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Caple’s Gunmetal Sense Range

A row of built-in Caple gunmetal appliances in grey cabinetry.

If you’re looking to bring style and elegance into your kitchen, Caple are more than capable with their range of gunmetal appliances. Caple are known for their stunning cooking ranges that bring your homes to a whole new level.

The Caple Gunmetal Sense range is no exception. Incorporating gunmetal into your home is an ever-growing trend. That’s because it modernises your space whilst complimenting your current décor themes. Caple has raised the bar with their bank of gunmetal appliances.

Caple’s Sense Range in Gunmetal

Gunmetal Ovens

90cm Electric Single Oven Sense Gunmetal C2902GM

Open oven built into a wooden kitchen island, with open oven cavity revealing a white casserole dish inside.

Let’s start by looking at this gorgeous gunmetal built-in electric single oven.

This oven hosts a wide range of features. These include precise temperature control, triple glazed doors, 12 cooking functions, and self-cleaning catalytic liners.

It even has a rotisserie cooking function for a perfectly succulent chicken every time. Is anybody else’s mouth watering?

Finally, with its blend of style and functionality, this oven is sure to be a standout appliance in your home.

60cm Pyrolytic Single Oven Sense Gunmetal C2403GM

Next we have Caple’s pyrolytic built-in single oven in captivating gunmetal with a black glass viewing window.

This kitchen gem adds an elegant touch to any kitchen space with its stunning finish. It’s brimming with remarkable features! Caple’s MotionHeat+ function means you can consistent and rapidly reach your desired temperature without preheating. This not only saves you time, but it saves the energy bill too!

The star feature? Its pyrolytic technology, of course, that liberates you from oven cleaning chores. Heating up to 475°C, it turns stubborn grime into fine ash, easily dusted away.

This oven marries elegance and practicality, making it a must-have for hassle-free cooking and a stylish kitchen.

A gunmetal finished oven built into wooden cabinetry, with open oven cavity to reveal a dish of roast potatoes.

60cm Electric Soft Close Single Oven Sense Gunmetal C2106GM

A gunmetal grey oven, with triple glazed doors, built into tall green cabinetry, with a man and woman drinking coffee.

Boasting its soft close hinge, this built-in single oven guarantees to give you a pleasingly quiet closing mechanism.

With precise temperature control, triple glazed doors, 13 functions and MotionHeat+ as just a few of the amazing features, this oven reaches the desired temperature rapidly.

Furthermore, with its enhanced cooking experience and striking gunmetal finish and black glass viewing window, this oven will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.

Built In Combi Steam Oven Sense Gunmetal SO111GM

A woman dressed in white using the touch screen of a built in combi steam oven

Lastly, we have this built-in combi steam oven. Distinguished by its steam functionality, this oven can cook your meals to perfection, all whilst keeping your food full of nutrients, colour, and flavour. With its compact and space-saving design, this oven is ideal for smaller kitchens without needing to sacrifice on performance. Looking absolutely stunning in its gunmetal finish and black glass viewing window, this oven is suited for those looking for a harmonious combination of style and quality.

Gunmetal Microwave

Built-In Combination Microwave Sense Gunmetal CM111GM

Built in microwave shown next to a built in oven in wooden cabinetry.

This built-in combination microwave with gunmetal stainless steel finish will match perfectly with your new gunmetal oven.

With a staggering 10 power levels, and 8 auto cooking programmes, you’ll be blown away by the power that this fan heat microwave delivers.

You’ll never have had as much versatility with a multifunction fan oven, and grill in this turntable free 1000 watt microwave.

Gunmetal Coffee Machine

Built In Coffee Machine Sense Gunmetal CM465GM

No kitchen set is complete without a coffee machine, which is why we’re so happy to say Caple’s Sense range has a brilliant fully automatic integrated coffee machine in stunning gunmetal.

It exudes sophistication while offering the ultimate coffee experience, featuring touch controls, customizable hot drink options, 13 coffee bean grinding settings, 30 auto programs, 3 temperature options, and 5 coffee strength levels.

And, yes, it even includes a steam nozzle for milk frothing. So, with all these features, you have everything required to make your perfect cup of coffee.

Built in coffee machine with a gunmetal stainless steel finish shown built into green cabinetry.

Gunmetal Warming Drawer

14cm Warming Drawer Sense Gunmetal WD140GM

Built in appliances in green cabinetry, with a warming drawer shown under a microwave.

A wonderful addition to this collection is the 14cm warming drawer in gunmetal.

This warming drawer combines functionality and elegance in one. With ample space to keep dishes warm before serving, this sleek gunmetal-finished drawer seamlessly integrates into your kitchen design.

It offers precise temperature control, ensuring your meals stay at the perfect serving temperature.

Elevate your kitchen experience with the stylish and efficient Caple Sense gunmetal warming drawer.

Gunmetal Wine Coolers

Undercounter Dual Zone Wine Cooler Sense Gunmetal Wi6135GM

If you’re an avid wine collector, you’ll be very happy to see the addition of this wine cooler to Caple’s Sense range in gunmetal.

