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Seven things you can keep in a wine fridge

A wine fridge is always a great addition to any kitchen, whether you’re a wine fanatic or not. They keep your wine at the perfect temperature, they have fancy LED lighting and most have a UV filtered door to prevent any negative impact on your wine stash. They can store anything from 8 bottles to 117! But if you have a little bit of extra space, there’s a few other things you can keep in your fancy wine fridge…

1. Cheeses

What goes well with wine?! Cheese! Wine and cheese are the perfect posh tasting pair. Place out a few bottles of red, chop up some manchego and you’ve got a party. Hard cheeses generally need a temperature of 8-15°C (5-8°C for soft cheeses) to stay in their ideal state; to keep their flavour and texture. You can control the temperature of your wine fridge using the LED display, and setting it to this temperature is sure to prepare you for a night of cheese tasting and adult conversation.

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2. Meats

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This is an acquired taste, but if you have a meat fanatic in your house, you may want to let them in on this well-kept secret. The humidity of a wine fridge is generally 50-80%, which is better than your average fridge freezer and ideal for at-home-curing. Why not try this recipe for DIY Duck Prosciutto? You may want to ask your family before you start hanging meat in a communal wine fridge though!

3. Make-Up

Fancy yourself a spa day? Your makeups, creams and facemasks are literally designed to be stored at a chilled temperature. Not only will it make them last longer, but it will also give you cooled creams and gels—giving you the luxury spa day experience.

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4. Cigars

Cigars are also an acquired taste, but they can be a common occurrence around New Year’s and birthdays. Whether you’re a regular cigar smoker or it’s a one off, converting your wine cooler into a Wineador could do you many favours. Cigars store best at 21°C with a 70% humidity, it’ll keep them in at their most flavourful for longer. This is far from the state you need to keep your wine in, so perhaps invest in a dual wine cooler–one for wine, one for cigars. You can get things such as Spanish Cedar shelves or a hygrometer to make it a true Wineador.

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5. Veggies, Herbs & Oils

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Certain fruits and vegetables aren’t suited for the harsh environment of your fridge freezer, they can last longer in a place where you can control the environment. 3-5°C is ideal for things like grapes, plums, herbs and other veggies. Obviously smelly veggies like onions and garlic are a no go! You may want to keep your olive oil in a wine fridge too. Storing olive oil at a lower temperature (14°C) will keep its flavour and consistency for longer.

6. Chocolate

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may be turning your nose up at the whole meat and cheese situation. Well get yourself some chocolate instead! Wine keeps well at around 11-14°C, as does some equally delicious Cadburys. Rather than letting it melt on the side, or becoming rock hard in the fridge, stick it in a wine fridge for the perfectly chilled chocolate bar.

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7. Glassware

The *chef’s kiss* piece de resistance of a party is chilling your glassware (and warming your plates). Keep your wine glasses, champagne flutes or pint glasses in the wine cooler the night before your hosting event; they’ll be seriously chilled and ready to impress your guests.

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The moral of this story is that being able to control the temperature and humidity of your wine cooler is beneficial in so many ways. Of course you could get a fridge freezer that has compartments specifically designed for things like fruits, cheeses and meats. But why not show your sophisticated side and impress your friends with an oddly stocked wine fridge?

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