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Smeg Linea: Highlights of the aesthetic range

The Linea range encompasses everything Smeg are known for. Minimalism, elegance and style. This beautiful collection of appliances features ovens, microwaves, hobs, warming drawers and even wine coolers. So you can mix and match your Smeg style, no matter what you need.

What is Smeg’s Linea collection?

Smeg have created this collection to celebrate the simplest element of design – the humble line. Across the selection, there is a stainless steel line below the appliance control panel. When placed adjacent to each other, this coordinating collection creates an aesthetic like no other. Bold, yet unashamedly minimal.

Linea is built with eco-compatible materials such as steel, glass and aluminum, presenting a strong build that will easily blend into any kitchen and last you for years to come. Not only that, the full glass front is complete with a mirror finish, so it shines with elegance no matter where you look at it.

Smeg have also designed the Linea collection to be ergonomic; to save you space. You can arrange your chosen Linea appliances next to each other, or stack them. Meaning you can create a kitchen space according to your needs, and to compliment how you cook.

All of the Linea collection is available in black or silver.

Linea Oven Highlights

Besides the effortlessly simple design, Smeg’s Linea collection is packed with power and innovative technology. And the ovens are certainly the pioneering appliance of this statement.

The ovens have two options available for control panel. You can opt for a classic oven look, with steel electronic knobs that match the handle and the aesthetic line. However if you prefer something a bit more technical for your smart home, you can opt for the interactive colour touch controls.

There are a variety of cooking options, all controlled from the touch control hub at the top. Some models boast 50 automatic cooking programmes and then 10 programmable recipes of your own. It’s practically like having a recipe book in your oven! This model has 20 programmes and you can even rapidly preheat to give your cooking a little boost.

And if you’re not a fan of cleaning your oven, Smeg has you covered. Some of Smeg’s Linea ovens have pyrolytic cleaning, which uses extreme heat to turn any dirt into ash. All you have to do is wipe it away. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. The glass door locks until the high temperatures have completely subsided, leaving you with just a clean oven.

But if you don’t want to pay the high price tag of the pyrolytic, you can opt for Vapour Clean. It’s a short, twenty minute programme that lifts all residue and grease that’s stuck into the sides of your oven. To read more on how it works, visit the official smeg website here.

Although I’ve previously mentioned the glass door, its definitely worth mentioning again. The transparent door for these ovens allows you to watch and monitor your food whilst it cooks. But once switched off, the door has a crystal translucency that really completes the aesthetic and gives it an interesting edge.

Linea Combi Highlights

The Linea combi ovens look fantastic above or adjacent to their bigger oven sisters. Glass doors and steel handles deliver the same reflective beauty and flawless design. You can choose a steam combination, or a microwave combination oven. Either way, they’re fast and reliable, giving you a new lease of life for those after dinner meals.

Steam Combi ovens are the latest appliance trend. You can cook with steam on a variety of levels. Either use steam solely to get the tastiest, most nutritious fish and vegetables. Or, you can combine steam with your regular fan cooking. For wholesome food, with the same crispy crunch as your fan oven. This model offers 65 automatic recipes with 64 customisable recipes, perfect for all your favourite meals.

Next, are the compact combination microwave ovens. The size of the cavity allows them to perform as well as traditional ovens when in combined mode, but in less time thanks to the 1000W power. Additionally, they are even available with a grill to allow for perfect crispy brown food. Lastly, as if these compact microwave ovens couldn’t get any more amazing, they feature a ceramic base that allows all food to heat up evenly – no more horrible microwaved meals!

Linea Hobs Highlights

A kitchen isn’t complete without a fantastic hob. The Smeg Linea hob, whether gas or induction, will mean everything fits in perfect harmony. There are ultra low profile induction hobs and there are powerful gas-on-glass hobs. Again, they’re available in black, silver or white.

One of our most popular hobs is the Multizone Induction hob with 5 zones. And theres no wonder its so popular, as you can combine the left and right hand zones to make one larger zone. Perfect for cooking up a feast! It’ll also automatically detect your pan, making it safer for you and the little ones. And with a super sleek black surface, it’ll suit any type of kitchen counter.

The gas on glass offers durability and strength with the powerful burners and reinforaced glass on steel base. The heavy duty cast iron pan stands are circular in design; if you love symmetry, this hob design will certainly please you!

Linea Wine Coolers

If you’re looking for a modern way to store your favourite beverages, the Linea range has everything you need. These integrated appliances not only deliver on sleek, streamlined exteriors, but smart and long-lasting interiors.

The wine coolers offer either a 21 or 38 wine bottle capacity, as well as anti-UV glass and an active charcoal filter to protect your wine bottles from any damage. The integrated, in-column wine fridge has an ergonomic push-pull door, making it incredibly easy for you to access your wines. But if you prefer something more fridge-like for your wines, the under counter models are of a taller build with the added steel handle finishing touch.

Linea Coffee Machines

Everyone dreams of the perfect coffee, ready for you when you get downstairs. The Linea range of coffee machines does exactly that.

These automatic coffee machines take either bean or ground coffee, and produce amazing barista level results from the comfort of home. There’s 13 different coffee functions, with 3 different temperature levels and an adjustable dispenser for if you change your cup size. So whether you’re on the go and only need an espresso, or in the need for a calming cappuccino on a rainy day at home, this Linea coffee machine has you sorted.

Smeg’s Linea range is the pinnacle of appliance design and technology. The line design is ideal for those who like minimalism. Whilst the features are incredibly contemporary and modern, appealing to all those who like a bit of class in their kitchen. Shop the entire collection here.

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