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Our NEW Website is Here!

We’ve launched a brand-new website! It’s finally here and we are SO excited! We’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to uncover this and get it live, so you can love it as much as we do. Now, I know most of you are probably thinking there was nothing wrong with the old one, correct! However, it had become a little dated, technology had moved with the times and sadly our website hadn’t followed… until now.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the last 18 months building our brand-new website. Don’t worry, we’ve designed it so it is still easy to navigate and still easy to purchase from but if I am honest, you will probably find it even easier than before. We have tripled the amount of brand, product, category and general appliance information, we’ve added more product images, increased specification information, we’ve even busted appliance jargon and added a promotions page (so you can easily find the link up to a month after the promotion has ended). Talk about the full customer experience!

We’ve really taken on board what our customers want and need from our website. Now aesthetically, it’s beautiful. We know it looks good. We now have interactive banners, brand pages with the impact they deserve and the overall colour scheme matches our new(ish) logo (everything now matches… yay!)

We can’t help but get excited about it. Even down to the smallest touches such as the little washing icon when you are searching a product, the change in colour when you hover over certain sections of the site, and how the basket, and the payment page look. This couldn’t be easier to use if we tried. Everything is clean, clear and simple. We’ve changed how our ‘best buy’ products are displayed, now displayed as ‘top picks’ and we’ve also re-assessed how our filter system works down the left-hand side. We’ve also perfected our ‘frequently bought together’ section of the site, to make your decisions that little bit easier. We really want your experience on our site to be one of ease.

Our homepage gives you everything you need as soon as you hit our site. We’ve increased how many things you can access first off with very little thought or navigation. Whether that’s a specific brand, category, promotions, our showroom video, latest blog posts or access to our recycling, warranty or customer care pages. You can access these with one click, as soon as you land. I mentioned before about busting appliance jargon. We’ve added a ‘jargon buster’ page just to break down and simplify some words you may come across a lot, but not necessarily know the difference. Things like the difference between recirculating and ducting out a cooker hood. Or perhaps what pyrolytic cleaning and catalytic liners really mean. We appreciate that having thousands of products to choose from can be daunting, especially if you aren’t quite sure on the variations, so we’ve tried to ensure you buy your perfect appliances with as little stress as possible.

Going back to brand pages. We owe it to our brands to showcase their products to our best ability. We feel we’ve achieved that with this website. Plenty more aspirational lifestyle images, a breakdown of fantastic features & product ranges and more brand specific content. After all, you need to be able to visualise these products in your own home, understand how they will work for you and the differences across the variation of fantastic brands. You will also find interactive banners and links to their promotions.

Our multibuy option is incredibly popular amongst our customers, we’ve now made it so it is even easier to use. And well, you can’t really miss it now either! We’ve dedicated a lovely, brightly coloured section for it on our homepage, which gives you a nice breakdown of what it entails. Also, our reviews are incredibly important to us. We are a trusted partner of TrustPilot, with a fantastic 9.6 out of 10 TrustScore. We have the highest TrustScore out of our competitors and we couldn’t be prouder. We thrive on delivering good service, not just shifting boxes and our reviews speak for themselves. With an impressive 96% of five star reviews! You can now see our latest reviews on our homepage, this allows you to scroll through around 20 of our newest reviews so you can see for yourself. Our ‘customer feedback’ page is also linked to TrustPilot. Leave us a review!

As you can probably tell, we love this website so much. I mean I could sit here and talk about it all day. We’d love to know what you think of it though. After all, it is our amazing customers who will be using it. Whilst we encourage online orders, we still want you to pick up the phones and talk to us! You can’t beat old fashioned telephone service, especially with everything being so heavily web based nowadays. Our sales guys are fantastic at their jobs. They know the products we sell inside and out. Their knowledge is second to none and if there is something you are unsure of before purchasing, these guys will be able to give you advice. So, get in touch 🙂  0115 965 1937

So, check it out! Have a look at all of our amazing lines of refrigeration, cooking, laundry and extraction appliances. With dishwashers, sinks & taps, small appliances and more to browse from too, you can be sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for on our new look Appliance City website!

If you’d like to leave us some feedback regarding our new website, don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]. We’d really love to hear from you.

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