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Kaelo: Bringing People Together

A group of 4 people holding up their glasses of wine as if doing a toast.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or unwinding after a long day, enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature with Kaelo. Achieving the perfect serving temperature makes a world of difference between an exquisite experience and a missed opportunity.

Enter Kaelo, a smart kitchen accessory that pairs perfectly with a wine cooler. Kaelo is a revolutionary wine server that brings innovation to the art of savouring a whole bottle of wine. The Kaelo wine server is also known as an open bottle host, keeping your wine close to the action. Kaelo ensures that every drop of your favourite vintage is enjoyed at precisely the right temperature, every time.

Kaelo was invented and designed by Kevin Jabou, who spent seven years creating over 300 prototypes to perfect the design. Today, Kaelo is designed by ex-Dyson engineers in London, and built by hand in the Cotswolds. Kaelo’s patented design uses hyper-efficient medical technologies. This allows it to reach cold temperatures in a matter of seconds, whilst only costing less than 2p per hour to run. Not only that, but Kaelo runs using dry air technology, so you’ll never have to worry about water drips, just perfectly chilled drinks.

Here we explore Kaelo’s cutting edge technology and impeccable design. This has led to them becoming the new must-have accessory for wine enthusiasts.

Kaelo Models

There are currently 2 models of wine servers available; Kaelo and Kaelo Plus.


Hand pulling out a bottle of wine from a Kaelo; a wine chiller built into a countertop.

Maintain the perfect temperature of any chilled drink with Kaelo. This model features touch control lighting for any desired atmosphere.

Kaelo Plus

A bottle of Rose wise sat in a Kaelo Plus; a wine cooler built into a countertop.

Experience everything you get with Kaelo, but with more dynamic lighting settings and two extra temperature modes:

Red Wine Mode: Keep your red wine at it’s ideal temperature of 12-18°C

Boost Mode: Chill your drink by an extra 3-4°C in just 30 minutes.

Kaelo Designs

Each model is available in 3 different designs; Curved, Flush, and Undermount. Achieve a unique look to suit any environment.


A bottle of wine sat in a Kaelo with a curved design.

With this classic design, your Kaelo’s crown will adorn your countertop with a seamless curve. This design is perfect for those aiming for a simple, yet elegant look to match any interior design.


Bottle of wine sat in a Kaelo with a flush design.

A more discreet design, a flushed crown is embedded into the worktop itself to achieve a completely flat profile. This design is ideal for those with a modern and sophisticated taste.


A bottle of wine sat in a Kaelo with an undermount design.

This design fixes the crown to the underside of your worktop, which allows for a lid to fully cover your Kaelo. So, if you’re wanting to hide your crown away, this is the design for you.

Kaelo Finishes

Controlling everything, the crown is an extremely important element of Kaelo. So, treat it right with the perfect finish.

Polished Stainless-Steel

Curved Kaelo in a polished stainless steel finish

Available for all designs; Undermount, Curved & Flush.

From industrial to contemporary, this simple and classic finish perfectly suits any design. This dynamic finish offers a low maintenance design whilst adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

Brushed Stainless-Steel

Curved Kaelo in a brushed stainless steel finish

Available in Curved & Flush designs.

A slight twist on a stainless steel classic, brushed stainless steel has a unique and distinctive appearance. Less reflective than a polished finish, a brushed finish is perfect for modern and sophisticated looks. Complementing many aesthetics, this finish is surely never going out of style.

Brushed Brass

Curved Kaelo in a brushed brass finish

Available in Curved & Flush designs.

The golden hue of Kaelo’s brushed brass finish effortlessly elevates the space around it into a luxurious and classy haven. With its timeless appeal, a brushed brass finish suits both traditional and contemporary designs alike. So, surround your space with a warm and inviting embrace of brass.

Brushed Gunmetal

Curved Kaelo in a brushed gunmetal finish

Available in Curved & Flush designs.

Adding a touch of elegance to your space, the dark and alluring brush gunmetal finish pairs perfectly with any contemporary aesthetic. So if you’re looking to make a bold statement with your Kaelo, the unique and edgy appearance of brushed gunmetal will not let you down.

Matte Black

Curved Kaelo in a matte black finish

Available in Curved & Flush designs.

Often associated with contemporary design styles, a matte black finish adds sophistication and flair without the need to demand attention. There’s no need to worry about this finish falling out of style with its timeless quality that will forever continuously deliver a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Model Comparison

A table showing the differences between a Kaelo and a Kaelo Plus model.


In conclusion, Kaelo provides a revolutionary way to savour every drop of your favourite vintage at the perfect temperature. Designed and perfected over years, Kevin Jabou’s cutting-edge technology has made it a must-have accessory for wine lovers.

With two models, various designs, and a range of finishes to choose from, Kaelo offers versatility, efficiency, and sophistication that elevates the art of wine enjoyment. 

Whether you opt for the classic Curved design or the discreet Flush option, Kaelo will fit effortlessly into any new or existing surface of your choice. 

Whether you’re drinking wine or juice, Kaelo brings people together around the bottle, a testament to innovation and elegance in drinking enjoyment.

A group of people sitting around a table, in a night time setting, with a bottle of wine sitting in a Kaelo wine chiller.

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