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14 of the Best Spring Detox Juice, Smoothie & Water Infusion Recipes

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Over indulged over Easter? We know the feeling! That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite smoothie, juice and flavoured water recipes to help detox the body and get on the path to eating well again. Even better is that many of these recipes can be made without a juicer or other expensive equipment, making them as simple as they are delicious!


Superfood Smoothie: Containing three of the biggest foods in health right now, this smoothie with Kale, Chia and Hemp is also dairy and gluten free. (via SkinnyTaste)

SkinnyTaste superfood smoothie

Purple Power Smoothie: The perfect combination of fruits and vegetables! This smoothie is vitamin rich and the sweet zingy berries are a great cover up for the iron packing spinach and cabbage. (via Green Plate Rule)

Purple Power Smoothie

Green Monster Smoothie: This is the perfect blend for anyone who wants to include some greens whilst keeping things sweet, creamy and packed with protein. (via SkinnyMom)


Strawberry Coconut Oat Smoothie: Making sure you keep your body well fuelled is extremely important, especially when you are trying to detox it. This smoothie contains oats which will provide slowly released energy making it perfect for breakfast! (via Cooking Classy)

Strawberry coconut oat smoothie

 Cinnamon Apple Smoothie: Craving apple pie or other sweet treats? Try this deliciously simple smoothie. This requires 4 ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen so it’s great for when you’re in a pinch. (via The Gracious Pantry)

Cinnamon apple smoothie

Avocado-Banana Smoothie: Avocados are full of good fats making them the perfect source of fat when you are on a detox. This smoothie is creamy, thick and downright satisfying. (via Martha Stewart)

Avocado and banana smoothie


Classic Green Juice: Getting its vibrant colour from kale and celery, this green juice is packed full of vitamins and has a delicious citrus kick. (via With Food + Love)

Classic green juice

 Ginger Cucumber Detox Juice: This juice is perfect for aiding digestion and settling a stomach thanks to the ginger. The parsley, lime and cucumber add vitamins and a fresh flavour. (via Louisiana Bride)


Purple Rain Detox Juice: This juice is fresh and sweet with beetroot and healthy greens. The colour might look a little scary but this mix actually tastes great and works wonders at detoxing the body. (via Natural & Thrifty)

Purple rain juice

Pink Lady Carrot Juice: This is a whole different kind of veggie juice with a super sweet favour thanks to the sweet potato and carrots. The beetroot also adds a vibrant pink and plenty of fibre. (Via Healthful Pursuit)



Strawberry Mango Water: This refreshing and sweet water mix has plenty of vitamin C and A. It’s the perfect mix for a lazy summer’s day! (via That’s What Che Said)

Strawberry and mango water

Cucumber Lemongrass Water: A twist on traditional cucumber spa water, this crisp and clean mix includes lemongrass for a sweet and citrusy flavour. (via Eat Boutique)

Cucumber lemongrass water

Summer Refresher: With strawberries, grapefruit and cucumber this mix is sweet and summery. It’s also very easy on the eye, making it the perfect pitcher to serve at barbeques and garden parties. (via Lana’s Cooking)


Pomegranate and Rosemary Flavoured Water: Rosemary might not seem like an obvious choice for a water infusion, but paired with the superfood pomegranate, it tastes fantastic! Rub it between your fingers before adding for a flavour boost. (via Divine Glowing Health)

Pomegranate and rosemary water

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