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NEW Hoover AXI laundry

Savvy, stylish & suited to you.

Hoover’s new AXI laundry range is really taking washing and drying your clothes to another dimension. I just know you are going to be so impressed with this! Obviously, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The new design looks modern, stylish and will look fantastic in any kitchen design. Available in several colours to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

Now, get ready to be beyond impressed. Equipped with innovative Artificial Intelligence (yes, this is a thing!), the impressive AXI washing machine and washer dryer can understand your voice, your laundry habits and provide washing and drying solutions personalised to you and your family’s life and needs. I mean, come on, sound’s amazing, right? It doesn’t stop there either. Fully Wi-Fi connected with a host of bespoke functions, you can control AXI via Hoovers Wizard App, using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This kind of technology makes me want to do a little on the spot dance.

Anyway, the AXI range has a variety of fantastic features…

AXI Suggests
Thanks to this guided washing feature, AXI can save you time and effort by suggesting the most appropriate programme for your washing load. Not only that, it will also save your most frequently used and favourite cycles, making it super quick and easy to select the one you need.

AXI Predicts
I love this feature, I mean who would have thought a washing machine or washer dryer could even do this. Using geo-location technology, AXI checks the forecast to work out the best time to your washing, making sure there is more than enough time to get it dry without worrying whether it’s going to rain! Who ever thought of this feature is genius.

AXI Cares
AXI’s Total Care programme gives you the freedom to wash all kinds of fibres and colours together with outstanding washing results, keeping clothes looking as good as when you bought them.

AXI Auto Dose
This exclusive Care Dose system automatically adds exactly the right amount of detergent and softener, based on how hard the water is and the cycle selected, for up to 21 cycles with maximum efficiency. Let AXI do all the work for you.

Active Service
This feature provides a direct line between the machine and Hoovers service team, so should any issues arise, Hoover can solve them more easily and efficiently for you.

Noise Reduction
There is nothing worse than having an appliance that is noisy. Especially if you have a young family that require many naps throughout the day and early bed times. Built for long-lasting, reliable operation, AXI’s silent Inverter Technology greatly reduces noise and vibration during washing. So, you can get away with those evening washes without worry.

Steam Function
Everyone loves a bit of steam. Whether that’s for cooking, for refreshing clothes or chilling after a hard gym session in the steam room! By selecting the steam function, you can reduce your ironing time or refresh clothes without having to fully wash them. Ideal for clothes you may have only worn once, they aren’t quite dirty enough for a wash but a refresh is always welcome.

Seasonal Reminders
AXI provides handy reminders when it’s time to wash your seasonal clothes so that you are ready for all weathers.

Progress Bar
Ever chilled out on the sofa with a cuppa wondering how long it’ll be before you must get up and sort the washing out? Well, keeping you in the loop about how your laundry is doing, the in-app Progress Bar displays the machines current phase and remaining wash time. Saves you having to get up and down a million times to check.

Eco-Index Monitors
In-built Eco-Index monitors your machines consumption, providing a report at the end of the cycle to help you reduce water and energy usage.

Rapid Cycle
Sometimes we just need a fast cycle, perhaps we have dinner plans tonight and forgot to wash our favourite outfit, you know those times when we need something quick and efficient. With four rapid cycle settings, AXI can wash any garment and deliver results in as little as 14 minutes.

13kg Capacity
AXI’s exclusive loading format means it can handle loads of up to 13kg, making it perfect for families.

Visual Tips
The Visual Tips function uses graphics and videos to give you useful, easy to follow advice.

Washing Labels Explained
Those symbols we find on clothing can sometimes be hard to understand what they really mean. AXI’s Washing Label feature helps explain the symbols on garment labels to help you take better care of your clothes.

So, to summarise, the new AXI range from Hoover is a-maz-ing! With innovative Artificial Intelligence, full Wi-Fi connectivity not only to Hoovers Wizard App, but Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too, and an array of fantastic features to help save you time, money and effort, AXI is a must have in every home. Just think how this range will change how you wash and dry your clothes moving forward. It really is the perfect laundry companion!

If you would like to shop around, check out what other great brand we stock in our Laundry section. We also have fantastic lines of refrigeration appliances, including our American-Style Fridge Freezers, cooker hoods, dishwashers and small appliances to complete your kitchen with. If you want more information on this range, or any of Hoover’s appliances, please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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