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Smeg’s NEW Linea Range

Smeg Linea range

If I were to describe Smeg’s new “Linea” range in three words, they would be ‘minimal’, ‘elegant’, and ‘sleek’. Featuring ovens, microwaves, hobs, hoods, drawers and coffee machines, this range is designed to be ergonomic in order to save precious kitchen space, and to deliver the most contemporary Italian styles. The new additions are no exception and everything from the materials to the technology included in this collection, transpires essentiality and modernity.

The minimalist designs, built with eco-compatible materials such as steel, glass and aluminium, will blend into your kitchen and reflect its characteristics. So, no matter what style of kitchen you have, the “Linea” range will adapt to highlight all its best aspects whilst being remarkable pieces themselves. Enough with the chitchat, let me introduce you.

Smeg SFP6101TVS

Multifunction ovens
The new “Linea” multifunction ovens are certainly the most impressive of the range. Aesthetically, they will compliment any aspect of your kitchen thanks to the transparent glass door that allows you to observe and drool over your food whilst it cooks, and becomes reflective when the oven is switched off. The sleek steel handle and knobs, on the other hand, give an interesting edge to the design while still being discreet. What makes these ovens unique though is that they are not just pretty, they are also smart: have a look at some of these features!

All models feature large and clear LCD displays although there are two options for the controls, so whether you are a fan of technology or not, the new “Linea” ovens are for you. For those of you who prefer a more classical oven look, there are ovens with classy steel electronic knobs to match the handle. The other option is an interactive colour touch control within the LCD display; and both are equipped with child lock to keep your home safe. The controls allow you to select between a variety of settings, with some models boasting 50 automatic ones or even 10 programmable recipes of your own, so it will always have you covered.

The ovens also feature new steam assist that will reduce cooking time, keep you healthier and allow you to re-heat a meal whilst retaining its moisture. The steam assist also comes in various levels, allowing you to customise your cooking experience even further.

Finally, if you have never tried a self-cleaning oven then you are missing out. “Linea” ovens have pyrolytic cleaning, which uses heat in order to turn any dirt into ash and all you have to do is wipe it away. The procedure is completely safe: while the oven heats up to about 500°C, eliminating all the yucky stuff without creating smoke, the doors lock and will not open until the temperature has cooled back down. Can your oven do all this?!

Smeg MP122
Compact ovens and microwaves…
The compact ovens and microwaves are essentially miniature versions of their bigger counterparts. Glass doors and steel handles deliver the same flawless design, and various settings can be programmed through either knobs or touch controls. In terms of cooking, they deliver the same quality but in staggeringly less time.

The new range includes compact combination steam ovens, that allows you to select the percentage of steaming you desire, all the way from 0 to 100%.
Next, are the compact combination microwave ovens. The size of the cavity allows them to perform as well as traditional ovens when in combined mode, but in less time thanks to the 1000W power. Additionally, they are even available with a grill to allow for perfect crispy brown food. Lastly, as if these compact microwave ovens couldn’t get any more amazing, they feature a ceramic base that allows food to heat up evenly – no more horrible microwaved meals!

Last but not least are the new “Linea” pyrolytic pizza ovens. You too can now make traditional Italian pizza in all ease, and then program the oven to clean up for you!

To finish off your modern, minimal integrated kitchen, new “Linea” drawers are designed to fit with the rest of the range in perfect harmony.
The new range introduces classy Sommelier drawers to fit under the ranges’ wine coolers, so you can complete all your wine-related dreams! The design features no handle, to give a smooth and elegant finish.The warming drawers come in various sizes and colours, though still delivering on the reflective and sleek look for your kitchen. The smaller sizes have no handles at all, and work by pull-push, so you will not even know they are there!

Smeg P1460X

Hobs and hoods
The new range includes gas hobs and chimney hoods in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, always designed to blend in with your kitchen. Whether you are after a four burner horizontal hob or an angled chimney hood, you will find what you are after in the new “Linea” range.The new range extends on the gorgeous ultra low-profile and gas-on-glass hobs to now include 5 burners, not just 4. The stylish steel knobs fit perfectly with the rest of the collection, and the cast iron pan stands contrast the elegant base of the hob to give it a prominent finish.The new hoods are just as stunning, and will sit over your hob to create a dreamy environment. The perimeter extraction feature creates a high pressure of air flow that allows it to increase the extraction of air significantly, and eliminate unwanted odours more efficiently; although there are another three settings to suit whatever your kitchen needs at the time. The angled hoods are even equipped with touch controls, giving an extremely minimal design.

Smeg CVI338X1
Wine coolers and coffee machines
Welcome to the 21st Century, where your wine cooler can connect to Wi-Fi through the Smeg Connect APP, allowing you to interact with your wine cooler wherever you are. You can easily control temperature and humidity, make a personalised list of what you are cooling, and even share it with your friends. Wine coolers were already awesome but this additional feature places them at a completely new level; you can always trust the Italians with wine! Additionally, keep your wine safe from the children with child lock, and protected from the outside thanks to alarms for temperature changes and open door. Just as much care has been placed in the design, with some coolers featuring pull-push systems with no handle for an extremely stylish finish, and all continuing the reflective style with glass doors.

Always wanted to make an automatic cappuccino? Well, now you can. New “Linea” range integrated coffee makers can whisk milk and add it directly to your cup, so whether you want to make one or two coffees, you can have cappuccino, Italian style!

Smeg is a consistent manufacturer of Italian design: from classic timeless pieces to modern collections like the “Linea” one. Either way, you can be assured that they will always deliver on the stylish made in Italy!

Check out Smeg’s great products in our Small Appliances range. If you want to shop around and compare our outstanding Smeg products with other brands across our website, check out our lines of cooking appliances, refrigerators, including our gorgeous American-Style Fridge Freezers, dishwashers and more. If you require more information on Smeg’s Linea range or any of Smeg’s appliances please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team. They are always happy to help! 0115 965 1937 🙂

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