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Our Favorite Kitchen Remodels

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In any persons home the kitchen, no matter how long you spend in it, is a focal point and because of this we dream of having bigger, smarter, more technologically advanced kitchens that we can be proud of and put a big smug smile on our faces when we have guests over. If you’re a big baker or have a small home or even if you’re gadget obsessed then you need a kitchen to fit your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re lucky enough then you’ll have a lovely new kitchen built in when you move home or if your super rich then can you rip out a kitchen you don’t like and have one built to your perfect specifications, most of us unfortunately don’t have this luxury and therefore a kitchen remodel is a viable option.

Here at Appliance City have done our best to get those creative juices flowing in you and hopefully stir up a few ideas for your own kitchen remodelling job.

Napa Valley Kitchen Remodel

This remodelling job is was all about using the same eco footprint whilst getting an updated look. Before having the update the kitchen was out of date in both functionality but most importantly design; it also had a very enclosed feel and lacked a lot of storage due to the outdated design.

The storage space was one of the first things to change as they added more and bigger cabinets by going to ceiling, using storage ideas such as open bakers rack in the pantry and utilising all walls for cabinets.

As well improving the storage space they updated the kitchen by choosing modern and vibrant kitchen appliances such as an electric drawer opener for the rubbish draw so that it opens when your hands are full of all sorts of things. Admittedly there wasn’t millions of things wrong with the before kitchen but they felt it needed to be updated.


napa valley kitchen remodel



napa valley kitchen remodel after

Updating a Plain White Kitchen

The plain white kitchen divides opinion, are they trendy, classic or just plain boring but one thing is for certain, there seems to be an awful lot of them at the moment. So when you see a kitchen remodelling going the other way then it’s quite nice, going for a more homely, traditional look rather than going clean cut.

Again the kitchens footprint stayed the same and it was only the materials that changed. They choose to add granite countertops and cider cherry cabinets for a richer, warmer look and they went with stainless steel appliances from LG’s café collection.


updating a plain white kitchen before


updating a plain white kitchen after

A Farmhouse Kitchen Transformation

Tackling a full house remodel is a difficult task at the best of time, but even harder when you it’s a badly run-down farmhouse. But the owners saw potential in the property and decided to take it on and spent 15 months turning it into a modern home with a fantastic kitchen which is what we’re going to look at.

The couple didn’t have the biggest budget in the world so they had to keep all renovations to a respectable level. They added new cabinets and counters from the Swedish giant IKEA, subway style tiles, a new kitchen faucet and stylish Whirlpool appliances. Although my favourite bit of the remodelling has to be the vintage wooden bar the sits in the centre of the kitchen. This remodel shows what you can do with a little can do attitude and inspirational designs.


a farmhouse transformation before


a farmhouse transformation after

From Yellow to Mellow, a Stunning Kitchen Makeover

This is an absolutely stunning remodelling job, not just because of the finished product but also because of the state the kitchen was in beforehand. It originally looked like it was something out of a horror film, yellow walls, yellow kitchen cabinets and yellow flooring, it seemed the designer had a bit of a yellow fetish. The redesigned kitchen however, wipes the grim yellow mess right off the map!

The remodelled kitchen is just insane; the walls have been removed, ceiling raised, they’ve inserted granite countertops and so much more. I think however this remodelling is best left to the power of sight as it is difficult to put into words the difference and wonder of this remodel.


yellow to mellow before


yellow to mellow after

Plain Jane to Pin Up Queen, a Complete Transformation

Another stunning kitchen makeover, a families desire to turn their sad 60s cinder block kitchen into a beautiful rustic modern retreat, conjured up a magnificent end product. It was just another standard kitchen with a countertop, a few cabinets and cupboards with barely any light flowing into its grainy and tired looking appearance.

In just under an amazing four weeks, they transformed it into a wonderful retreat complete with exposed beams, marble countertops, hardwood floors and a hand built farm style table – made from reclaimed barn wood. It has been transformed into not just a great looking kitchen but into a room that everyone will want to retreat into after a long day at work.


plain jane before


plain jane after

Bistro Kitchen Makeover

This remodel is all about utilising the space you have in your house, this owner’s kitchen was very cramped and totally forgettable. Everything was cluttered and although it had a nice colour scheme and would have looked good in someone else’s house it just didn’t ‘fit’ in this home.

With the help of a designer, it has been transformed into an open and inviting kitchen with a contemporary bistro feeling, some of its best features include marble countertops, a drawer style dishwasher, a chalkboard wall and a fantastic, dazzling bronze chandelier. It also features an impressive large eat-at island.

Functional and handsome this kitchen remodel is a great way to show that despite having limited space, by combining areas of your house and utilising what you’ve got, you can enjoy your dream kitchen.


bistro before


bistro after


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