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What stand mixers do celebrities use?

Let’s face it, stand mixers are an essential kitchen gadget. Mix, mash, twist, bish, bash, bosh and you’ve got a gourmet meal. They’re super powerful and they can make fresh pasta. Everyone loves pasta but we all love fresh pasta. So there’s no wonder our favourite cooking celebs like to cuddle up with these stand mixers in the kitchen…


Enjoyed by millions around the globe, Babish is a great celeb to start with. His YouTube videos are laser focused and decadent, ranging from basic grilling to gourmet dinners for the whole family. We love his pizza dough recipe! In the video, he uses an Onyx Black 4.8 Litre KitchenAid Stand Mixer to literally whip it up in no time!

Bake Off

Not technically a celebrity, although the tent should be classed as one, The Great British Bake Off is a great place to see a bunch of KitchenAid Stand Mixers. In series 6, Bake Off sent shockwaves throughout Britain when they replaced the Kenwood with KitchenAid Stand Mixers, shock horror. A new thing about the KitchenAid mixers were their glass bowls, which are known for being quieter than stainless steel. They also have a variety of colourful models to match the show’s aesthetic.

Image credit: BBC

Prue Leith

Keeping with the Bake Off theme, the legend that is Dame Prue Leith chose her stand mixer many many years ago. It was in 1961 Prue bought her first Kenwood Chef mixer, and she’s attested to their durability in strength in the face of professional baking. Shop the Kenwood Elite Chef XL here.

Prue is also a fan of Miele, which you can read all about below…

Image credit: Derken & Miele

Mary Berry

Similar to Prue in her love of mixers, Mary also opts for the Kenwood Chef stand mixer. So much so that she’s done an exclusive line of cream Chef mixers with Kenwood. We all know that Mary is the literal Queen of baking, so she’s got to be reliable, right? Our most similar model to her exclusive line is in cream.

Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines is another reputable American star who’s famous for her home & lifestyle brand Magnolia. Her choice of stand mixer is KitchenAid of course, and she loves it so much that she created her own version over there in the states. A gorgeous dark blue that’s only available at Target! We have a similar version in Matt Fog Blue

Ina Garten

A government worker turned chef and writer, Ina Garten added cooking to her collection of achievements. It’s been mentioned a few times that a KitchenAid stand mixer is her must have baking supplies! Her favourite colour is in white. Must be a pain to clean after making chocolate brownies!

The pioneer woman

The pioneer woman (or Ree Drummond), runs and writes for one of America’s most popular blogs. As well as being a host and all round food celebrity, she was listed as Forbe’s No.22 Top Web celebrity in 2010. Shes had the innovative idea to personalise her stand mixer, with suggestions including a rose decal for a pink mixer and a cow print for a white mixer. All KitchenAid of course! This inspired her to bring out her own custom painted floral decorated range of KitchenAid mixers.

Image credit: Unamore by Nicole Dinardo

It’s quite obvious that the KitchenAid Mixer is the popular reliable model amongst the celebrity folk! Their distinctive design and durability will make baking a breeze for years to come; they come in a variety of colours and you could even get your own stickers to give it an extra personal touch!

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