This undercounter dual-zone wine cooler is not just a cooler; it’s a sommelier for your home. With space for your reds and whites, it keeps your treasures perfectly chilled.

Its gunmetal exterior is like a tuxedo for your bottles – classy and ready to impress. Cheers to effortlessly stylish wine storage! Your wine deserves nothing less.

A wine cooler built in under a navy blue counter, stocked full of wine bottles.

In-Column Single Zone Wine Cooler Sense Gunmetal WC6100GM

A wine cooler built into green cabinetry, with a ladder leaning against the cabinets on the left.

Grab your ticket to wine nirvana with this in-column single zone wine cooler.

This sleek wine cooler seamlessly blends into your kitchen, offering a dedicated space for your favourite bottles.

Its single-zone design ensures your wines are stored at their optimal temperature, while the gunmetal finish adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

So, say hello to wine storage that’s as stylish as it is functional.

Undercounter Single Zone Wine Cooler Sense Gunmetal Wi3125GM

Meet your wine’s new best friend! This compact yet stylish cooler is a wine lover’s dream come true.

It offers the ideal conditions to store your favourite bottles, ensuring they’re always ready to impress your palate. Moreover, with its gunmetal exterior, it doesn’t just store wine; it showcases it.

Elevate your wine game with the perfect blend of form and function.

A narrow wine cooler full of wine bottles built into the end of blue cabinetry.

Caple’s Premium Sense Range in Gunmetal

Premium Gunmetal Oven

Smart Combi Microwave & Steam Oven Premium Sense Gunmetal CMS260GM

Multiple appliances with gunmetal finish shown built into wooden cabinetry.

Stepping up the game with the Premium Sense range, the Smart Combi Microwave & Steam Oven elevates home cooking to restaurant-level quality.

By combining microwave and steam cooking capabilities, you can effortlessly create gourmet meals in the comfort of your home.

The intuitive features and superior craftsmanship aren’t the only selling points to this premium appliance though. The sleek gunmetal finish adds sophistication and elegance to your kitchen, pairing perfectly with the rest of Caple’s gunmetal appliances.

Other Caple Appliances in Gunmetal

Not seeing everything you need to complete your new gunmetal kitchen? You’re in luck! We carry many more Caple appliances in gunmetal outside of the Sense range too, such as the following.

Caple CAFF46GM French Style 4 Door Fridge Freezer

No kitchen is complete without a fridge freezer. And what will be better to complete your gunmetal kitchen with this French Style 4 Door Fridge Freezer.

  • 588l capacity
  • Frost free
  • Multi airflow cooling
  • Electronic touch controls with LED display
  • Independent temperature control
A grey 4 door fridge freezer with 3 of the doors wide open, shown within a white kitchen environment.

Caple ZEL900GM Zella 90cm Angled Chimney Hood

A modern style chimney hood above a flat hob and in front of green slats.

This gorgeous chimney hood will transform your kitchen into a sleek and modern haven.

  • 3 speeds (max speed of 610m³ per hour)
  • LED touchscreen controls
  • 2x 1.5W LED lights

Hobs in Gunmetal

You’re in for a treat if you’re looking for a gunmetal hob. With a choice of 4 superb hobs, you’re spoilt for choice. Choosing a gunmetal hob not only gives you versatility in design, from contemporary to industrial, but you’ll also be rewarded with durability. A gunmetal finish is durable and resistant to wear and tear, meaning your hob is the perfect cooking partner in high-traffic kitchens.

Choose between the following Caple hobs:

Sinks in Gunmetal

Whether you’re looking for a gunmetal sink suitable for inset or undermount installation, or with a capacity of 1 or 2 bowls, Caple has you covered. Offering a unique finish and a chic sense of style, a sink with a gunmetal finish will set your kitchen apart.

Choose between the following:

Taps in Gunmetal

Lastly, these statuesque taps with a gunmetal finish couple beautifully with Caple’s gunmetal sinks. These taps will stand proudly in your kitchen, giving you the perfect finishing touch.

Choose between the following Caples taps:

Black Steel Options with Caple

If a gunmetal finish still doesn’t feel right for your kitchen, we’d recommend looking into a black steel finish. Black steel will provide you with a similar level of style, elegance, and sophistication, but without the level of shine that gunmetal delivered. So, if you’re looking for a sleek matt finish, why not check out a few of Caple’s black steel finish appliances:

  • Fully Automatic Built In Coffee Machine
  • Premium Combi Microwave With Steam
  • 14cm Warming Drawer


Caple’s Gunmetal Sense Range offers a stunning array of kitchen appliances that combine both style and functionality. The gunmetal finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures durability. From ovens with advanced benefits like pyrolytic cleaning, to a smart combi microwave and steam oven, these appliances elevate home cooking to restaurant-level quality.

The range also includes smaller appliances in the same elegant finish, for a cohesive finish in your kitchen. Caple’s commitment to design and quality shines through in this range. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking both aesthetics and culinary excellence.

If you need more information on Caple’s gunmetal Sense range, or on any of their appliances online, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team on 0115 965 1937.

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