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Delicious Veggie Dishes for National Vegan Month

Appliance City - Vegan Recipes - National Vegan Month

National Vegan Month definitely isn’t one we can all relate to, but why can’t we try? Put yourself in the shoes of your vegan friends and try one of these super healthy, delicious vegan recipes. You don’t have to make a lifestyle change, just a menu change this month!

Soy Free Vegan Benedict

Vegan Recipes - Appliance City - Soy Free Vegan Benedict

Having a breakfast that is planet friendly and animal byproduct free was never so easy. You could always eat a bowl of fruit but why would you when you can make this amazing recipe from Keepin’ it Kind?

Whilst the sauce does look a bit too thick for my taste, the author of the recipe vouches that it can be made a bit thinner to resemble original hollandaise sauce (animal free of course). What I love about this recipe is the shiitake bacon, voila mushrooms do have amazing uses! I also love the thick chickpea patty. Making chickpea patties are relatively easy and what’s great about them is the ability to add different spices to them to make them perfect for any dish. Play around with it, make it a Mexican vegan Benedict or a Greek one, the options really are endless.

Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas

Vegan Recipes - Vegan enchiladas - Appliance City

Looks delicious doesn’t it? Vegan food isn’t all about raw, salads or tofu; you can have amazing hot lunches and still be animal byproduct free (not to mention tasty). I happen to love South American / Mexican food, so this recipe from the Binary Vegan was right up my alley.

This dish is incredibly easy to make – including the homemade enchilada sauce. What’s perfect? It’s even better the next day, so it’s perfect for a leftover lunch! Your peers will be dying for a bite, but I’m not sharing.

Spicy Thai Quinoa Salad

Spicy Thai Coconut Quinoa Salad - Vegan Recipes - Appliance City

Whomever said tofu doesn’t taste amazing has never tried this beautiful Thai recipe from ChowHound. Imagine all those lovely bowls of Thai food that you can get at Wagamama, then imagine eating them at home, in front of the telly watching Strictly or Corrie. Heaven, that’s what I call that. The fact that this is eco and animal friendly makes it that much easier to enjoy.

Lemon and Lavender Cheesecake

Vegan Recipes - Lemon and Lavender Cheesecake - Appliance City

Ok, I’m not saying that desserts will save the world, but this one is a great step in the right direction! This recipe from One Green Planet isn’t your typical cheesecake, though you’d never know the difference. I love the fresh flavours that come together beautifully in this vegan dessert recipe. I never thought to put lavender in a cheesecake, I mean it’s perfect in sweet cocktails so why not? So you’re probably wondering, how is this a “cheesecake” without the cheese? Well you can’t technically class this with cheesecakes because it’s essentially made from cashews and coconut oil among other things, but its creamy and delicious. Give it a try!

You don’t need to go vegan forever, but why not support the planet for one day this year and give one or all of these recipes a try? What would it hurt? Definitely not the planet or your waistline!

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