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What Does a Smart Fridge Do?

Smart refrigerators have long been talked up by manufacturers, and now they’re finally here in our homes. Some of your friends have got them and you’re wondering: is a smart fridge really worth it? We’re taking a look into what fancy features and specialist designs make smart fridges actually smart.  

What is a Smart Fridge?

A Smart Fridge, often called a ‘Wi-Fi fridge’ or ‘Internet Fridge’, simply means that it’s a fridge connected to the internet. It has features like your phone. You can organise, search and create at the touch of a button. It can feed you and entertain you at the same time; we truly are living in the future! If you’re looking for a fridge freezer that will become the center point of your family home, you’re on the right path my friend.

What features does a Smart Fridge have?

Food Preparation & Management

Smart fridge meal plans

Your main concern when buying a fridge is the food. How well is it going to store it? Is there going to be enough space for my weekly shop? The answer is you have nothing to worry about. Most Smart Fridges boast over 500 litres of space, plenty if you’re looking to cram in all your groceries and the extra snacks! But the Smart Fridge takes it one step further, giving you a weekly meal plan, SmartRecipes and a family shopping list so you can be the most organised person on the planet. Forget shopping lists on the back of envelopes and accidental takeaways, the Smart Fridge is here to save the day.

Bluetooth Calling

Smart fridge bluetooth calling

Very similar to your car, a Smart Fridge has great hands-free. If you have the right smartphone, you can easily connect to the fridge and accept calls either through your phone or with your voice. This simple design means no more sticky fingers on phones when you’re mid-bake, much more fun than panicking and ignoring your phone like a normal person!

Beverage Centre

Fridge freezer beverage centre

A game changer for entertaining, the Smart Fridge easily delivers a host of beverage associated features. If you’re into infusions, the Samsung Family Hub is capable of providing instant filtered water with your favourite fruits in a super cute BPA-free jug. Most models have an automatic ice dispenser, so you don’t have to worry about lugging home a big bag of ice when you’re preparing to entertain. And there’s a particularly popular model (in America, sadly) that features craft ice: clear ice spheres that are perfect for a glass of whisky.

Alexa, Google Assistant & Bixby

You’re favourite smart device just got better. Whether you’re a fan of Google Assistant or are loyal to Alexa, there’s no better way to control your devices than with your fridge. Unfortunately Alexa & Google are exclusive to LG SmartThinQ fridge freezers, and will only work alongside other LG Smart products. Similarly Samsung only exclusively uses a combo of Bixby & the SmartThings app to keep your appliances connected.

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Quick & Easy Access

Tap-to-view Instaview

Both leading Smart Fridges have tap-to-view monitors, meaning you can see exactly what’s in your fridge without having to let all the precious cold air out. Pictures are regularly sent to your phone when the door is closed, so you can look back into your gallery and know exactly what’s missing from your shop. You can also tag expiration dates! You won’t have to fight to remember when the milk is about to go off!

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly

Generally fridge freezers are on all day every day, eating up electricity through the night and peaking when it’s opened to manage the temperature. The AI within a smart fridge learns your refrigeration habits, recognising when you open it most. It then uses Demand Response to optimise your energy usage, putting-off energy intense functions until off-peak electricity hours. Although only minor, it does save you both time and money.

Smart Cooling

Cooling is something you expect a fridge freezer to do, but these Smart Fridges expect perfection. Smart technology cools all round, pushing cold air through multiple ducts at various angles so that every single piece of food stays fresher for longer. And with flexible spaces where you can change the temperature from fridge to freezer, there’s no doubt that a Smart Fridge has the best cooling system possible.

What Smart Fridge Should I Buy?

The above are just a handful of the features that Smart Fridges have. It’s seriously difficult to not be bowled over by the sheer helpfulness of a Smart Fridge. But they do cost a pretty penny. It’s not the same as knowing your dimensions and that you want a water dispenser. It’s a carefully thought out decision that needs time and research. But you’re in luck, as there are two leading Smart Fridges which have proved their worth ten times over.

Samsung Family Hub vs LG Instaview…

There are a lot of Smart Fridges out there, but LG’s Instaview and the Samsung Family Hub Fridge do come out on top every time. Both fridges have a stainless steel finish, multiple sleek styles and high-tech water & ice dispensers. They both offer huge capacities and tap-to-view windows where you can see all your precious food! But they do have some negligible differences…Samsung’s Fridge has tonnes of interesting organisational features: from memos you can send to your family, to shopping lists you can send straight to your phone. LG takes a more limited approach where you can connect to the LG SmartThinq app and control everything from your phone: the temperature, the maintenance and the water dispenser. However LG does offer you connection to Alexa & Google Assistant, whereas Samsung offers the more uncommon but exclusive Bixby…

Whichever you choose, they’re both a fantastic upgrade for your kitchen. If you’re set on buying a Smart Fridge and aren’t sure what features will fit your family, then give one of our salesmen a call on 0115 965 1937. They will happily explain all the great features and exactly what they could do for you!

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