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Halloween home décor ideas

Halloween is almost upon us! For some of us that means drawing the curtains and putting on a horror movie marathon. For others, it means creating a crazy spooky interior and inviting everyone round for apple bobbing and brain cake! Read on for some ideas and inspiration on how to make your home look spook-tacular…  

Classic jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lanterns are a classic approach to Halloween festivities. Carve some real pumpkins as a family and unleash your imagination together, or make it a competition to see who can make the scariest jack-o-lantern! You can really make a unique display with pumpkins: paint them, smash them, stack them. There’s a million things you can do with a pumpkin to give your house a real Halloween festive vibe. Do remember to dispose of any real pumpkins you use correctly!

Image credit: Andrei Ianovskii

Twigs & bats

The next best sign of scary things to come are bats. Bats can look very tasteful alongside some rustic décor, or any other spooky decoration for that matter! You could buy some bats, or you could get some black card and stencils to create some real family fun…

Image credit: Cyd Converse at The Sweetest Occasion

Rustic autumnal décor

If you’re not thrilled about having a horror-filled Halloween but still want to acknowledge the season, why not add some autumnal accents to your home. Gourds, pine cones and fairy lights work well together to create a cosy Halloween vibe.  

Spooky potions

Making some witchy potions is another great family activity! If you’ve got some old bottles and jars, you can use them to have fun and add some fun décor to your Halloween party. Either colour the jars with modge podge and food colouring, or become a mad scientist and combine safe ingredients to entertain the little ones! You could even go a step further and create your own oldy-style labels with the family name on it.

Image credit: Rodnae Productions

Halloween table settings

If your Halloween vibe is more fancy this year, a dinner party might be more your style. Ergo, a fancy table setting could be the best décor for you to invest in. Use pumpkins, cobwebs, candles and skulls to build a table setting that’s sure to wow your guests! Some good table setting tips: get different levels of elevation for your centerpiece, invest in some real napkins and add mood lighting to keep the atmosphere casual.

Image credit: Erica Marshland
Image credit: Libby Penner

Cobwebs & creepy crawlies

Some people aren’t scared by the regular skellies and ghosts, so hit them where it hurts with some creepy crawlies. Creatively place cobwebs across doors and windows, nestle in some creepy fake insects like spiders and centipedes to turn your house into a fantastic fright fest.

Image credit: Toa Heftiba

Chalkboard creativity

Set your inner artist free with some chalkboard creations. Chalkboards are investments for all year round; they’re great for meal-prepping and note-taking. And when it comes around to seasonal events, you can draw your own decorations. Skeletons, broomsticks, jack-o-lanterns, or even your favourite Halloween movie quote! You could make it into a little competition if you have enough boards to go around.

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A gothic glow

Simplicity is often the best way forward. Using a ridiculous amount of candles can give you an eerie effect throughout the house, like you’re about to use a Ouija board. If you’ve got guests coming round, make sure to use LED candles for added safety. But if you’re not having a party, concentrate them around the windows and even use stick-on-stencils to scare the trick-or-treaters as they walk past!

Image credit: Nicola Fioravanti

These are just a few of the ways you can prepare your house for Halloween! Whether it’s a few candles in the window or a jumping skeleton in the garden, there’s a lot of creativity to be had when it comes to designing your Halloween décor.

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