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Elica NikolaTesla Switch Review

Elica’s NikolaTesla hob is one of the flagship appliances in the rise of the air venting induction hob. This cooktop combines a hob and an extraction hood in one. Giving you an aspirating induction hob fitted with Elica’s cutting edge technology and complete in their iconic sleek design.

What is the NikolaTesla Switch?

Elica’s first extraction hob has a fully integrated air system. Where other people would have a cooker hood above their cooker, the NikolaTesla features a central fan inside the hob itself. This extractor guarantees high performance. It’s got an incredible extraction rate, a high energy efficiency rating of A+ and low low noise levels. 

Elica’s latest addition to the collection is the NikolaTesla Switch. This is a downdraft induction cooktop, and it’s sure to revolutionise your daily cooking experience. You can get it in sophisticated black ceramic glass with cast iron details. Or, you can get it in white ceramic glass with polished steel details.

What makes the Switch different?

The Switch is incredibly flexible with its four cooking zones. It’s equipped with a bridge function which allows you to combine two zones into one, allowing for larger pots and pans such as a casserole dish or skillet.

The central extraction vent is certainly something to be marvelled at. There’s a centre circle flap that can rotate 360ºC, and that’s where all the smells and smoke from your cooking goes. The extracting circle has ceramic glass on the top, and either cast-iron or steel on the bottom depending on if you choose black or white.

One of the best things about the Switch is its use of sensors. These sensors measure the air quality and automatically adjust the extraction speed to clear up your kitchen. At the same time it optimises the power consumption too. Smart and eco-friendly!

Other than the naturally cool two-in-one nature of this hob, the NikolaTesla Switch has some incredible features that make it an essential modern feature in the kitchen…

The NikolaTesla Switch Features…

Stop & Go Function:

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Pressing the Stop & Go function will switch all the zones off instantly, allowing you to walk away easily if you’re interrupted whilst cooking. You can be confident that there’ll be no spillages and no fires.


This is what gives you intelligent and powerful extraction. When activated, the Airmatic function detects not only the quantity, but the quality of the air in your kitchen. It then sets the most suitable aspiration power and gets rid of any nasty smells and smoke caused by your cooking.

Automatic Pan Detector:

Saving you time and money, this function on the Switch lets you know when a cooking zone is on but not in use. It also automatically turns on when it detects a pot on a zone, so you don’t have to worry about which pans on what hob. It does it for you.

Bridge Zones:

The beauty of a bridge zone is the ability to cook your meals dynamically. Use a casserole dish or fish skillet to brown your meal before it goes in the oven. The Switch takes this technology to the next level by automatically adapting itself to the types of pots being used at the time.

Temperature Manager:

This function brings you perfectly cooked dishes every single time. The Switch has three automatic temperature ranges: 42, 72 or 92 degrees. This is so you can control your cooking literally, to the degree.

These temperatures have been optimised for delicate cooking, such as sauces or delicate desserts. And then for cooking at a higher power, such as searing meats.

The Switch in Action!

The Switch is a fantastic addition to Elica’s collection of appliances. It’s compact, sleek and full of powerful technology. What else did we expect from Elica? If you can

You can watch the NikolaTesla Switch in action below. If you require more information on the Elica NikolaTesla Hob or on any of Elica’s appliances, give one of our sales team a call. They’re always happy to help answer your questions! Give us a call on 0115 965 1937.

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