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Essential Creative Food Hacks [Infographic]

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Whether we love it or not, most of us take up the job of cooking for ourselves and loved ones and, especially if you are not the best cook and don’t particularly enjoy it, there are times when it seems that a simple solution to a common problem is just beyond our reach. And, whether you realise it or not, we all have little tricks and hacks that we incorporate into certain everyday processes, some more creative than others; who knew frozen grapes were the perfect wine coolers?

Take for example dried fruit. Occasionally, products available in supermarkets and shops just don’t cut the mustard. With today’s desire for organic and additive free food it might be hard to find the healthy alternatives you’re looking for and it would never occur to most of us that we could just make our own. Luckily there is a solution and a hack for everything, including making your own dried fruit! Who would have known that by simply baking fruit in the oven for the right amount of time would give you tasty dried fruit made from your own selection of fresh, organic products?

food hacks infographic

If you’re a wine lover (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) the mere idea of adding ice cubes to your heavenly beverage probably seems a lot like sacrilege. At first you might delight in the idea of having ice cold wine no matter how warm the weather is. But give it a few minutes and the delicate, zesty notes of that Sauvignon Blanc you’re drinking will start to disappear as it is diluted by the melting ice.

A simple solution: add frozen grapes to the glass to enjoy a glass of chilled wine without watering it down (it also looks much more elegant than ice cubes!). In the very, ahem, rare case that you have left over wine from cooking, why not freeze the remaining wine in ice cube trays ready for future cooking whenever you need it? You’ll have less wastage, easy and convenient access to small volumes of wine when you need it and money saved in the long run – sounds good to us!

Today’s DIY culture has spawned a generation of enthusiasts who just love to “hack” everything from furniture and décor to clothing and accessories. We’ve created this infographic to share some interesting, unique and valuable food hacks. These simple tips will help you to solve those trivial yet annoying kitchen problems as well as save a bit of money, too! And, erm, perfect bacon anyone?! So enjoy, share them with someone else who will find them useful and tell us about your own hacks!

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