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A Look Back at the Best At-Home Lockdown Trends

Over the past year our homes have seen us more than ever before. Being stuck indoors is the new norm, and some of us are almost getting used to it. Whether being inside has given you a new lease of life, or has caused you to pine out the window like a little puppy, there’s one thing that’s blatantly obvious. We love doing home improvements. From redecorating the garden to up-cycling furniture, lockdown has caused us to go a little crazy over DIY refurbishments. Here are some of our favourite trends from the past year of mayhem.

Workout Rooms

Being at home all the time meant people were finally able to get round to getting fit and healthy. The garden was an obvious choice for a quick yoga session or a HIIT session with Joe Wicks. But not everyone had one, so people had to find some seriously creative ways to get their fit on. Nurseries got turned into mini-gyms. End of the bed vanities got replaced with a new cross-trainer. Whatever the space, staying active was on the top of our minds during lockdown.  

Pizza Ovens

What better way to make Friday night (or every night!) fun than with a pizza oven? It’s a family event that can happen every week. Sales of pizza ovens went through the roof in 2020 compared to 2019, selling out at most online retailers. This meant there were tonnes of families gathered around their pizza oven burning dough and tormenting their partner for choosing pineapple.

A Baking Business

Baking businesses really did spring out of nowhere during lockdown. Everyone had that friend on social media who constantly posted pictures of their cheesecakes, cupcakes and flans. The major demand for stand mixers meant it was fairly obvious everyone was getting their professional bake on. And with serious boredom kicking in for a lot of us, baking was a perfectly creative and messy way to fill the time. Very counterintuitive for people who wanted to use lockdown to get fit!

A New Home Office

All of a sudden people were working from home. Ensue laptops precariously perched on knees, awkward zoom calls and arguments with the internet router. The realisation your home was now your workplace had set in. It was time to panic. So people turned to making a home office where they could panic in peace. Whether it was a nook under the stairs, the old nursery or a new shed at the bottom of the garden, a lovely office was a little slice of luxury where new home workers could relax.

Do-It-Yourself Bars

The lack of pubs and bars set in quickly, so a DIY bar quickly became the trendy feature people needed in their home. Neighbours could be seen turning their garage into a micro pub, or up-cycling a chic corner cabinet into a gin bar. There was no better way to unwind on a Friday night than with a little tipple at your very own bar.

Kitchen Renovations

We love a good renovation at Appliance City, so it had to be at the top of the list. Being at home all the time meant you could see all the little imperfections. The cracked tiles, chipped skirting boards and tired appliances were plain as day. And with the whole family crammed inside, a once massive home became very small. People popped out renovations and extensions like it was going out of fashion. Whether it was a bathroom revamp or a whole new kitchen, there was always a new repair or refurb to be done.

Courtesy of one of our customers and the designers at Roots Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms!

And even now, the demand for appliances and kitchen designers are sky-high as the renovation trend continues to boom. Get some fantastic appliances for your renovation here, and if you’re looking for multiple appliances, get fantastic discounts with our multibuy option.   

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