangemaster American style fridge freezer would be a great addition to your kitchen.

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