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Miele Unveils New Range

Miele's New Range at Appliance City

Yesterday (12/02/2104) we were privileged enough to be invited to the launch of the new Miele range of products. Once again Miele didn’t disappoint us with entertainers just as good as their products!

So whats new?


Well after 5 years of engineering Miele will be running the new W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers. These 8kg machines will be available to us in March, they will boast A+++ energy ratings and 1600 rpm spins. However, Miele have a great feature up their sleeves, the measured automated detergent dispenser. The Twindos.


But this is Miele we are talking about here, so this is no ordinary detergent, nor is it softener. Their clever engineers have been working on the ultimate in stain removal, but please don’t ask us what it is (just yet)! All we know is that these guys below proved it worked..!


In fact looking at that board there is something with 2 hydrogens? 2 oxygens? Is that hydrogen dioxide? Peroxide? Rather than us guess we’ll leave the Miele boffins to it.. Whatever is in there made dirt literally disappear in front of our eyes. Very impressive. In Miele’s own words:

“Automatic dispensing with Miele’s revolutionary 2 phase system or with your own brand of liquid detergent and fabric softener. For maximum efficiency, TwinDos dispenses the detergent or fabric conditioner at the appropriate time during the wash process.”


The W1 carries a neat feature to help with those special textile washes, the Capdosing. It’s essentially a place to add an additional capsule dose of special detergent, whether it’s a stain remover boost or a special softener.


Power wash

The washing machines also come with a quick power wash that is less than one hour BUT gives A rated wash, the power wash is also used across the board giving 10% improvement on efficiency .


Soft steam

The tumble dryers as well are no slouches, they will be 8kg, A+ minimum efficiency and “Steam Finish” technology, which gently massage creases out of your clothes, which in turn saves your tennis elbow from ironing all those clothes.


Here’s a sneak preview of the new machines making an entry into the market in March:

photo 1

Thanks to here’s a brief video overview of the washing machines:

We’ll post more information on these Miele products as and when we have them, for more information on their current range and to see these products when they are live, use this link:

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