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Get Your Nosh on – It’s Nachos Day

Recipes from Appliance City for Nacho Day

Who ever came up with this idea to have a nachos day is brilliant! Crunchy nachos, gooey warm cheese, spicy jalapenos and savoury guacamole makes everything in the world seem just right, if only for a few minutes.

The perfect snack or appetiser, nachos are the spicy answer to all your hunger needs. But wait! I’ve been fumbling around on the interwebs and found *shockingly!* that there are other ways to make nachos. I’ll share a few with you all, tell me what you think. Yay or Nay? Is it just sacrilege to make nachos any other way but the traditional way?

BBQ Chipotle Chicken Nachos
Nacho Day - Recipes - Appliance City - BBQ Chicken Chipotle Nachos

I came across this recipe from Lemons for Lulu when searching for “nachos big enough for a full meal”. I know, I know! Nachos are supposed to be snack food, but this recipe goes way beyond the munchies to full on hunger satisfying. Chicken, black beans and delicious cheese combined with spicy salsa and chipotle seasonings gives you a good does of your 5 a day with a kick of flavour that your tastebuds will thank you for.

While I know the cheeses are either impossible to buy here in the UK or very difficult (if you know where I can get some let me know!) there are great substitutions. Monterey Jack and Gouda can be substituted by white cheddar and sharp cheddar mixed, then add a smokey cheese. Voila, it’s the closest you can get to those American cheeses.

Fluffernutter Apple Nachos

Nacho Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Fluffernutter Apple Nachos

Holy Batman! Those aren’t nachos, they’re apples! Someone is confused, that would be me by the way. These “nachos” from Inside Bru Crew Life make my inner child smile. Growing up I was a huge fan of fluffernutter sandwiches. Don’t know what they are? It’s marshmallow fluff and peanut butter, incredibly tasty and equally bad for you. This recipe will be every child’s favourite dessert. Apple slices topped with drizzled creamy peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and halved peanut butter cups. Perfect for parties or a sweet treat for family time, I’m definitely making this for my little ones.

Carne Asada Nachos with Avocado Pico de Gallo

Nacho Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Carne Asada Nachos

Is there anything more delicious than carne asada steak? Probably, but I can’t think of anything at this moment. These nachos are the exquisite combination of smokey carne asada steak, spicy pico de gallo and smooth, creamy avocado. I Wash You Dry has created the perfect combination that I would be happy to serve this dish as a main at dinner or during parties or barbecues. If you’re looking for a cure for your Mexican craving, this recipe will definitely be the cure.

Sweet Potato Nachos

Nacho Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Sweet Potato Nachos

Have 25 minutes and these five ingredients? Then you have everything you need to make these yummy sweet potato nachos from Hola Jalapeno. I’d call these something more like loaded sweet potato fries, but we’ll go with nachos – depending on how crunchy they are. Nothing worse than some soggy nachos!

Smoked cheddar, black beans, sweet potato and coriander – just the sound of putting them together makes my mouth water. Have a small dish of sour cream to hand for dipping or even some pico de gallo. Either way you won’t be let down with this sweet, savoury dish.

Slow Cooker Beefy Nacho Soup

Nacho Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Beefy Nacho Soup

Tis the season for soup…..and nachos! Why not have both? In this recipe from The Recipe Critic you get the best of both worlds. Heart warming soup and delicious, crunchy nachos. Sounds like a match made in culinary heaven. Besides the fact it tastes out of this world good, it can be made in a slow cooker! So perfect when I walk in the door and “Hello! Dinner!” instead of “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Of course The Recipe Critic also includes the recipe to make on the stove top if you are so inclined. This is so good, you just might want to keep the recipe to yourself.

Nach-o day, Nacho Day! Get it? Not your day, Nacho Day!? Yes? No. Nevermind. It’s Nacho Day, get dipping, crunching, crumbling, crisping and cracking. Enjoy every bite.

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