Best brands of American Fridge Freezers

The best american fridge freezer brands

Shopping for an American-Style Fridge Freezer that you’re going to be using for the next decade or so is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When it comes to something like American fridge freezers, it can sometimes be hard to separate one from the pack. Generally speaking, American fridge freezer features are quite broadly enjoyed, with only some truly unique features.

You may have considered the style, the layout, what features you want and its efficiency, but you’ll find that different brands all have models that fit your bill. Next thing to consider is the brand of fridge freezer you want to go for. Some brands offer unique features, are known to be more reliable than others, or might have a more unique aesthetic.

What are the Best American Fridge Freezers on the Market Today?

1.      AEG American Fridge Freezers

In 2017, AEG celebrated 130 years in business. They pride themselves on being innovators and are certainly forward-thinking when it comes to home appliances. They created the first electric refrigerator in 1912 so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing.

They’re also sticklers for design. It’s almost as important as function at AEG and they’re all about future innovation paired with tomorrow’s aesthetics. AEG offer both side by side and French door layouts, so you’ll be sure to find an AEG refrigerator that suits your needs.

Their unique feature is their TwinTech cooling system. If you buy a lot of fresh produce, their fridge freezers tend to prioritise this. They feature big, deep salad crisper drawers in all their fridge freezers – perfect if you keep a lot of fresh food in there.

AEG also offer a TwinTech system that separates the freezer and fridge compartments and sets them to work independently on maintaining an optimum temperature.

An AEG American Fridge Freezer will definitely make a difference in your kitchen!

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2.      CDA American Fridge Freezers

Nottinghamshire-based CDA are part of the Amica Group Ltd who have been trading in 50 countries for over 70 years. This kind of international experience over many years is a good sign of reliability.

CDA’s ethos is designing appliances that fit around your life. They have been shown countless votes of confidence as their products are very popular in the UK thanks to their reliability and performance. They’re big on family values and have their fingers on the pulse. They’re well connected with top retailers in the UK, so they stay on stop of kitchen trends and are responsive to the needs of the market.

They offer a variety of different configurations and layouts from four-door to your standard side by side. All their freezers are 4 star rated and their units contain super-cool and fast-freeze features to give you more choice when it comes to food storage. A unique feature is their Q drink timer that gives off an audible alert when your drink is at the right temperature. Browse our seleciton of CDA American Fridge Freezers.

3.      Samsung American Fridge Freezers

Samsung are an internationally recognised brand that specialise in all things tech. From phones to TVs to washing machines, Samsung is a tried and tested brand that have seen lots of success. The prevalence of their brand means that there are a lot of people who can vouch for their products. They’re a forward-thinking multinational whose current mission statement is “Inspire the World, Create the Future”.

When it comes to refrigeration, Samsung offer a variety of products at all price points. They have plenty of products at the lower end of the market as well as a range of high end fridge freezers that feature the latest innovative technologies.

Their latest innovation, the Family Hub (pictured left), combines your fridge with a tablet.

By integrating a 21.5” multimedia touchscreen display, they could prove to be the real game changers in the industry. Gone are the days of arguing over a family device; the Family Hub provides a base for you to organise your household. A Samsung American Fridge Freezer should be at top of your list to consider.

Samsung American Fridge Freezer

4.      Smeg American Fridge Freezers

Smeg may be responsible for producing the only fridge that could be considered iconic. Their vintage models are instantly recognisable, and they have a rich 70-year heritage of creating appliances. These days, they’re run by the third generation of the family who founded it, except with 18 foreign subsidiaries, proving their reliability and success.

In terms of features, Smeg products aren’t really blazing any trails when it comes to innovation. You’ll find American fridge freezers with water and ice dispensers in their range, but nothing like the Samsung Family Hub or LG Instaview. Their speciality is the unrivalled design of their products. Smeg are well known for their retro, colourful fridges and are one of the few brands that have managed to incorporate some of that old retro feel and apply it to a modern fridge freezer.

Their ‘Victoria’ line best represents this.

In a range of different colours, it’s a 21st Century fridge freezer but you don’t have to compromise on style. If you’re a design head, you’ll definitely want to have a browse of our Smeg products.

5.      LG American Fridge Freezers

LG are another multinational brand, with 60 years of trading under their belt. They created Korea’s first refrigerator, radio and television!  Their ethos is simplicity. They prioritise user experience and their products are all designed to make your life as easy as possible, hence the name LG (Life’s Good).

LG have offered up some innovative designs in refrigeration. Their Instaview feature is the most recent and definitely their most eye-catching. Some LG American fridge freezers have a door-in-door function (within the fridge door you’ll find another compartment). The idea is that you put the food and drink you use the most in this compartment. This way, your other produce is less affected by the opening and closing of the door, so it stays fresher and tastier for longer.

The LG’s Instaview function adds to that by creating a transparent window for your in-door compartment of your most frequent foods. Simply knock on the window twice and it will light up, showing you what’s inside without having to open the door. They still have an A++ energy rating and loads of functionality.

Lady with an LG American fridge freezer

That’s our round up of our top 5 brands at the moment, but there are still loads more to consider. Just because these are the big players doesn’t mean what you won’t find exactly what you’re looking for elsewhere!

  • BoschA company with over 130 years of experience in their field. Their models aren’t the cheapest around, but you know you’re getting quality for your money.
  • CapleBristol-based Caple specialise in home products and their brand is based on value for money and sleek design. They offer a variety of products from a £699 fridge freezer that’s reliable and well-built to a mammoth 713-litre model that starts at £9,499!
  • Fisher & PaykelThis brand put people at the heart of everything they do. They have really reliable models and offer a few varieties on the French door layout as well as side by side American fridge freezers. You can be certain that you’ll get your money’s worth out of a Fisher & Paykel.
  • SiemensAnother global multinational with over 150 years’ experience, Siemens is a brand name that is recognised globally and that doesn’t happen by accident. Appliances are just one of the many sectors Siemens are involved in. They are known for producing reliable, efficient fridge freezers in great designs.
  • LiebherrSwiss-based Liebherr specialise in high end refrigeration units. Their models are considerably pricier but are amongst the most efficient with some A+++ rated freezers available right here. They are also the only brand to rival Smeg’s stylish designs. Functional, stylish and classy – one to consider if you’ve got a big budget.

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