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Breakfast is sorted! It’s World Porridge Day

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Today is a celebration of a British breakfast tradition going back thousands of years. With the versatility and taste it’s easy to see why it’s been around this long, and why Scotland has made it a National Dish. They even have an event that is in it’s 22nd year, the World Porridge Making Championship. So if you aren’t stopping by for our Range Cooker Sale Event why not take in this Scottish tradition?

Delicious, filling and bursting with energy it’s no wonder that it’s the perfect breakfast for children and adults alike.

Let us go beyond the normal tradition of adding a touch of honey to our porridge, serving up some smooth Ready Brek for the kids or one of those simple microwave porridge cups. Instead, on this cool autumn morning, serve up on of these masterpieces. Though don’t blame us if your family prefers it to the convenient, packaged ones!

Cinnamon Porridge with Caramelised Bananas

Appliance City - World Porridge Day - Recipe

If you are a massive fan of getting breakfast on the table in a snap, this recipe from goes from stovetop to bowl in less than 15 minutes. On a freezing winter morning this will be a massive hit to keep your family going throughout the day. I prefer using Scottish Oats than just normal rolled ones bought in the supermarket for this recipe and add a tiny bit of vanilla during the cooking process. It is so good it could almost be called morning dessert.

Green Apple and Almond Porridge

Appliance City - World Porridge Day - Recipes

I went in search of a porridge that defied the norms. One that wasn’t full of syrup or sugar and fit into my lactose intolerant life. I found this beautiful Apple & Almond Porridge from Veggie Num Num. Subtle hints of lemon, brown sugar and cinnamon blend perfectly with the apple, almond and porridge. Whilst the recipe has been altered for a vegan (or lactose free) lifestyle it can be easily changed to traditional made porridge with cows milk. For a bit of a twist I also suggest adding just a tiny touch of nutmeg. The smell made me think of Christmas morning and was a lovely mental break away from work.

Brown Butter Toasted Porridge with Roasted Pears

Appliance City - World Porridge Day - Roasted Pear Porridge

Sweet, nutty, smooth and delicious are just a few words I would use to describe this porridge recipe from Simple Bites. This recipe called for steel cut porridge in lieu of the typical rolled oats. I found that the steel cut oats kept more of their texture after cooking and were a bit more meaty – if you know what I mean. Not mushy, not the feeling of baby food, but honest to goodness oats. They do take a bit longer to cook, around 40 or so minutes, but if your stomach can wait they are definitely worth a try. If you kids are always after sweet cereals, this would be a good, healthy alternative that they will still love.

Prepare your porridge at the perfect temperature on a stunning Induction Range Cooker

Ok …. so what. I said I would do recipes that you could have for breakfast this morning. Well, what if you’re reading this email and it’s noon? Or tea time? Well I suppose you could have binner (breakfast for dinner) or you could try one of these savoury porridges. Yes, savoury porridge. During the Elizabethan era and even going back as far as the 12th centure, savoury porridges were an English favourite. They did fall out of favour after that time period but savoury porridges can be found in other cultural dishes. Why not try a few? You might be surprised and find a new favourite dish.

Congee with Spring Onions, Soy Sauce and Ginger

Appliance City - World Porridge Day - Congee Recipe

Congee is a traditional savoury porridge favoured in Asian countries. I love Asian food and settled on a recipe from The Backyard Lemon Tree. The porridge is made with water and salt. You then stir in your soy sauce and spring onions and any toppings you wish, I favoured fresh grated ginger as it gave the dish a bit of a kick. Perfect for a light dinner or even a starter this dish just may change your outlook on just what porridge is.

Savoury Porridge with Poached Egg

Appliance City - World Porridge Day - Savoury Porridge with Poached Egg

Now this recipe by Dishing Up the Dirt is definitely one to get behind. Was it some genius moment of inspiration? Nope. It was a woman coming in from a 5 mile run who had been drooling over the thought of a sweet porridge filled with fruity goodness only to find she had nothing of the sort in the house. Alas, she did have porridge. What she came up with is pure brilliance. A savoury porridge with spring onions, mushrooms, tamari sauce and coconut oil, topped with a poached egg. This is perfect for those who love a hearty, savoury breakfast or something for a warm, easy to make tea idea.


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