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Coffee: The Bean, The Brew and Beyond!

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Ahhh coffee. Where would we be without it? The simple bean that brings joy to millions of us every day. The sophisticated assortment of aromas and the stimulating abilities provided by the accompanying caffeine. It’s safe to say that we LOVE coffee.

We’ve been working on a super exciting piece of content to demonstrate this love and to spread the knowledge far and wide. Believe me; there is a lot to learn! But first, let’s take a look at the process of turning the precious little bean into a source of happiness for coffee lovers around the world.

How, what, where?

The coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant. It actually starts out inside the fruit of the plant, which is referred to as the berry or cherry. It is grown in what is known as the “Bean Belt” which is a zone across the earth which houses all of the world’s coffee plantations. This area is located between the tropical lines of Cancer and Capricorn. Providing the perfect conditions for cultivating the plants which thrive in a warm, stable climate.


The process

The beginning of the process sees the berries being harvested. They are then sorted by ripeness and the fruit or flesh of the berry is removed. The seeds are then fermented and washed to remove any excess material and then dried.

When the coffee is dried and sorted, the next step (and arguably the most important as this is what gives us the beautiful flavour we know and love) is roasting. Many chemical and physical changes occur during roasting. One of which is the creation of caffeol. Caffeol is an oil which is produced when the bean reaches a temperature of about 200°C (392°F). Caffeol provides that coffee taste and aroma that has many of us hooked from the very first sip.

After roasting, the beans then go on to be stored. Since the beans have undergone a massive change, they are now in a more volatile state and can be damaged by moisture, light and oxygen. This means that correct storage and transportation of the beans is essential in order to preserve the integrity of the product.

Want to know more?

So, now we’ve given you a basic run down of the steps of coffee processing, aren’t you just dying to learn more?! Well luckily for you, Appliance City has created the ultimate interactive guide; Coffee: The Bean, The Brew and Beyond! We’ve included everything, from information on the effects of caffeine and brewing methods to the coffee lifestyle and more. You can find a range of coffee machines available online and in the showroom at Appliance City here.



So check it out, let us know what you think, tell us about your favourite coffee beverages and most treasured coffee memories!

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