Where are American Fridge Freezer model numbers and serial numbers?

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Model and serial numbers help identify your product to manufacturers or whomever it may concern in the event of it being damaged or so on. The only problem is, they can be pretty difficult to find on fridges. There’s not a uniform location but if you’re struggling to find it, your best bet is to look inside. We’re going to run through some popular brands of American fridge freezers to help you find your numbers!

Where Can I Find The AEG Serial/Model Number?

For an AEG American fridge freezer, the serial number and model number can be found inside. If you open your fridge, it will most likely be about two thirds of the way up the fridge on the left-hand side. You’re looking for a white label with four different numbers and codes on it. The model number will be the first set of numbers and letters you see, typically 9 digits long. The serial number is normally on the bottom right of the label.

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Where Can I Find The Samsung Serial/Model Number?

Samsung American fridge freezers normally have two labels – an interior and exterior label. The exterior label can be found on the left wall of the fridge freezer as you look at it. It will be towards the floor and will typically contain 3 codes:

  • Compressor code
  • Model code
  • Serial code

The interior label will be found on the inside of the left wall of the fridge compartment. Again, about two thirds of the way up the wall, this label will contain:

  • Model Number
  • Power
  • Compressor Code
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

Appliance City - American Fridge FreezersWhere Can I Find The LG Serial/Model Number?

LG tend to position their labels on their American fridge freezers inside and towards the ceiling of the fridge, on the left hand side, towards the hinges. Their label will contain the following:

  • Model Number
  • Power Details
  • Design pressures
  • Dimensions
  • Serial Number
  • Refrigerant
  • Customer Service Contact Number

Where Can I Find The Fisher & Paykel Serial/Model Number?

Fisher & Paykel American fridge freezers position their labels towards the bottom right of their refrigerators. It may be placed where the door rests, so the door must be open to observe it. The serial and model numbers are clearly labelled. The model number will be shorter than the serial number, usually 5 letters and numbers.

Where Can I Find The CDA Serial/Model Number?

CDA American fridge freezers will display their label at the bottom of the fridge compartment. Their label will contain (in this order):

  • Model Number
  • Rated Voltage
  • Rated Input
  • Serial Number

There are exceptions to this rule. The following models will have their label displayed at the bottom right instead of bottom left:

  • FW851
  • FW871
  • FW951
  • FW971

Hopefully, you’ll never have to struggle to find your serial number again after reading this. Most manufacturers used to display this label on the back of their fridges so with luck, you’ll have read this before you go pulling out your fridge freezer to find the label.

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