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Kids Take Over the Kitchen!

Appliance City - Recipes - Kids Take Over the Kitchen

Kids love to help out in the kitchenwith a bit of supervision of course. Why not oversee them making some delicious and healthy treats for the whole family? They’ll love being able to do most of it themselves and it’s precious time spent, unplugged, as a family. It’s Kids Takeover the Kitchen Day – what better time than now?

Mini Donuts with Icing and Sprinkles

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What kid doesn’t like donuts? What kid doesn’t like sprinkles? This recipe is perfect for even the smallest hands. Parents will need to assist in the baking process but kids will get a kick out of mixing the ingredients and decorating these mini sweet donuts from Yesterday on Tuesday.

Spanish Churros

Spanish Churros - Recipe - Appliance City

Melt in your mouth churros. These are perfect for older kids who have a little more knowledge in the kitchen, but I suggest parents do the frying. Chelsea’s Messy Apron delivers this tempting Spanish treat with a recipe fit for kids. Perfect after a homemade tapas meal, summer barbecues or with some hot chocolate on a cold winters night, all that’s missing is actually being in Spain.

Ham and Cheese Pockets

Appliance City - Recipes - Kids Kitchen Takeover

Perfect for lunches, easy tea time or snacks these ham and cheese pockets from Money Saving Mom are quick and simple to make. The best thing about these is you know that they aren’t full of any harmful preservatives and the kids can do everything except the baking. They are also highly freezer friendly so make loads in advance so you have them on hand anytime.

Tortilla Pizza

Kids Kitchen Takeover - Appliance City - Food & Home

A healthy pizza alternative the kids can make themselves, why not? If your little ones want to get in on the pizza making action let them spread around the sauce base and add their own toppings and cheese. This Margherita recipe from Annabel Karmel is a perfect start and only takes 15 minutes from start to finish.

Super Simple Breakfast

Kids Kitchen Takeover - Appliance City - Recipes


Getting the kids ready for school and out the door is a rush for most families. Get the kids involved in making these simple breakfast bowls from The Organised Chef. Not only are they a healthy alternative to sugary cereals but they require no bowls, spatulas or mixing. Kids can do everything themselves but will need help with the baking portion.

Kids taking over the kitchen doesn’t have to be a messy nightmare! It can be a delightful way to teach kids how to cook, getting them away from their video games and phones for some fun family time.

Title Image Credit: Maison Cupcake

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